October 11, 2022

Bear Bull Traders Review: Discussing Andrew Aziz’s Trading Course

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Day trading is one of the best ways to earn money online. However, before you can earn profits with day trading, you’ll need dedication, skills, and knowledge.

This is where day trading courses come in. A day trading course will teach you how to properly and effectively trade. You’ll directly learn from the professionals as they share with you profitable trading techniques and strategies.

One of the most popular day trading courses out there is the Bear Bull Traders by Andrew Aziz. However, is it really one of the best? Is Andrew Azis a true trading expert or is he a scam? Will you learn how to trade profitably with this course? Let’s find out.

This Bear Bull Traders review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Bear Bull Traders Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Bear Bull Traders

Founder: Andrew Aziz

Type: Day Trading Course

Price: $39 for 7 days, $99 a month, $199 a month, $1,999 a year.

Best for: Beginners and Experienced Day Traders

Bear Bull Traders Pros

  • Helps you earn good money
  • Access to real-time paper trading simulator
  • Useful trader community

Bear Bull Traders Cons

  • Website is very slow
  • Trial is paid
  • Webinars are only accessible to elites


Bear Bull Traders is a popular day trading community filled with educational resources created by Andrew Aziz to help day traders become successful. However, is it worth becoming a member of this community? Is it legit or is it a scam? In this review, we’re going to find out.

Make Time Online Rating: 

20 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Bear Bull Traders about?

Bear Bull Traders is a well-known online community for active day traders. Andrew Aziz founded this course in 2016. 

Bear Bull Traders offers members the ongoing support and educational resources required to become profitable in day trading.

As of today, Bear Bull Traders is still a fast-growing community. It’s an online platform where you can learn how to establish your trading plan within a group of experienced members, master psychological aspects relevant to trading, establish a trading strategy, and trade properly.

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Let us then know the person who started this all...

Who is Andrew Aziz?

Andrew Aziz was a former chemical engineer. However, he left his 9-5 job in search of a better life and financial freedom.

Today, Andrew Aziz is a professional day trader. He’s also known as one of the most popular trading instructors in the world.

Aside from founding the Bear Bull Traders community, Andrew Aziz also wrote the best-selling book titled “How to Day Trade for a Living”.

Andrew graduated from The University of British Columbia where he holds a Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. Today, he’s living in Vancouver.

Andrew also founded Peak Capital Trading, a proprietary trading firm. In addition to that, he also published a couple of trading-related books. This includes A Beginners Guide to Investing and Trading in the Stock Market, Mastering Trading Psychology, and more.

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How does Bear Bull Traders Work?

If you’re a member of the community, you’ll get access to a couple of services and features that can help you learn how to earn better profits and make better trades.

Bear Bull Traders offer a variety of educational resources. This includes books, webinars, and online classes to help traders become successful.

In addition to that, Bear Bull Traders also hosts a couple of meetups around the world. This enables members to meet each other and hang out. 

Inside Bear Bull Traders

The member’s area of the Bear Bull Traders community is full of high-quality educational resources.

Aside from the private chat room, members also have access to a big library of valuable downloadable resources, trading psychology training, webinars, and video tutorials. 

Each member of the community is supported by helpful moderators. There are also member meetups and discussion forums where members can talk to each other and share strategies and tips.

Training on Trading Psychology

The Bear Bull Traders community offers members access to licensed psychologists and performance coaches. Every member gets in-depth training on the topic of trading psychology.

This is perhaps one of the most vital parts of becoming an effective trader. The Psychology Center of Bear Bull Traders has recorded webinars, courses, and training modules on many topics.

Some of the topics include achieving consistency, managing stress, maintaining balance, overtrading, overcoming anxiety and fear, dealing with FOMO, and more.

Mentoring by Experienced Traders

Another vital resource available to members of the community is mentoring. Every single member of the community has access to Andrew Aziz as well as the whole team of experienced moderators.

Though the video library, classes, and webinars are excellent learning tools, having the ability to reach out to an expert trader for recommendations and tips is one of the best benefits out there.

Access to DAS Trader Pro Simulator

If you become a member of the community, you’ll notice that they’ll always tell you the significance of paper trading before you trade in real life.

Nowadays, a lot of new traders immediately trade live, putting their hard-earned money on the line before having a good knowledge of risk management and strategies. 

In Bear Bull Traders, you’ll be encouraged to spend at least 3 months trading with a dummy account to help you practice your trading skills before you use real money.


Every member of the community also has access to regular webinars. Each webinar covers a huge range of topics about trading.

Oftentimes, the webinars also feature special guests. All of them are recorded and added to the video library. This offers you access to them when you need them.

Some of the topics covered in the webinars include:

  • Trend trading
  • Position sizing
  • Risk management
  • Afterhours trading
  • Moving averages
  • Analyzing price and volume
  • Options
  • Developing your edge
  • Trading psychology
  • And more

Video Lesson Library

This is perhaps one of the most important resources available in the member’s area of Bear Bull Traders. You can find this resource under the “Education Center” tab. 

It’s a huge video library filled with various topics about trading. Some of the topics covered include options, setups, scanning, risk management, candlesticks, level II, finding stocks in play, and more.

In addition to that, you’ll also find a couple of recordings of live trading sessions. This can be very useful when you’re still learning new skills and strategies.

Bear Bull Traders Chat Room

The chat room of the community is very active. Oftentimes, the moderators and Andrew himself stream live commentary and real-time screen sharing across the day. 

