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How to Boost Avios Points to Fly Business Class

There may be affiliate links in this article on how to boost Avios points, read the full disclaimer here.


Imagine if you could get a business class flight every year for less than the cost of an economy flight from London to New York.

As you scan every word of this web page you will begin to discover new ways of how to boost Avios points to travel in style.

You don’t know it yet but, at the end of this page, you will feel amazed at just how simple this is!



Visualise yourself arriving at the airport to be escorted through the check-in process and security without having to queue up. 

See yourself entering the luxurious business lounge without having to cram into a packed Weatherspoons.

Just think about how easy travelling like this will be and how good that all you can eat buffet will taste.

And when you finally get on the plane you will sink deeper and deeper into the comfortable business class seats.



What are Avios Points? 

Have you ever heard of those jet-setters that seem to get a load of stuff for free? 

Yeah like they fly business class or stay in UBER nice hotels?

Chances are they collect some form of loyalty points!

Well, Avios just happens to be a type of loyalty point that ANYONE can collect by spending money on certain credit cards. 

The beauty is that you can carry on spending like normal. 

Here’s how you earn points using certain credit:

  • Earn 1 point per £1 spent
  • Earn 1.5 points per £1 spent with certain credit cards
  • You can earn 3 points per £1 spent on BA flights
  • Earn reward points when you spend a certain amount within your first few months of Cardmembership

Do you see that you don’t have to keep flying with the same airline for 10 years to get enough points for a flight to Paris? 

Chances are that you may be wasting a return business class flight EVERY year from London to New York by not using Avios points! 

The more you keep reading this document the more you feel excited about being able to travel like this!

Read on to find out how to boost Avios points…


how to boost avios points


Important note- Avios travel rewards program UK are now closed. But don’t worry your Avios points will just move to the British Airways Executive account (which still provides great options on flights, hotels, experiences and more…)


Who is This Information for? 

In a few short minutes, you will see how to boost your Avios points. 

This page is for people that:

  • Live in the UK
  • Want to fly medium to long haul distance business class flights to or from the UK
  • Spend at least £25,000 a year
  • Would like to enjoy a holiday or trip in style without having to pay a small fortune
  • Are interested in staying in top class hotels when travelling
  • Want a simple strategy to follow to accumulate the points to receive a business class flight (an equivalent distance of London to New York)

So, read on to see how you can use the “how to boost Avios points for FREE” section. 


how to boost avios points


Don’t Waste Your Avios Points on Certain Flights

It’s important to note here that the flights you can get from your Avios points are NOT FREE!! 

You will still have to pay tax and fees.

Therefore, it is almost pointless to use your points on short-haul flights around Europe. Budget airlines will nearly always be a similar (if not better!) price to the fees you will pay through your Avios points. 

For example:

Comparing an off-peak London to Barcelona return flight in February 2019 between what you can get for your Avios points and what you find on Skyscanner (real flight cost)…

Remember, 1 point equates to roughly £1, so to waste 13,000 points on a short flight to save £50 would be more silly than a clown at a 4-year-old’s birthday partay!


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Fly Like Royalty for Peanuts

Now, let me ask you this…

If you were able to fly business class for the price of economy or less would you be interested?

The more you keep reading this document the more you realise how this is possible.

But you will have to use your points wisely to make the most of this strategy!


For example: 

  • Off-peak London to New York return in April 2019.



Are you beginning to notice that it’s not always worth using your points for certain flights? 

This is because the difference for an economy flight would only save you £30 but cost a heap of points. 

Alternatively, you could save over 5 times the amount to fly like a prince or princess if you accumulate the points.

Don’t worry! Read on to see how to boost Avios points to achieve these numbers for us “normal people”!


Here’s another real-life example: 

  • Doha to London return flight June to August 2019 (outbound to London is off-peak but the return is a peak flight).

The real flight cost has two numbers showing the direct flight and the cheapest flight (found on Skyscanner). 



An option like this would be personal preference and depend on how much travelling you do in a year. 

Taking the economy option here could leave extra points for additional flights in the year.

But you would make almost 13 times the savings on a business class direct flight if you had the points!!

Speaking of getting enough points, here is the juicy section on how to boost Avios points…


How to Boost Avios Points for FREE!

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying

But I don’t spend £100,000 on credit cards each year!

Well, my clever amigo, these little tricks are the best thing since sliced bananas!


Warning!! This is only an option for people who are debt free and financially savvy. If you have a load of credit card debt and do not have control of your finances (sign up below to get control!) then DO NOT use this technique!!





3 ways to get EYE-POPPING results & how to boost Avios points:

  1. Become a POWERHOUSE with your spouse (hey that rhymes!)
  2. Cancel Avios cards, wait six months are you’re eligible to receive the “up-to-20k” bonus!
  3. Use the old “Refer a friend” trick!


If you’re still thinking “what the heck are you chatting about Willis” let me use an example to explain:


How to boost Avios points to earn 84,000 points a year without paying fees 

Here’s an example of what you can do as a couple if you spend £25,000 a year on credit cards (obviously you’ve downloaded the budget sheet above to calculate how much you spend already!)

  • Mike takes out a BA Amex card and spends £1,000 within the first 3 months to receive a bonus 5,000 points (6,000 for you if you use this link!)
  • Mike adds Sarah (his wife) as a secondary card owner of the BA Amex card
  • Sarah takes out the Amex Gold and spends £2,000 within the first 3 months to earn 20,000 points (22,000 for you if you use this link!)
  • Sarah refers Mike to the Amex Gold card for an additional 9,000 points
  • Mike spends £2,000 in the first 3 months on the Gold card to get 22,000 bonus points
  • They both cancel their Gold card as soon as this is done (they pay no fee as the first year is free!)
  • They focus on mainly spending on the BA Amex card to reach £20,000 by the end of the year to receive the companion voucher (buy one get one free plane ticket… Yes, ANY ticket… Even First Class!)
  • So after one year of spending £25,000, they will also accumulate 25,000 points.

And here is the maths:

  • 5,000
  • 20,000
  • 9,000
  • 22,000
  • 25,000

= 81,000 points!! (use the above links and yours would be 84,000 points!)


Therefore, this can get you AND your partner a return flight to Sydney on an economy or premium economy to Dubai for the price of fees and taxes!


how to boost avios points



The Ultimate Strategy- How to Boost Avios Points to Recieve 113,500 Points

Ok pumpkin, are you ready to see how you can stand out like an honest man in the White House?

The same principles apply as above. 

Spend £25,000 a year on credit cards as a couple… but chuck in one £195 fee 

Is £195 worth 30,000 points to you?… 

You decide…

  • Mike takes out a BA Amex Premium Plus card and spends £3,000 within the first 3 months to receive a bonus 25,000 points. Plus he pays £195 fee.
  • Mike adds Sarah as a secondary card owner of the BA Amex Premium Plus card
  • Sarah (his wife) takes out the Amex Gold and spends £2,000 within the first 3 months to earn 20,000 points (22,000 for you if you use this link!)
  • Sarah refers Mike to the Amex Gold card for an additional 9,000 points
  • Mike spends £2,000 in the first 3 months on the Gold card to get 22,000 bonus points
  • They both cancel their Gold card as soon as this is done (they pay no fee as the first year is free!)
  • They focus on mainly spending on the BA Amex Premium Plus card to reach £10,000 by the end of the year to receive the companion voucher (buy one get one free plane ticket… Yes, ANY ticket… Even First Class!)
  • So after one year of spending £25,000 (£4,000 on the Gold card), they will also accumulate 35,500 points (the Premium card is 1.5 points per £1 spent).

Therefore, the maths is:

  • 25,000
  • 20,000
  • 9,000
  • 22,000
  • 35,500

= 111,500 (113,500 for you if you use the above link)

This can take you AND your partner to Dubai on a business class return flight!



It doesn’t end there!

Because only one of you is the main cardholder, the other one can become the main cardholder NEXT YEAR.

Plus the Gold cards will have been cancelled for over six months soooo…

Get on it like shit on velcro


Can You Transfer These Points Onto One Account?

Does Pamela Anderson have trouble seeing her belly button?

Once both your spouse and your own points are into your BA Executive accounts (use the Amex app!) it’s super easy to get all of these points into one account.

So this allows you to make the most of that companion voucher (you only get one a year).

Then log into your BA Executive Club, click “manage my account”, click “my household account” and fill in the details. 

Jobs a goodun!


how to boost avios points


Have you noticed yet how simple this is to do?

