April 29, 2021

ClicksDealer Review: Can Flipping Ads Make You Earn $97k/month?

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You may be new to this whole internet hype of earning money through affiliate marketing or may also be someone who is an expert who knows a lot about it—its ups and downs, what it takes to make it a success, etc.

You might have then came across ClicksDealer where you just have to flip ads and then earn not just a hundred but a thousand bucks.

But you asked yourself...

Is ClicksDealer a scam? Yes it is. There's just no way of earning huge money in just a short span of time from just flipping ads.

But some of you might find it interesting and think it is a legit way to make money online, right? Yes, and tempting too but does it really live up to its claims?

Let’s find out in this review.

This ClickDealer review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

ClicksDealer Review

The overview and rankings

Name: ClicksDealer

Founder: Unknown

Type: Advertising Banner Marketplace

Price: $250

Best for: None

ClicksDealer Review: Logo

ClicksDealer Pros

  • Easy to navigate

ClicksDealer Cons

  • Unknown founder
  • Possibility of identity theft
  • Fake promotional video
  • Unknown third-party websites

Summary: ClicksDealer gives you the opportunity of earning money just by flipping ads. But is that really the case? Well, not really.

Make Time Online Rating: 10 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is ClicksDealer about?

Upon clicking its website which is clicksdealer.com, this is the first thing you’ll see:

Banners – The Solution Digital Marketing Has Been Waiting For

A very bold claim that tells you how banners are the solution that all of digital marketing has been waiting for.

Solution on what?

Well, with the many problems occurring in the world of digital marketing, it wasn’t specified what exactly it is going to solve but this platform gives the impression that through banners, digital marketers have finally found the remedy they have been waiting for.

So what is it, really?

ClicksDealer Review: Intro

ClicksDealer is a website that will, as what it asserts in its promotional videos help you earn money just by flipping ads.

Flipping ads, basically, is the act of buying and/or selling ads.

You don't have to do anything to make money from buying those ads. You just have to sit and wait for the money to start rolling in.

Clicks Dealer is supposed to be a global marketing agency, and the company provides a wide range of banners available on the marketplace within the platform.

It's like the stock exchange, except for online ads. You invest in high-converting ads via Clicks Dealer, which is displayed on third-party websites.

You profit when people click on the ads you've invested in and make a purchase. Like the stock market, you can sell the ads to the platform.

There's only a little information you can get from the website about this opportunity. The website's creators deliberately made Clicks Dealer more mysterious, so you will be forced to speak to an "account manager."

Be warned that there's a lot of obfuscation involved in this process. If you're discerning, you will stop talking to the "account manager" and leave the website immediately.

With this website, you can buy banner ads and then sell them for a specific price. Banner ads, if you are not familiar with it, are advertisements embedded on certain webpages.

You earn money if someone clicks on that ad. And as what ClicksDealer promises, a $97K income in just a month.

It aims to make the process of buying and/or selling advertisements easy and accessible to both newbies and experts on online marketing...

Who is the founder?

Unfortunately, the person behind this website is unknown. You can’t find anyone who will relieve you of your doubts that ClicksDealer is a legit one run by a legit person.

On the other hand though, you might encounter this lady who speaks in a promotional video of ClicksDealer.

Not to crush your hopes but, that woman is a paid actress from Fiverr.

ClickDealer Review: Creator

And just a heads up, in case you’ll still be venturing in the world of affiliate marketing, most scams always hire people from Fiverr to do the sales video for them in order to attract potential victims.

So does this mean that it’s not legit?

Well it’s still too early to give a definite verdict so read on more.

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How does ClicksDealer Work?

There might not be a single person whose identity directs you to ClicksDealer but how it works is something you can find online.

It’s pretty simple and easy to follow, though.

What you have to do is just sign up with an email address, and of course a password, and your phone number.

Next will be the money you’ll have to take out of your wallet. The strange thing is, they do not specify how much it really is that you have to pay for.

But if you do a bit of digging in their terms page, you’ll see that in order to register, you must pay the minimum amount needed which is $250.

After that, you will then be able to buy an ad banner in their website which has a ‘marketplace’ tab. You can also sell ads if you want.