Aside from the main chat room, there are also a couple of other chat rooms where you can talk about specific topics. 

Check out this short 1-minute video that gives a glimpse about the course...

How to join Bear Bull Traders

Joining Bear Bull Traders is quite easy. First, you need to visit their main website, which is bearbulltraders.com.

Once you’re on the homepage of the website, scroll down a little until you can see the different pricing of their membership. 

Next, choose a membership package that fits your needs and budget. Then, you’ll have to input your account information, choose a payment method, input your payment information, and you’re good to go.

Bear Bull Traders cost to join

One thing to note is that Bear Bull Traders offer various membership packages with various pricing. 

The first option is called the Intro Package. It only costs $39. However, it’s only a 7-day trial of the community. This package also only gives you access to live chatroom and live onboarding sessions.

The second option is called the Basic Package. It costs $99 a month.  This package offers you access to the live chat room, essential courses, and more.

The third option is called the Elite Package. It costs $199 a month. This package offers you access to the live chat room, essential courses, advanced courses, and weekly mentorship and webinars. 

The final option is called the Elite Annual. It costs $1,999 for full-year access. This package offers you access to the live chat room, essential courses, advanced courses, weekly mentorship and webinars, and access to 1 on 1 psychology coaching. 

Bear Bull Traders reviews online

Bear Bull Traders is a day trading course that teaches you all there is to know about trading and how you can use it to expand your skillset and make money online.

But is it any good?

The only way to know this is to read reviews from people who have tried it by themselves...

Common positive Bear Bull Traders reviews

  • Complete educational platform
  • Exit Plan to retire early and trade
  • Great team

The following comments below are the common positive reviews you’ll find online:

  • “#BBT has a wealth of knowledge and information, an extremely organized and complete educational platform. The moderators are its biggest asset, aside from being talented and successful in their strategies, they are great people. Thank you, Andrew, for creating this family.”
  • “I want to sincerely thank you for what you have built. I now have an exit plan to retire early and trade. Something I love, and something God willing, that allows me the freedom to work for myself and provide for my family and support others.”
  • “3 years of learning. Thank you! I started with Bear Bull Traders in 2019 and today, I have a great side business, day trading along with you and your team!”

Common negative Bear Bull Traders reviews

  • Communication is really bad
  • No successful track record
  • Need to improve server management

And here are the best negative reviews I seen:

  • “Unfortunately, I have to give it 1 star. Communication is really bad. I sent 4 emails, 3 to Andrew and 1 to Carlos. Carlos never got back to me. Andrew replied 7 days later saying he never saw the email sent to him. I sent another email and am still waiting for his reply. So sad really to me”
  • “Led by unprofessionals who have no successful track record. They make you believe that technical analysis may explain short-term price fluctuation which contradicts any research on this subject. It’s just another way to market an attractive lifestyle to door bugs looking for peculiar dung. Get educated on the subject and don’t get into this trap.”
  • “Price and content seem good. However, I just paid for the lifetime membership and can’t access the site. It was ok last week, but the last two days I couldn't log in. When it finally does log in, it takes 3-5 mins to load a single page. They need to do a better job on the server management, or else I will need to request a full refund and go elsewhere.”

Is Bear Bull Traders a scam?

The simple answer is no. Bear Bull Traders isn’t a scam. Bear Bull Traders is a legitimate community that aims to help new traders and offer them useful educational resources. 

It was founded in 2016 and is still available today. This means they’ve been operating for around 6 years. If it was a scam, it wouldn’t have lasted this long.

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Bear Bull Traders pros

Here are some of the best things that I discovered when reviewing Bear Bull Traders...

#1 Helps you earn good money

If you’re new to trading, you’ll find this community extremely useful.

This is particularly true if you visit the Education Center tab where you’ll find tons of videos about different trading topics that can help you learn and improve your trading skills.

#2 Access to real-time paper trading simulator

A lot of professional traders recommend that before you use your hard-earned money in trading, you need to practice your skills first using a dummy account.

Fortunately, Bear Bull Traders offer a real-time paper trading simulator that allows you to practice trading before you use real money. 

#3 Useful trader community

Every single moderator of the community is a professional trader. It does not matter who is currently available. Everyone can help with your inquiries about trading.

All moderators are also active in the chat room. Thus, whenever you ask a question, you’ll probably get an answer right away.

Bear Bull Traders cons

And here are some of the things I find awkward in Bear Bull Traders. So take note of these...

#1 Website is very slow

One of the drawbacks of this community is its website. It’s simply too slow to load. It is probably not optimized well.

If you read reviews, you’ll notice that most of the negative reviews are about how slow their website is.

#2 Trial is paid

When you join any course, most of them offer a free trial for 7 days. You don’t have to pay anything. This enables you to test the course before spending any money.

Unfortunately, Bear Bull Traders don’t offer a free trial. You’ll need to pay $39 to get a 7-day trial. In addition to that, this trial doesn’t give you access to all of the features.

#3 Webinars are only accessible to elites

Webinars are one of the most helpful resources when it comes to learning to trade. Unfortunately, you won’t get access to it unless you choose the elite package, which is a bit expensive.

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My opinion - Bear Bull Traders

Overall, I like the concept of Bear Bull Traders. The combination of support and education that you get when you’re a member is excellent. 

In addition to that, Andrew Aziz is also active in the community. If you need help, you can simply ask him. If he’s not available, the moderators of the group are also experts.

If you’re new to trading, I recommend you join this course. Their educational resources are extremely valuable and useful.

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