Once you have your cards all you have to do it follow this plan!


Make sure you pin this post so you can come back to it in the future as a reminder…



Where Can Avios Points Take You? 

The closer and closer you get to the end of this article the more excited you start to feel about how to boost Avios points to fly business class.

Here are two tables showing how many points it costs to fly to different zones for all different flight classes…


how to boost avios points

how to boost avios points


Plus, this is pretty much the zone areas for where you can fly to from the UK…

how to boost avios points


How to Boost Avios Points Summary

Are you beginning to see how simple it is to boost those Avios points?

Little by little you have found out how to use these points to travel like royalty.

Using the companion ticket really does make flying in business class or even first class an excellent use of the points. 

However, some people will use these points to upgrade to an awesome 5-star hotel when they are on the trip.

Your points.

You decide.

YOLO (sorry to finish with that I just felt it was fitting)


Keep changing for the better,



p.s. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.


p.p.s. If you have any questions or thoughts about how to boost Avios points please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here

Earn Passive Income- Ray Dalio and Warren Buffet Reveal the Secret

Note I am not a financial advisor I am only giving my opinions and information I have learnt about how to earn passive income from different sources (see the bottom of this article). There may be affiliate links in this article, read the full disclaimer here.


You don’t realise it yet, but in the next few minutes, you’re going to learn the BEST way to earn passive income.


Earn Passive Income


The more and more you review this page the more you begin to find yourself amazed at how simple this method to earn PASSIVE income really is. 

This fact is verified by:

  • Warren Buffet (Best Investor ever)
  • Ray Dalio (Most successful hedge fund manager)
  • Tony Robbins (Life guru- Author of Unshakeable)
  • Andrew Hallam (Author of Millionaire Teacher)
  • Jack Bogle (Founder of Vanguard)
  • Carl Icahn (“activist” investor)
  • Grant Sabatier (Author of Financial Freedom)

These names may not mean anything to you but let me assure you, these are the financial GIANTS equivalent of David Beckham, Beyonce and Leonardo DiCaprio!

Ray Dalio goes as far as to say that if he were to die tomorrow he’s shown his wife exactly how to carry on using this investing technique to earn passive income.

If you’re like me, you will be delighted to learn about this. 

So my starry-eyed amigo read on to find out.


Invest in Index Funds… Earn Passive Income

Rare thinking people like you already know that you still need to put in some TIME and EFFORT to earn passive income. 

As you read every word of this article, you will discover WHY investing in index funds beats individuals investing in the stock market or mutual funds. 

By the end of this page, you will realise how index funds are the easiest way to earn PASSIVE income than other forms of income such as from property or a business. 


Hold up… What is an Index Fund? 

Great question!

Here is the difference between a hedge fund, mutual fund and index fund:

  • Hedge fund– Typically for high-net-worth-investors (HNWI). The fund manager can bet on both directions of the market (up or down). They charge a hefty 2% management fee and around 20% of the profits go to the manager
  • Mutual fund Public fund available to anyone. Managed by a team who buy stocks, bonds and other assets. They again charge management fees. This is VERY common in the USA.
  • Index funds This is a public fund that requires no “active” management. Basically, you don’t need to buy and sell individual stocks of certain companies, it will simply own all the stocks in the index (i.e. the 500 stocks in the S&P 500 index fund)

You may think that a 1 or 2% management fee is not a great deal. But in real terms, a 1% fee will cost you around 10 years of retirement income*.

Can you imagine investing your money without having to research individual companies or dealing with tenants and making a consistent 7% return on average each year? 


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How Our Wealth is Being Stolen


Isn’t it Possible to Get a Much Better Return Investing Somewhere Else? 

Does a fat dog fart?

In fact, check out “How our Wealth is Being Stolen” to see why it’s important to earn a better rate each year.

However, there are certain reasons as to why index funds are the most hands-off way to earn passive income:

  • You don’t need to MANAGE them regularly (once a year is fine… if that!)
  • You aren’t relying on tenants or other INDIVIDUALS to pay you
  • Don’t rely on an individual COMPANY to do well
  • You don’t need to keep RESEARCHING companies
  • You cannot go BUST
  • It can provide you with the ULTIMATE way to earn passive income (see below)

Simply put… investing in index funds is the closest thing you will get to truly earn passive income.



But I’m Sure I can Beat the Market… Why use Index Funds? 

As you keep scanning over this report, are you beginning to see how index funds not only are the best way to earn PASSIVE income but also BEATS other methods of investing in the stock market?

Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Don’t Argue With the Facts

  • The US stock market has averaged 10.16% annual return between 1920 and 2016 – (1) 
  • The S&P 500 returned an average of 10.28% a year from 1985 to 2015 (if you invested $50,000 in 1985 that would be worth $941,613.61 in 2015) – (2)
  • The average investor returned 3.66% during this same time (the result was $146,996 in 2015) – (2)
  • A 15-year study in the Journal of Portfolio Management showed that 96% of mutual funds underperformed the S&P 500 stock market index fund – (3)
  • Another study showed that 33 out of 195 (17.5%) mutual funds DISAPPEARED between 1979 and 1999. There’s almost a 1 in 5 chance that your mutual fund may go bust! And there’s no telling which ones they will be – (4)

As you can see, many studies have already proven that investing in index funds beats the average individual investor or mutual fund to earn passive income.


Earn Passive Income

Source Unshakeable- S&P 500 Annual Return between 1980-2015 (notice 1995 returned 34% but 2008 lost 38%… 27 out of 36 years has produced a positive return)

2. Beware of Mutual Funds Managers & Financial Advisors!

Let me tell you the story of meeting a financial advisor…

They will start by telling you that index funds cannot EVER beat the market. For example, if the US stock market had an 8% return then the US stock market index fund would make around 7.8% after paying fees. 

Are you beginning to notice that they forget to mention any of the stats above, especially that 96% of mutual funds have underperformed index funds?

They will explain that they have beaten the stock market by 10 per cent or more in the past

But they forget to mention that a monkey randomly picking a stock that does well could beat the market by this amount.

They will go on to tell you all the reasons that their investment beats all other forms of investing and is the best thing since sliced bacon!!

Do you know why? 

Do you want to know the secret?…

They don’t make any money unless you use a product with them!

Remember that when you speak to a financial advisor it is unlikely they will have YOUR best interest at heart. 

They see a client and their brain screams “Show me the money!” Jerry Maguire-esk.


3. Avoid Paying HIGH Fees!

Here’s a fact for you…

It has been calculated that an average mutual fund will need to beat an index fund by 4.3% per year just to break even due to fees, trading costs, sales commissions and taxes. (5)

You can pay as little as 0.1% annual fees and easily under 0.5% using index funds to earn passive income. 


4. It Saves so Much Time!

If you want to actively trade stocks and shares you better be prepared to do what Warren Buffet does… 

Read about companies all day every day. 

Does that sound excessive?

Little by little you begin to notice that if you are not willing to do this you will lose in the long run vs index funds. 

Don’t believe me? Read reason #1 again. 


5. It Forces you to Buy low and Sell High- Leave Your Emotions at the Door

You’ve probably heard:


80% of investing in the stock market is psychological and 20% is technical.

This is the #1 reason why index funds win in the long run vs individual investors.

Vanguard index funds automatically rebalance your portfolio. But if you manage them yourself it’s a good idea to rebalance once a year (only do it more often if the stock market is going nuts!) 


Note for Expats- you will have to manage them yourself, read on to find out more…


Here’s a story about Anne in 2008:

Anne was sipping her coffee on September 29th 2008 when she saw opened the newspaper to see the headline:


“Congress rejects the bank’s bailout bill”


She knew that wouldn’t be great for the stock market so you know what she did?…

Carried on with her day as normal!

She knew her Vanguard index fund was due to “re-balance” in a few weeks time.

Anne had an index fund portfolio with 80% stocks and 20% bonds. The stock market tanked but bonds held their value. 

In November 2008 Anne now had 45% stocks and 55% bonds.

She still did nothing…

Her Vanguard Index fund “rebalanced the portfolio” back to 80% Stocks and 20% bonds. 

Because stock prices were falling off a cliff, the index fund sold some of Anne’s bonds and bought more stocks!!


Imagine the stock market crashing… what’s your first thought as an investor? 

That’s right “SELL, SELL, SELL” “Stop your losses!”


This is STUPID! Let me show you why:


You go to the supermarket and see your favourite blueberries cost £2 a pack. You always buy them so you chuck a couple into the shopping cart. 