The Clicksdealer.com marketplace allows users to make money from high-quality banner ads covering some of the most known brands such as Toyota, Adidas, McDonald's, Nike, and many more. 

A new user can buy a starting package of banners for $250, choosing from a catalog of advertising categories such as crypto, fashion (great if you want to start a fashion blog), sports, automotive, etc.

You can compare past performance and trends to check which ad you want to buy, then obtain ownership for a given number of days. As people click on that ad, you can generate income. 

The dashboard will also allow you to monitor the number of clicks received from each banner to understand the most profitable ones better. Technical support is also available 24/5 to help users in case of any problems.

The dashboard will display the number of clicks your banner ad has accumulated, which informs you about the performance of your banner ads. 

If your banner ads aren't generating any money, you can trade them or sell them to the highest bidder, like in an auction. You can set the price for your ads and let users bid for them, which allows you to sell them for more money than you bought them for; that way, you can increase your profits.

That is how it works. Or is supposed to work...

Inside ClicksDealer

But first, let us clarify one thing.

The website in this review is called ClicksDealer, with an ‘s’. There is also another website involved in advertising and it’s called ClickDealer.

It’s actually a big and legit company compared to ClicksDealer.

So, ClicksDealer offers the following packages to its users:

ClickDealer Review: Inside

#1 Bronze Package

In this package, you’ll be given access to tutorial service meant for beginners. Additionally, you will get a 20% matching bonus when you refer someone to join ClicksDealer.

#2 Silver Package

In this package, you will be given a 50% matching bonus plus an account manager for a period of 1 month.

#3 Gold Package

This package will give you a much better offer of 75% matching bonus and an account manager for 3 months. 

#4 Platinum Package

This one, since it’s platinum and we all know how grandiose a platinum thing is, will give you a 100% matching bonus and an account manager. For how long? For as long as you are using ClicksDealer 

#5 Diamond Package

In this package, a 200% matching bonus will be given to you for your referrals and a lifetime service from an account manager.

Furthermore, you will be given a VIP seat when it comes to mentoring on how to earn more using their website.

The packages seem very much like a good deal. Too good, in fact. Take note though that the price of each package is unknown.

That means, you’ll know how much it is if you make a purchase.

But note that there are many other similar programs out there. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Check out this 1-minute video testimonial about Clicksdealer...

And how much will you shell out?...

ClicksDealer cost to join

The amount of money you will use to purchase an access to this website is $250.

That is actually what you are going to use to buy the ads once you’ve started navigating it.

You can use it to buy ads that cost $25 to $1,000.

It is somehow a large sum of money but you’ll end up using it anyway.

But the question is, will you get that back with what you’ll earn from ClicksDealer?...

ClicksDealer monthly cost

Aside from the initial amount you have to pay for, you also need to decide on whether you are going to give the packages they have a go. If you want to have a matching bonus and have more privileges, then you can buy the packages they have.

ClicksDealer Review: Cost

Basically, pay for a package amounting to heaven knows how much and make sure you’ll have referrals.

That’s how you’ll benefit from their packages.

ClicksDealer reviews online

ClickDealer is a website which claims to pay you by simply just flipping ads. In other words, this means buying and selling ads...

But you're here because you want to know if you can earn money from this or not.

Well, we've searched many YouTube videos and reviews in BBB, SiteJabber, and other review sites. And here's what we found...

Common positive ClicksDealer reviews

  • Easy to do
  • Useful

There are actually quite a number of individuals who gave ClicksDealer a positive feedback. But one common thing about them is they failed to mention the important things (you’ll find them in the cons section) you need to be aware of.

It may be because those are red flags and well, their reviews aim to uplift the image of ClicksDealer.

Here are some of the best positive reviews...

"You don’t need to be an industry expert or a marketer to use this platform. The dashboard will show the performance metrics of all banners. This helps you sell ads you bought for higher prices and make additional cash as well."

– a review from Dequiana Jackson, founder of Inspired Marketing, Inc.

"While I haven't made big amounts of money yet, the results I got so far encouraged me to invest more and explore the possibilities. It's a legit way of making money online, and it takes little time in your daily schedule."

– a review from makemoneywithoutajob.com

These reviews above are quite sketchy if you take a closer look at it.