Next week you notice that they are now ONLY £1. 

Do you decide you better not buy them?


You chuck in 4 packs and splash out on your porridge that week because they are ON SALE!


You’re clever enough to know that intelligent investors buy when the price is low and sell when it’s high. 

But because of human nature, it is VERY hard to do this when the media, you’re friends and the whole world is panicking about the stock market crashing and the financial system collapsing

And do you begin to notice the intelligent investor would buy MORE stocks and sell some bonds to do this! 


Investing is a place for your head only. 

Chuck your emotions out Hombre! 


6. You CANNOT go Bust

Just picture this for a moment:

You have been saving up for your retirement for years. 

You absolutely love the company Apple so you have £300,000 invested in their shares (over half your portfolio).

However, Apple has run up a load of debt and the new owners that took over who are bat s*** crazy. 

To make things worse Blackberry is making some ridiculous come back to storm the market again with their new phone that uses hologram technology. 

Apple stocks are tanking. 

In fact, they are about to go bust.

Your mouth goes dry, your throat is closing up, you smell that distinct smell of panic in the air. 

You realise your £300,000 is now worth £1,678.

There’s only one thing left to do… curl up in the corner and sob until you fall asleep.


You’re probably thinking this is extreme but it could (and has) happened to numerous companies that were “too BIG to fail”.  

Ever heard of…

  • Enron
  • Kodak
  • Lehman Brothers?

Investing in index funds mean there is a 0% chance of this happening. 

If you are invested in the S&P 500 index fund then as soon as Apple falls out of the top 500 in the New York Stock Exchange it is automatically removed from your index fund and replaced with the company that is now in the top 500.

Unless every company in America was to go bust at the same time you CANNOT go bust if you earn passive income through index funds.


OK I Get the Picture, But What About the Next Crash? 

You’re smart enough to know it’s not if but when the market crashes. 

This FACT blew my mind!…

Over the course of 2005-2015, the Vanguard S&P 500 Index averaged 8% per year... This was during the financial crisis of 2008-2009!! (6)

Now, let me ask you a personal question… 

Do you think you could buy MORE stocks if the media and the whole world were panicking about the stock market and telling you it could cause a financial meltdown?

I know I would find it hard! This is why a typical investor in the S&P 500 averaged 6.37% during the same time frame.


Fear meant that investors stopped buying when the market was “on sale”

Now imagine you keep paying in the same amount every month to your index fund. It means you buy MORE units when the prices are low and fewer units when they are HIGHER!

e.g. Let’s say you pay in $100 a month into a Vanguard Index Fund. If the price of the index fund is $10 you can buy 10 units. If it has crashed and is now $5 you can buy 20 units (it’s on SALE!!)

It is for this reason that the Vanguard Retirement 2045 Fund returned an average of 7.39% to their investors between 2005-2015.

But the average investor who had a direct debit with them made 9.32% a year to earn passive income. (6)


A return of over 9% a year on average DESPITE the crash of 2008-2009!!


If that’s not enough then here are some freedom facts from Tony Robbin’s book Unshakeable:

  • Corrections (fall by at least 10%) happen on average once a year since 1900
  • Less than 20% of corrections turn into a “Bear Market” (fall by over 20%)
  • Nobody can predict the market
  • The stock market rises over time despite many short-term setbacks
  • Bear markets have happened every 3-5 years, historically
  • Bear markets become bull markets (see chart below)
  • The greatest danger is being out of the market (see chart below)


The other main point is that in every year without fail the stock market bounces back after a bear market. Just see what happens in the chart below…

earn passive income

Source- Unshakeable (2)


If you were not in the market after a bear market you will lose a big gain. And there’s no telling when the bear market will end. Just imagine if you waited until 2010 to invest again… you would have missed a 70% gain!

This fact is amplified when you take out the best performing days of the market. 

If you missed the 30 best days in the stock market over a 19-year stretch (6,935 days!) you would not have made a profit compared to the 8.2% market annual gain…

earn passive income

It’s impossible to predict when these best days will be so it just makes sense to always be invested in the market!


How Should the British Invest in Index Funds? 

Vanguard is the best index fund manager for one simple fact:

Their fees are the lowest!

…So get on it like a fat kid on cake!


Important note: There is no affiliate scheme for Vanguard so I have no incentive to promote them other than the fact they are the best index fund manager at the time of writing (January 2019)…


Here is the simple 2 step process:

  1. Open a Vanguard account
  2. Pay into a retirement fund 

To invest in a retirement fund with Vanguard you will pay 0.32% annual fee and they are very transparent about these fees helping to break down where you’re money is going (although it says it should be 0.24% on the previous page).


earn passive income

Earn Passive Income


You can invest in different life strategy funds and individual index funds for different annual fees with different risk levels. 



Do you remember reading it is possible to but individual index funds for fees as low as 0.1%?


But here’s the truth… 


Morningstar studies report that DIY index fund investors usually underperform their funds because they often purchase high, sell low and speculate on market news. – Millionaire Teacher

So even though you could put together your own portfolio of index funds the simplest and often the best way to do this, in the long run, is to use the Vanguard retirement fund.



You can see the different target retirement funds above. 

It’s important to note that there’s no expiry date on these funds. They are just weighted more heavily to bonds if you want to “retire” sooner because bonds are supposedly less risky. 

So if you were a risk-averse 20-year-old you could still get the target retirement 2015 fund with 59% bonds and you can keep investing past 2015!

Equally, if you are approaching retirement at you can still invest in the 2065 fund with only 20% bonds.  

Here’s a fact for you:

  • Stocks tend to outperform bonds in the long run (see chart below- note the 10 years column includes the great crash of 2008-2009)
  • Stocks are more likely to drop in price than bonds (remember 2008 saw a 38% drop in the S&P 500)


What you need to invest with Vanguard UK:

  • Be a British resident
  • National insurance number
  • UK Bank account details
  • Minimum £500 lump sum
  • Minimum £100 per month investment

So after your initial £500 lump sum you just need £1,200 a year to start investing in index funds, completely hands off.

You’ve got to wonder that if most people find the money each month to pay for TV, a phone and other gadgets, do you think it’s possible for ANYONE to find £100 per month?

And as you are thinking about earning a conservative 7% return per year you become really interested in this way to earn passive income. 

Just think about it… the key here is to invest for the long run. You need to forget about this money, for the time being, you can’t keep dipping into it or it will never grow.


How Should Americans Invest in Index Funds? 

Use Vanguard… Simples

Here is the simple 2 step process:

  1. Open a Vanguard account
  2. Pay into a retirement fund 

Apparently, you can invest for as little as $3,000 and it has by far the best rates and service (currently) compared to other products. 

It’s a very similar process as above- Monkey Simple


How Should Expats Invest in Index Funds? 

This one’s a bit trickier as it’s not currently possible to get a Vanguard account unless you live in certain countries.

So with help from Andrew Hallam, who is “the Don” on this exact subject, this is what you should do…

  1. Open an account with Saxo
  2. Buy ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), which are very similar to funds that track a stock index
  3. Keep your share allocation as you’d like it by buying more of the underperforming ETF


The costs are very reasonable per purchase. 

0.1% (£8 minimum)

Basically, if you can make purchases of £8,000 or more per go you will be paying the lowest commission fee % possible.

Obviously, this is not likely for everyone so it would be wise to keep commissions below 1% as much as possible. i.e. purchase over £800 worth at a time.


I even had confirmation from Andrew Hallam himself. 

earn passive income


Note- this is supposedly the most tax efficient method for a British expat to invest. If you are from the US or Australia then look into doing the exact same thing with your own local market for tax benefits, but please do consult a tax specialist for more information. 


The Ultimate Way to Earn Passive Income

Since you’re still here, I’m going to assume a few things:

  • You are not a High Net Worth Individual looking to use a special hedge fund (yet)
  • You’d like to earn passive income
  • You would like to invest in the stock market
  • You’re not willing to put in hours EVERY day to research companies 
  • You have some disposable income that you could invest
  • At some point, you’d like to retire and earn passive income to still enjoy your life

First of all, remember:

  • The US stock market has averaged a 10.16% annual return between 1920 and 2016. 

Let’s say you earn passive income with a Vanguard Index fund of 80% stocks and 20% bonds that averages a conservative 7% a year. 


In this scenario let’s imagine you and your family can live off $50,000 a year. 


The aim is to reach your own financial “Figure” that you can invest to earn passive income that you can live off FOREVER.


It’s important to have a buffer in here to allow for inflation and to help the portfolio grow over time rather than taking all of the profits. 

So if you can take 4% of the investment pot, you should be able to leave the extra 3% growth in the pot to allow for inflation and an increase in your living expenses over time. 


Here’s the maths!…

Annual expenses/ Avg. return = Total nest to invest 

$50,000/ 0.04 = $1,250,000


(a simpler way is to times your annual living expenses by 25-30)


So a total investment pot of $1.25 million would be required to earn $50,000 passive income each year (FOREVER) at a 7% return… allowing for inflation. 

Now, I’m not gonna go off on a massive rant again about how much the average person earns or can save each year as I did in Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money review.

But let’s just imagine you can save $20,000 a year and invest it in index funds.

This would take you just over 23 years to reach your figure. Seems like a lot to ask doesn’t it? But maybe this is possible for you?


Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were ways to drastically reduce this time frame?

Imagine if you could earn $2,000 a month from property rental income.

Your figure would change:

($50,000-$24,000)/0.04= $650,000


Let’s also imagine that your side hustle of dog walking really kicks off and you are able to save $60,000 a year. It would now only take you 7 years to reach your figure. 


Are you beginning to notice the importance of having your own side hustle or finding different ways to make money?

This is the whole point of this website… To help you find your own side hustle that works for YOU!


If you are thinking this all seems a bit far-fetched! Don’t worry about it all at once.

The main thing is that you start investing whatever you can NOW.


The best time to have started investing was when you were born. The second best time is today

Pin this post to come back to it later.


Make Time Online Summary on How to Earn Passive Income

I know, I know…

You made 18% return investing in the stock market by yourself last year. Or you have beaten the market 9 years out of the last 10.

I believe you.


Now, let me ask you this:

Can you honestly tell me that it was all your knowledge that did this? 

Did you study the companies you bought shares of inside out? 

Do you know what the owner’s temperament and personality are? 

Did you know the company was undervalued?


Here’s the truth… you have probably ridden your luck. When the market is doing well, you will do well. 

But what happens when it’s not doing so well or your favourite stock goes bust?

If you enjoy trading the market, by all means, carry on. But do not fool yourself into thinking you are investing. 

You’re tactically gambling.

If you want a sure fire way of investing in the market then index funds will wipe the floor compared with any other technique over the long run.


Call a duck a duck and own what you are doing.

Your future self will thank you.


By the time you read this page, you will have found the easiest way to earn PASSIVE income.

This is your guide.

Save it.

Re-read it.

Use it.


Keep changing for the better



p.s. Apologies for the rant at the end, it was purely directed at myself for the future when I think I’m better than Warren Buffet again!

p.p.s. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here



  1. Value Line Investment Survey- A Long-Term Perspective Chart 1920-2005 and Morningstar Performance Tracking of the S&P 500 from 2005-2016,
  2. Tony Robbins, “Unshakeable- Your Financial Freedom Playbook“, 2017
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  4. Robert D. Arnott, Andrew L. Berkin, and Jia Ye, “How Well Have Taxable Investors Been Served in the 1980s and 1990s?” The Journal of Portfolio Management 26, no. 4 (Summer 2000): 86.
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  6. Andrew Hallam, “Millionaire Teacher- The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School“, 2017
  7. Grant Sabatier, “Financial Freedom”, 2019


*Assuming two investors start with $100,000 equal returns of 8% over 30 years. One pays 1% and the other 2% fees. With equal withdrawal amounts the investor paying 2% fees will run out 10 years sooner

Why Make Time Online? Financial Independence Retire Early Blog

There may be affiliate links in this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog, read the full disclaimer here.

As you start reading the beginning of this article you will find yourself wondering what a Financial Independence, Retire Early blog is (FIRE). 


You don’t realise it yet, but in a few short moments, you’ll begin to feel excited and curious about the future. 

The further on you read, the more you’ll understand what the website name “Make Time Online” means to me and why I started this website…


The Importance of Time

Let me tell you a story… A few years ago I saw a post on Facebook asking people “What is the most important thing in your life?”

Everyone had a slightly unique answer, which was obviously personal to them, some of which include:

  • Family
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Freedom
  • Good health
  • My children
  • Money
  • Passing on a legacy
  • Being “financially free”
  • Travel
  • My religion

At first glance, it looks like everyone had a very different “thing” that was the most important to them. 

Some of the reasons JUMPED out at me. 

Do you notice the ONE thing is needed for all of them?




Drift back to a happy moment with your family. Chances are you were spending some quality time with them. 

You probably know that people using their time doing things through choice are happier than people who are FORCED to do something. 

If someone wanted more money than Bill Gates or to be financially free, it was because of what the money could buy them…

Time to spend doing what they want!

This was the first time I heard of a Financial Independence, Retire Early blog.


Time is more valuable than money. You can always get more money but you can never get more time.

Jim Rohn


After you read this short article, you will have learned that time is important to EVERYONE:

  • People that are miserable in their job are spending their TIME doing something they are not passionate about. 
  • The happiest people have control of their own schedule
  • Being stuck in traffic is soul destroying because it’s eating up your TIME!

So why don’t people have time?


Related Articles:


What’s Stopping People From Having Time? 

There are only 2 reasons people don’t have enough time or do something they don’t want to do:

  1. Fear 
  2. Greed


Every single person on the planet has the same time… We all have 24 hours in a day. 

So how comes some people seem to be rushed off their feet the entire time they are awake and others seem to achieve so much and have all the time in the world?

Imagine, for a moment, how these two people would use their time:

  • Elon Musk
  • Homeless man 

Just think about it… This homeless man could have grown up in the exact same town as Elon. He could have had the same opportunities as him and went to the same school.


The only difference is the HABITS they implemented throughout their life. 


You may be thinking that Mr Musk will have to do certain things and will more likely not have as much time to spend how he liked during a day compared to the homeless guy.

Are you beginning to notice that this is a choice?

He has acted on his own passions and he has the option to do ANYTHING he would like on any given day. 

Equally, the homeless guy may be very happy spending time with loved ones and living a “simple life”.

But just imagine what it would be like if you were FORCED to live a certain way because you did not have the resources to live the life you’d like.


Ways of Making More Time using the Financial Independence, Retire Early blog 

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying “it would be easy to just quit your job and live like the homeless man.”

However, this is not what I mean by making more time. 

I mean making MORE time to spend doing the things you REALLY love. 


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do this, function in society and help other people?

And the best way to create time for this is to make money. Ideally through passive income. For example:

  • Invest in index funds (read this post)
  • Rental income for a property that you own
  • Affiliate marketing income (connect people with what they are already looking for online)
  • Sell your own courses (information)
  • Sell your own Books
  • Lend an investor money for a better return on your money (check out our property business website here)


Are you beginning to notice that all of these things can be done online or from using the internet?

Do you remember hearing the Internet has changed the rules of the game of money? We’re now in the INFORMATION age!


You probably already know this but to create a passive income you will have to put some TIME and EFFORT in up front.

Now, let me ask you this… wouldn’t you rather put in time that pays you over and over again rather than having to keep trading your time for money?

This is what you will learn from this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog.


Do REAL People Actually Live Financially Independent and Retire Early? 

Si Amigo… YES!

This is the goal of this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog. 


To help you reach FIRE quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.


Still don’t believe me?

Check out Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s 2018 income report of over $1.5 million.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t need to be a genius, workaholic or know stuff about computers to do it?…


But I Would Get Bored Not Working

Mwahahahaha (not sure why it has to be an evil laugh)

That’s exactly what I used to think… 

“I’m not even interested in money, after all, it’s the root of all evil”… 


Look, let me ask you this…


What would you do if time, money and resources were NO object?


If you are anything like me then you probably haven’t given this much thought growing up. 

The fact is when you really understand the answer to that question you will start becoming FIRE…D up (see what I did there)

It’s much more than just being “financially free” or “travelling the world” or “spending a week in your pants watching ‘The Apprentice’ re-runs” (no… just me? OK moving swiftly on…) 


The whole point is to figure out what you WANT your life to look like. 

If you’re already living life exactly how you WANT it then stop reading right now and go and enjoy it pumpkin!


OK, but HOW can People Realistically Achieve FIRE? 

Listen, you are not made an “entrepreneur” or an “employee” in the womb. 

The first step is to give yourself permission to do whatever you want. 

Once you’ve done that you can start thinking about ways to achieve FIRE.