First, the review made by Dequiana is actually succeeded by the following  words, “Keep in mind that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, so there is no guarantee you will make money on the Clicksdealer platform.”

With that, you actually might start doubting the credibility of her former comment on ClicksDealer. Also, according to her, you just have to put the effort and investment needed in the said platform. But that effort and investment might only get wasted.

Also, ClickDealer promises you to earn $97K a month but the second review says that only a little amount of money has been earned from it.

This gives you the idea that, yes, ClicksDealer exists even if the founder is unknown, but what it claims to give you is far from the truth.

Common negative ClicksDealer reviews

  • It takes away our money
  • No value at all

The negative reviews below are from trustpilot.com, a known review platform where consumers can give their reviews on registered companies. “They took $3000 Aus dollars from me. My account balance reached $25,000+ and then they screwed me over and played with my account.”

– a review from John Paul, ClicksDealer former user

 "Clicksdealers continually ring to request further investment. The so called experts are only experts in making your money disappear. I was told my investment was capital guaranteed, short term & that I could withdraw profits at any time. These statements proved to be false.”

– a review from Lyndall Ward, ClicksDealer former user

Is ClicksDealer a scam?

Without further sugar-coating my words, yes, ClicksDealer is a scam.

Also, yes, it is not an outright scam that will immediately vanish once you’ve given them your money but whatever claims it gives is just not true.

To earn money through flipping ads is possible but to actually earn thousands from it in just one month is an absolute lie.

It is way too vague and is just overhyping the nature of ad-flipping. It makes you think that earning that much money is easy even if you don’t have the necessary skills.

Again, there’s no easy way when it comes to generating an income. You always have to invest something hard-core — not just money but effort and time.

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ClicksDealer pros

#1 Easy to navigate

One good thing about this website, something that other websites must replicate, is its easy-to-navigate interface.

ClicksDealer Review: Pros

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, navigating your way through their website is very easy as it is user-friendly.

The dashboards display just what you need in order to do the buying, selling and flipping of the ads that you want.

ClicksDealer cons

#1 Unknown founder

One of the red flags you should know is the issue about the identity of the founder. As mentioned previously, he or she is an unknown figure.

So that means that whatever happens to you when you buy, sell, and flip websites is all yours to take care of.

Also, one of the features of a scam is having a founder or creator that no one knows and no one can contact.

#2 Possibility of identity theft

When you sign up for ClicksDealer, you will have to give the following information:

  • government-issued ID
  • proof of residence (which can either be a bank statement or a utility bill)
  • front and back of your credit card
ClicksDealer Review: Cons

Seems fishy, right? Although it tells you to cover the first 12 digits of the front and the CVV of the back part of your card, that does not assure you that they won’t be able to get whatever information it is they need from you.

With ClicksDealer, your identity and your credit card is compromised. You are not even sure as to whom it is you’ll be giving your information to.

#3 Fake promotional video

If you are familiar with schemes involving getting money out of people, then you must have heard about promotional videos that scream too much fraudulence.

ClicksDealer Review: Cons 2

ClicksDealer is not an exception. As I mentioned before, they employed an actress from Fiverr to speak on their behalf and to promote their website.

If that’s not enough reason for you to drop this website from your list, then the next one might give you the push that you need.

#4 Unknown third-party websites

The most apparent reason for you to not get involved with this website is the fact that they won’t disclose to you which websites they’ll use when posting the ads you bought.

That means that you won’t be able to see if they were even posted or if those websites exist or if those websites can even attract traffic.

This just gives you the impression that earning is definitely not guaranteed. And that $97K they promised you’ll earn could be just a part of baiting you into making a purchase.

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My opinion - ClicksDealer

Overall, this review definitely tells you that ClicksDealer is just not for you. It’s a scam, not an outright one, yes, but a scam is a scam.

And here is what I can say about its business opportunity...

It’s sketchy and does not give you the necessary information you need — the founder, the third party websites which are crucial factors that will determine if you can earn money, and the amount of money for the packages.

If you are determined to really generate an income from an online job or opportunity, then you must try other platforms as ClicksDealer cannot give you what you are specifically aiming for...

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