Here are some simple (and FREE) things you can do right now:


Make Sure You Have a Strong Foundation

It’s hard to make more money until you have a solid foundation. Use this personal finance template to put yours in place.

Powered By ConvertKit


There are unlimited ways to become financially free as you will learn in this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog. But the big secret is:

You won’t achieve FIRE through a job. You NEED a side hustle.


There are literally hundreds of ways to make money on the internet but here are just a few examples:

  • Take surveys for money
  • Test out apps or games 
  • Sell your stuff on websites like eBay/ Gumtree
  • Translating
  • Teaching English online
  • Freelancing (proofreading, design logos, writing, check emails, book holiday etc.)
  • Affiliate marketing (direct people to what they are looking to buy online)
  • Buy and sell websites/ domain names
  • Sell your own information (Science GCSE revision, How to take amazing pictures on your iPhone, How to buy property without using your own money etc.)
  • Blogging (ads, affiliate marketing, sell own products, sponsorships etc.)
  • Drop shipping
  • Amazon FBA
  • Trade Forex/ Stocks/ spread betting etc.


Pin this post to come back to it later


financial independence retire early blog


Make Time Online Summary

After you read this article you will have learned the reasons behind the website name “Make Time Online” and what to expect from this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog.

Do you begin to notice that it’s much more than about making more time or money in your life?

It’s about giving yourself permission to think about what you would do with your life if you had unlimited resources, time and money. 

As this page ends, imagine what it would be like if you could live the life that you dream of. 


Keep changing for the better,



p.s. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.




p.p.s. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here

8 Ways to Spot an Online Marketing SCAM

So you want to make money online do ya? But how do you know the best ways to spot an online marketing scam?

8 Ways to Spot an Online Marketing SCAM

Let me ask you a personal question… 

Have you looked into getting some training or using an online course to help learn from the best and minimise the mistakes you make?  

If you have then CONGRATS! 

Some people think they can just “figure it out” themselves. 

Everyone knows that 99% of the time these people that are still in the same spot 10 years down the line. 

Ask any successful person how they got to where they are today and they will tell you 2 things:

  1. “I’ve learnt a lot (and continue to learn)”
  2. “I have mentors or a support team

As you pay close attention to this page, remember that most of these people will have paid for both of these things at some stage in their journey.

Of course you’ve heard that 90% of people that buy a product related to internet marketing feel they were “ripped off” at some point. 

The further on you read you’ll begin to understand the best 8 ways to spot an online marketing SCAM!!

#1 Video ONLY Sales Page

Now, let me ask you this… Have you ever been forced to sit through a video before you even see any other information? i.e. what the product does, the cost etc.

Well do you see the red cross in the top corner of your screen?

If you are asked to wait for the video to finish before you see what to do next… 

  • Click that cross and continue with your life!

Any respectable program will provide you with the information you WANT and NEED from the start. 

Let’s face the harsh reality that we are more likely to invest in something if we have spent time on it. This is exactly WHY some programs will force you to watch a 15-30 minute video FIRST!

This leads onto the next point to look out for…

#2 Upsell, Upsell, Upsell 


If you invest some money in something, you are likely to spend MORE money on it.

Now, let me ask you another question…

Have you ever seen an internet marketing product offered for under $10? Maybe even some random number like $6.87?

That’s because the people selling the product know the fact above. Once you dip your hand into your pocket (or PayPal account) you are more likely to do it again. 

This is another key ways to spot an online marketing SCAM!

This is why they make it look like it’s a very cheap product but then have an upsell straight away ranging from $30-$1,000’s.

Have you ever seen an upsell for $97?

You click “no thanks”

The next page is the same product for $47 at a ONE TIME offer!

Chances are this is a SCAM!

Five Minute Profit Sales started with low prices but had 3 upsells to access all the information you thought you were getting at the start- Click here to read my review

Any legit product will offer you a “try before you buy” free trial or it will just be a ONE-TIME payment.

If you see upsell after upsell it’ll be likely the company won’t be honest and up-front with you in the future.

Note there are definitely legitimate products that don’t offer a free trial. Some products may actually give you certain things that they can’t guarantee they can get back (such as a download).

#3 No Contact Details

If you can’t even find a way to contact the company do you really think they have nothing to hide?

If something goes wrong with the product or you are not happy about something there will be no way to actually fix this.

AVOID it like the plague as it’s a ways to spot an online marketing SCAM!

#4 Way to Spot an Online Marketing SCAM- Terrible Support

Now imagine you’ve just forked out some dollar for a course. You have a technical issue with it, so you send an email. How would you feel if you don’t hear back from them for 3 days?

Your feeling of frustration and disappointment only grows when their response doesn’t really answer your question.

It’s another sign of things to come if they can’t even support you at the start. 

A legit training program will have different ways of contact and often has a platform you can ask questions to the community and the existing members.  

#5 Pay $27 Today for an instant $357 a day Online ATM Machine

Have you ever seen an outrageous claim like this before?

Of course you have!

You probably know there may be some people who do really well using this program. But to get these kind’ve results these people will almost definately have one or more of the following:

  1. TIME (to spend working on it all day)
  2. MONEY (to spend driving traffic or buying the upsells)
  3. TRAFFIC (already have a large following)

If they are using a rediculous overnight success story or $10,000’s of income in the first month, you need to understand one thing:

This is NOT possible… so they are lying.

It’s another way to spot an online marketing SCAM!!


#6 Some Guy in a Lamboghini & Mansion

If you see the owner of a product in a picture of his lambo outside his mansion then you know what to do by now. Click that red X. This is a key way to spot an online marketing SCAM.

Just think… it’s possible to test drive a car, visit a national trust mansion and get a friend to take a photo on their phone. This proves NOTHING!

It’s a classic case of short man syndrome!

They are usually show boating and flaunting these things because they know their product lacks credibility or any actual quality. 

#7 Run for the Hills if there are Hundreds of Complaints

If you’re like me you like to find out about a company before buying. There are a few ways to check whether a company recieves a lot of complaints but here are my favourite 2:

  1. Mention (a social media tracking keywords website)
  2. BBB (Better Business Bureau
Two examples of searches for different companies in mention. You can see what real people are saying about these companies.

It’s important to remember that a lot of GOOD companies will receive some complaints. In fact the better the company, the more customers it will have, the more likely someone will have a compaint. 

For instance, someone may be annoyed that their product was delivered late, or maybe they didn’t use it how it was intended to be used.

However, if a company is receiving hundreds of complaints then your “Spidy senses” should be tingling! 

#8 Training from when Dinosaurs were Alive

In the online world using updated techniques can be the difference between doing something illegal and making a bigger difference that Nelson Mandela. 

Tinternet (in Peter Kay’s Northern accent) changes all the time.

You wanna get on that t'internet

Posted by Peter Kay Fans on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Google, Facebook, Twitter all have these weird techie things called algorithms. If you are like me you have no idea (or really care) how these work. But what is important, if you’re serious about your online business, is what these changes means to YOU.

For example, some old school backlinking techniques (a link to your website) are banned from Google and won’t let your website rank at all now. Some older training programs may still tell you to do this!

Make sure the program you want to use gets updated more than Lady Gaga!

Make Time Online Summary

As this page ends you have realised that finding ways to spot an online marketing scam are easy like Sunday morning. 

If you see any one of these 8 ways then… 


You really should consider whether the program will be honest and reliable. 

Use the tools in #7 to see what other people have said about the product as this will help you know what to expect.

Keep changing for the better


p.s. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.

p.p.s. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here

Millionaire Teacher Book Review- The Best Way to Invest in the Stock Market

Note I am not a financial advisor I am only giving my opinions on the Millionaire Teacher book review. There are also affiliate links in this article, read the full disclaimer here.

As you read every word of this review you will become amazed at how a teacher has become a millionaire!

Millionaire Teacher book review

Yes, you read that right!

Andrew Hallam really does have an extraordinary story. But the methods he used to get where he is are very ordinary.

Millionaire Teacher Book Review – The Overview and Rankings

  • Name: Millionaire Teacher- The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School
  • Author: Andrew Hallam 86 out of 100
  • Originality: 80 out of 100
  • Practical methods: 92 out of 100
  • Enjoyability: 55 out of 100
  • Price: Kindle $13.16/ Paperback $15.50
  • Rating: 78 out of 100

Pros and Cons


  • Inspirational story
  • Great advice for the “average” person
  • Makes you realise it is possible to build wealth no matter what your income is
  • Uses some excellent facts and opens your eyes to investing in the stock market
  • Great practical tips throughout the book
  • Gives you step by step advice of how you can start TODAY!


  • The advice is not going to help you retire really young (unless you are a child reading this)
  • Gets a bit technical later on – makes it less enjoyable (especially if you’re new to investing)
  • Quite generic advice and leaves you with questions if you don’t fit certain criteria (i.e. what to do if you’re an expat/ don’t live in one of the 4 countries he mentions… luckily he has another book for that!)
  • Only really shows one possibility of investing (invest in index funds

Who is Millionaire Teacher for? 

Let me ask you this, “are you interested in earning a passive income?”

Andrew demonstrates the importance of living frugally and investing in the stock market when young. If you read this book in school you would be laughing right now.

People this book is for:

  • Anyone that wants to achieve financial independence 
  • Anyone that wants to invest but doesn’t know where to start
  • People that find there’s not enough month at the end of the money
  • Low income workers
  • HIGH income workers
  • Ideal for young adults (but there is important advice for older generations too!)

Are you beginning to see how the millionaire teacher book review could help?

What is Millionaire Teacher about?

Since you’re still here I’m going to assume that you want to learn more about investing in the stock market. 

The methods Mr Hallam mentions in the book have been proven by numerous studies to be the BEST and easiest way to invest money to grow wealth. 

If you’re like me, you want to find multiple streams of passive income. 

This method is possibly the MOST passive form of income I have found to date.

As you keep reading this webpage, you will feel more and more amazed at how Andrew Hallam became a millionaire and some of the (slightly insane) things he used to do to save more money, pay off his debts and invest more. 

This includes when he used to ride his bike 70 miles a day to and from work. 

He did this because he could rent a basement for $350 a month out of town and avoid paying for fuel in his 20 year old $1,300 volkswagen (which he sold for $1,800 2 years later). 

There is lots of great advice in here but there are 3 big lessons I want to share in this millionaire teacher book review…

1. What car to buy?

Imagine what it would be like if you could use a car for a few years and be paid to use it?

Rather than leasing a car, Andrew Hallam has an EYE POPPING tip to purchasing a car! 

The secret is:

Buy second-hand Japanese cars that have low mileage and are well maintained…

Monkey simple!

Japanese cars like Toyota and Nissan typically hold their value well and it’s not uncommon to be able to sell the car for more money a couple of years later. 

When comparing this to leasing a car the savings are rediculous! The average savings of buying ANY second hand car is $4,856 per year for a two-car household. 

That may not sound like a lot but wait for this…

If you invested $4,856 a year into an index fund that pays 7% on average for 20 years the final amount will blow… your… mind!!…


Is leasing 2 cars compared to getting 2 second hand cars worth $277,455 to you? (btw if you carried on for 40 years it would be $1,890,496!!)

Do you still think leasing that brand new Audi is a good deal?

2. Want Stocks? Get Index Funds 

This part of the book is more important than the air we breathe. 

There are numerous reasons why Index funds are the best way to invest in the stock market but here are the main points summarised:

  • The fees are so LOW in comparison to most funds that you can buy (this is why index funds win!)
  • They consistently beat mutual funds even though they cannot beat the market (they track the market)
  • They cannot go BUST, unlike mutual funds or individual companies!
  • It saves so much TIME
  • It forces you to buy low and sell high (if you invest monthly or you rebalance your portfolio once a year)
  • If fund managers struggle to beat the market, what chance do you think you would have if you do it yourself

3. Start Young

Let me tell you the story of Star and Lucy…

A 5 year old girl Star invested the $1.45 a day she earnt from recycling cans. She carried on investing $45 a month until she was 65 years old (a total of $32,400 invested). 

Her friend Lucy, started to invest $800 a month at the age of 40 until she reached 65 (a total of $240,000).

Star’s final value was over $237,052 more than Lucy, despite Lucy investing WAY more money than Star.

QUOTE The best time to have started investing was when you were born. The second best time is today

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8 Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Millionaire Fastlane Review

But What About When the Market Crashes?

You’re smart enought to know it’s not if but when the market crashes. 

This FACT blew my mind!…

Over the course of 2005-2015 the Vanguard S&P 500 Index averaged 8% per year... This was during the financial crisis of 2008-2009!!

Now, let me ask you a personal question. Do you think you could buy more stocks if the media and the whole world were panicking about the stock market and telling you it could cause a financial melt down?

I know I would find it hard! 

This is the reaso why a typical investor in the S&P 500 only averaged 6.37% during the same time frame.

Fear meant that investors stopped buying when the market was “on sale”

Now imagine you keep paying in the same amount every month. It means you buy MORE units when the prices are low and less units when they are HIGHER!

e.g. Let’s say you pay in $100 a month into a Vanguard Index Fund. If the price of the index fund is $10 you can buy 10 units. If it has crashed and is now $5 you can buy 20 units (it’s on SALE!!)

It is for this reason that the Vanguard Retirement 2045 Fund returned an average of 7.39% to their investors between 2005-2015 but the average investor who had a direct debit with them earnt 9.32%.

A return of over 9% a year on average DESPITE the crash of 2008-2009!!

So What Should I do?

Just picture this for a moment… 

You never have to work again because your index funds provide you with MORE money than you need to live off.

To get to this stage we need to know some numbers. 

Let’s imagine you and your family can live off $50,000 a year. 

Let’s also assume your index fund returns an average of 7% per year.

Here’s the maths!…

Annual expenses/ Avg. return = Total nest pot to invest 

$50,000/ 0.07 = $714,285.72

Just think about it… you can spend $50,000 a year forever, without touching the initial “nest pot”!

If you’re thinking that it will be IMPOSSIBLE to get a pot of $714,285.72 then read on…

Let’s just imagine you can save $20,000 a year and invest it in the stock market. 

This would take you 17 years to reach your figure of $714,285.75 or 21 years to reach $1 million. 

I will go more into detail about the unltimate strategy in a future post. 

For now just know that the most important thing you can do it set up an account and GET STARTED! £100 a month will make a huge difference to your future. 

Pin this to come back to this article again later.

My Final Opinion – Millionaire Teacher Book Review

If you are thinking to yourself “to be able to retire after 17 years is not bad” then you are right. 

To be honest it’s much better advice than you will get from most financial advisors. 

However, this is not allowing for inflation or any changes in your lifestyle (maybe you want to have children or your kids are going to uni or you want a holiday home to retire with etc.) 

Plus you NEED to save $20,000 a year… EVERY year.

Andrew Hallam is clearly an extraordinary man. 

He was able to be self-disciplined and did some things that most people would not be prepared to do. 

Personally, I don’t believe in focussing too much on cutting expenses as it closes our minds and you will never be able to save more money than you earn. 

The focus should always be on increasing our income!

Whilst Mr Hallam may have given himself a comfortable life and a financial indenpendence from his portfolio, he has only become “rich” by becoming an entreprenuer. He has missed out this fact in his book (just like Dave Ramsey). 

He makes a lot of his income from books, courses and selling HIS products. 

If you want to be “Financially Independent and Retire Early” (FIRE for short) you realistically need to find a side hustle or alternative ways of MAKING money. 

Millionaire Teacher Book Review: The “MakeTimeOnline” Review Final Word

Now that you’re at the end of this millionaire teacher book review, you will have learnt the importance of investing in index funds and living frugally. 

If you start early enough you can utilise compound interest to work for you, without having to put as much capital in yourself. 

Let’s face the reality that index funds consistetly beat private investors and mutual funds due to:

  1. Fear & Greed (people tend to sell low/ buy high)
  2. Fees (mutual funds need to beat index funds by over 4% due to taxes, fees and commission costs

If you are looking to invest in the stock market this book will provide you with a guide as to how to start and the best index funds to use (if you live in the US, UK, Australia or Singapore).

Keep changing for the better,


p.s. If you have any questions and I mean ANY questions about Millionaire Teacher, please leave them below. If you have read this book before or something similar please add your thoughts.

p.p.s. If you are serious about making money online, I would advise you to check out my #1 recommended program here

Best Self Improvement Books of All Time- Lessons From Over 100 Books in 3 Years

There may be affiliate links in this article on the best self-improvement books of all time, read the full disclaimer here.

You don’t realise it yet, but in the next couple of minutes, you’re going to learn the secrets to how it’s possible to read more. 

“You can’t seriously think we will believe that you have read over 100 books in 3 years? That’s about 3 books a month!”

Well, I guess technically I didn’t read them all… 

I listen to some of them. 

The fact is, I’ve learnt a lot and by the time you finish reading this post, you will have learned some of the biggest secrets known to the world’s most productive people EVER. 

First of All… How Do You Read so Much?

Rare thinking people like you already know that it’s possible to use your time more efficiently.

The following are the actual ways I used to read more books:


1. Use NETime (No Extra Time)

Imagine what it would be like if you could learn from some of the world’s most successful people without having to give up any extra time…

When you are doing daily tasks that don’t take up too much brainpower it’s possible to listen to something productive at the same time. You are basically doubling the use of your time e.g. at the gym, cooking, driving, on a walk, house chores etc.

So make the most of audible and podcasts.

You can read more about NETime here


2. Spend Time Learning How to Speed Read

Just think about it… 

Is it worth spending a few hours today that will save you hundreds of hours over your lifetime?

Here are the steps I used to TRIPLE my reading speed… without losing comprehension

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The beauty of these tips is that your comprehension shouldn’t be affected at all. 

It’s just understanding the mechanics of the eye and optimal perception. 



If you follow these steps you will double or triple your reading speed!



3. Make Reading Self Improvement Books a HABIT 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t really like reading and when I do I just want to read something that I enjoy…”


Well cast your mind back to 2014 and let me tell you a little story:

I was chilling on a beach in Greece with sand between my toes, waves CRASHING in the background and the Da Vinci Code in my hand.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” had been recommended to me about squidrillion times but the title was more off-putting than fish on a chocolate brownie. 

I stared at my kindle with my dodgy FREE copy of the book.

Finally, I gave in. 

I threw my ego aside. 

But when I started reading, something weird happened… 

I enjoyed it!!

Like “don’t want to put it down” enjoyed it. 

Don’t think for one second that suddenly I became a self-development book junkie. But it opened up this whole new world to me.


The more I read, the more I realised there was to read. 

The more I read, the more I LEARNT and the more things I would TRY. 

And as I IMPROVED, the more I wanted to read. 


Reading 10 pages a day adds up to over 10 books a year


Are you beginning to see how I had created this habit? 

It was easy to read a few pages a day. If you’re like me you may actually find it relaxing and productive, which helps keep the “procrastination monster” away. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you actually WANTED to spend time LEARNING more and more? 

And you can easily do this by reading the best self-improvement books of all time.

But Will You Remember Everything?

Yes and No… Mainly No

So according to Edgar Dale’s cone of learning, we only remember 10% of what we read and 20% of what we hear after JUST 2 weeks! 

Imagine what it would feel like if you could retain more of the information. 


Well here are some ways to do just that:

  • Taking notes or highlighting text (boring!)
  • Find a Youtube Video around the subject of the book
  • Talking to someone about it (thanks again Sarah!)
  • Teaching it to others (thanks blogging!)
  • Taking ACTION– find ways to implement it into your life

Not reading because you know you won’t remember it all is like trying not to earn more money because you’ll pay more taxes…

I’d rather have 10% of something than 100% of nothing. 

And do you begin to notice… 


Taking ACTION always wins. 


The beauty of having a website is that you will take more action than ever before.


Reading is easy to do and easy not to do.

Come on Then… What Have You Learnt Mate?

Ok amigo, keep your knickers on. 

Without further ado, here is the best of the best advice from some of the most successful people that have ever walked the planet.

#1 Habits RULE

This is the ONE THING, guys. 

Do you want to know what the key to success ALWAYS comes down to?… without fail:


Making GOOD habits. 


The only difference between a homeless dude in Birmingham and Richard Branson are the habits and decisions they make each day. 

Enter RANT…

If you live in a developed country nobody cares what your background is. Nobody cares how bad you had it as a kid. You have the same opportunities and access to information as EVERYONE else.

If you’re thinking but life’s not FAIR…

You are damn right! 

Remember that, pumpkin, and use it to your advantage.

There are TOO many success stories of people who went from rags to riches to not believe this:

  • Oprah Winfrey– born into a poor family in Mississippi.
  • Tony Robbins– abused as a child.
  • George Soros– survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary before moving to London.
  • Roman Abramovich– born into poverty and orphanage at 2 years old.
  • J-Lo– homeless at 18.
  • Steve Jobs– Dropped out of college and collected coke bottles for money for food when he was homeless.
  • Sylvester Stallone– Homeless before Rocky & sold his dog for $50… He bought his dog back for $3,000 after the film.

None of these people became a success story overnight. 

They ALL had setbacks. 

They all worked hard and changed their daily routine i.e. their HABITS!

Are you beginning to see how habits shape our life?… and you can CHANGE your habits.

Rant OVER…

#2 Systems Beat Goals

This one was a game changer for me.

I’d heard numerous times the importance of goal setting. We sat down every 3 months to reflect on our previous goals and set new ones.

As you absorb this information, you’ll realise that goal setting is not as effective as you may think because you spend most of your time NOT achieving them. With each breath you take you begin to feel more and more annoyed because you haven’t reached your goal.

Imagine what it would be like to achieve success every day.


Just pitcure this for a moment…

  • Your goal is to read 10 books in 2019. 

You’re busy at work. 

The kids need running around to their activities.

You want to find time to do FUN things.

Life gets in the way. 

Before you have chance to breathe, it’s October and you’ve fumbled through 1 book.

You feel overwhelmed and frustrated at how far behind you are… so you give up.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could succeed 20 minutes after waking up EVERY day?


What if you create a system instead?

  • Read 10 pages of a book each day

You set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. 

You wake up and FORCE yourself to pick up the book.

After 2 pages you start to get into it and before long you’ve read 12 pages. 

After doing this for a week, you try reading before going to sleep. You get the best nights sleep you’ve had for months. 

Your feeling of frustration is slowly disappearing as you continue to use your system EVERY day.

You find 10 minutes during your lunch break to read. 

You’ll find time to listen to audiobooks on your commute to work. 

You find pockets of time everywhere that helps you easily achieve your SYSTEM.

This builds momentum, which often means you end up beating your original goal…


I GUARANTEE if you read 10 pages of a book EVERY day you WILL read MORE than 10 books a year.


Note this works for setting ANY goal.

If you have a goal to buy another property this year, try setting a system to speak to someone that invests in property every day. It could be a FB message, a phone call, a call on skype or meeting them in person. 

Don’t believe me, believe yourself!


Are you beginning to notice the power of HABITS?

#3 Win the Morning, Win the Day

Ah my “Miracle Morning’s” (me smiling and looking fondly at my screen)

This is possibly THE best way to get more good habits into your life QUICKLY.

You probably already know a productive morning is more important than wiping after doing a #2. 

You know it makes sense because you should have the most energy as you’ve just been asleep!


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do 6 highly successful habits first thing in the morning?

  1. Scribing (Writing)
  2. Affirmation
  3. Visualisation
  4. Exercise
  5. Reading
  6. Silence (Meditation)

Just remember SAVERS…

“The Miracle Morning” will show you how this is possible, even if you ONLY have 6 minutes!


In fact, I am currently writing this before going to work at 5 am after already doing yoga, meditation and reading.

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying “that’s CRAZY!” 

Let me a ask you a personal question, “what would you do to LIVE the LIFE you want?”

#4 Do the ONE Most Important Thing First… ALWAYS

Rare thinking people like you know the importance of doing the hardest task first because everything else is easier after that.

This point is made in the books “The One Thing” and “Eat That Frog”. 

By just having ONE THING to do each day means you immediately focus on just getting the most important thing done. 


Ask yourself “what is the one thing I can do today that will help me the most?”


Little by little you begin to realise that systems become habits and it’s very easy to do habits. Did you find it hard work to brush your teeth this morning?

The beauty of this is that it AGAIN builds momentum

#5 Think BIG

Enter Mr 10X himself… 



I remember seeing Grant Cardone on YouTube for the first time thinking, “Who does this ass-hole think he is?”

The thing is… he’s right. 

He’s talking sense. Just like Gary V does and just like David J Schwartz does in “The Magic of Thinking Big”.


Here’s a fact for you:

If your biggest vision is to get a “decent job” you will NEVER live your dream lifestyle


If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right. 

Henry Ford


To avoid stepping on my rant’s toes. You are in control of your life. 

Own it. 

Shape it however you want…

But if you can’t even think BIG, you will never get to where you want to be. 

To read more about how to shape your life click here.

#6 You Can be Successful AND be a Good Person- In fact, it’s a MUST. 

This is something that my good friend Mr Stephen Covey taught me. 

You’re probably wondering how Stephen Covey was my good friend? 

He wasn’t! But this is the BEAUTY of READING…

You can learn from the best of the best without ever leaving your home and even if they are dead! 


Always look for a “win-win”. 


Just think about it. If you are doing something purely to put money in your pocket you will never do well. If you sell someone a dog poo in a bag for $100 you are not going to win in life. 


Be a person known for adding VALUE… Not a person know for being successful


Proven FACT:

The more you help others, the more rewards will come to you.

#7 Don’t Hate the Way Things Are- Use it to Your Advantage

The more you learn the more you will realise there are things in the world that are more UNFAIR than a political election between a man and a woman. 

You have a choice here. Either you:

  1. Spend time wallowing about how many people are starving when the earth is capable of feeding the current population 3 times over. 
  2. Use the information you learn to your ADVANTAGE. 


Get this fact DRILLED into your pretty little head:

Life is not fair


It’s not a negative statement, it’s a necessary FACT that you must understand. “The Chimp Paradox” explains how this is important to understand in much more detail (hint- it can help to not let your chimp out). 


For example, the financial system is currently designed to make the rich RICHER and the poor/ middle class POORER. 

The thing is when you learn about inflation, money printing and how the banking system works you can actually use this information to HELP yourself and others. 


Rather than being a consumer, you can become a producer.  

Now let me ask you this, which option would you choose?

  1. SAVE money in the bank where your spending power decreases due to inflation
  2. Get into more DEBT and buy rental properties which other people pay for. Plus the amount you owe the bank erodes over time due to inflation. 

Learn and use the knowledge for good. 

#8 Happiness Leads to Success- Not the Other Way Around

This was a BIG lesson for me that I learnt the hard way (and still need to remind myself about!) 

“The Happiness Advantage” has scientifically proven that happiness increases life expectancy, relationships, creativity and your business success. 

So rather than search for SUCCESS, it makes sense to search for HAPPINESS. 

Here are the top ways I’ve learnt that can impact happiness levels (therefore success levels!):

  • A FLEXIBLE schedule– Find ways to make a passive income or an income without trading time for money.
  • Have something to look forward to- PLAN a trip or adventure 
  • Spend money on EXPERIENCES, not on stuff
  • EXERCISE regularly– it doesn’t have to be vigorous or too long (a 20-minute brisk walk will help!)
  • SLEEP- good night routines (avoid or at least reduce screen time before bed) and getting 7-8 hours
  • Feel GRATEFUL for what you have- Write 3 things every morning
  • Do RANDOM acts of kindness– thank or compliment someone every day
  • Watch a short FUNNY video before doing some work


Here’s another short story:

One day, about three years ago, I was sitting on the sofa, sipping a cup of coffee. I vividly remember thinking… “once I am financially independent then I will be happy and really be able to make a difference

Next thing I know I’m bedridden for a few days because my back had spasmed. 

I wasn’t looking after myself properly. My exercise, eating habits and socialising with people wasn’t right. I was spending lots of time trying to work out different trading systems. 

I was SEEKING success.

It wasn’t until I starting doing more yoga, meditation and exercise that I realised I was more productive and it helped me to achieve more.

Success followed HAPPINESS

#9 Keep Learning

Face it, we are changing all the time. Our actions are being compounded all the time. 

“The Slight Edge” is one of the best books I’ve read. 

If you are not improving you are declining, it is impossible to stay the same. 


People say motivation doesn’t last long… well neither does bathing which is why we recommend it every day.


I wonder, even as you continue to read this post if you really want to win BIG or live the dream lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

If you do then keep learning… EVERY Day


Best Self Improvement Books of all Time

Picture yourself 5 years from now.

Maybe you’re travelling the world, or you’re financially independent so you can spend your time with loved ones. 

Whatever your dream lifestyle is, you will only get there with help from others. Why not get help from some of the world’s most successful people?

So here are the best self-improvement books of all time:

Rich Dad Poor Dad (review)

The Slight Edge

The Chimp Paradox

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Millionaire Fastlane (review)

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Four Hour Work Week

E-Myth Re-visited

The Happiness Advantage

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

The Miracle Morning

The One Thing

The Magic of Thinking Big

Losing My Virginity- Richard Branson

Open- Andre Agassi

Elon Musk


Click on the title to buy the book now or click “review” to read my review.

You can also find another list of great books at Project Palm Tree.

Best Self Improvement Books of all Time Summary

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you could get advice from the likes of Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Dale Carnegie and Tim Ferris?

After reading this article on the best self-improvement books of all time, you will have learned the importance of creating GOOD HABITS.

Reading these books is a good habit in itself. Can you imagine adding this habit into your life? You will create momentum to add more good SYSTEMS into your life.

Keep changing for the better,


p.s. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here.

p.p.s. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here

9 Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

There are affiliate links in this article on lucrative affiliate marketing tips for beginners, which means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read the full disclaimer here.

WA Affiliate Marketing 4 step Process

You probably already know there are hundreds of posts with a title just like this one. 

“9 Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners” is just another one of those pages where some guy reckons he’s better than us at doing what we are all trying to do… make money online.

Well this is going to be different… 

Here’s how:

I’m not going to pretend I know it all. 

In fact, I would imagine a lot of people reading this will know more about the topic than I do.

The further and further you read into this website the more you will realise I only offer “ready to use” tips that I have learnt from my own experience. 

So shall we?… 

#1 Be More Honest Than a Dude on Truth Serem

Call a sale a sale!

Tell your beautiful readers that you will get a commission if they buy from your link. Obviously, explain that it doesn’t affect the price of what they are buying but be HONEST that it will benefit you.

The same goes if you’ve tried or not tried the product. Explain your reasons why you are writing about it or promoting it.

In my “starry-eyed” former non-Internet-marketing days I used to believe the best way to sell was to slip a sale in without the customer noticing. 

Drift back to a time when you ended up spending more money than you planned. You know like when the checkout guy at McDonald’s offers you the large portion without telling you it’s extra money…

affiliate marketing tips for beginners

In actual fact, this is maybe the worst way to do it!


People are NOT stupid!


After you hand over your money in McDonald’s you realise… “eurgh I fell for it again!”

And do you notice how the distrust makes you feel?

However, can you recall a time when a friend found an awesome deal and told you about it? Or a great film they saw at the cinema? They didn’t sell anything to you they genuinely tried to help. Because when people trust you it’s not selling, it’s just like letting a friend know about an awesome deal.


Are you beginning to see how HONESTY sells? 

Affiliate marketing should be a long game about helping people… not trying to make a quick buck.

#2 Create VALUE… for FREE

Do people really want freebies?

…Is a frogs ass watertight?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could solve YOUR problems?  


If you create value that someone really wants then people will TRUST you.

How can you create freebies?

  1. Blog post
  2. Youtube video
  3. Podcast
  4. Infographics 

If you really solve someone’s problems you can create a freebie in exchange for their email address such as:

  • Cheatsheet
  • e-book
  • Email course (a great way to start for newbies)
  • Something packaged in a different way i.e. blog post come video/ audio
  • A “giveaway”

Focus on adding REAL value to people for FREE as much as you possibly can. That way your readers will keep coming back and… you guessed it… TRUST you!

#3 START with a Free Autoresponder

Have you heard that ConvertKit is the best autoresponder? Yeah, so have I from everyone that uses ConvertKit… guess what people who use Aweber recommend? BINGO… Aweber!

I have tried and tested the following autoresponders (there are loads more):

  • Mailchimp
  • Getresponse
  • MailerLite
  • ConvertKit
  • Aweber

Do you know how many email subscribers I had when I tried these out?… 3 (one was me, and one was Sarah, my wife)


The truth is it doesn’t matter which one you START with… so DON’T throw your money away!!

Use a FREE one:

  • MailerLite
  • MailChimp

Both of these are completely FREE every month until you get over 1,000 email addresses (MailChimp is now 2,000!) And then it’s easy to export your email addresses to another autoresponder if you outgrow this.

Guess what… 

It is hard to get 1,000 email addresses!!

I personally use ConvertKit (this is an affiliate link) as it offers so much more and is far easier to use than the free programs. But until you have a sizeable email list don’t convert (see what I did there!)



These “email marketing gurus” who tell you how easy it is to get email addresses using their FREE 2-page e-book… are lying!

As you absorb this information you’ll notice that adding REAL VALUE wins at affiliate marketing!… 100% of the time.

As you can imagine, getting the first 1,000 is the hardest part and it gets easier after that. 

#4 Find Out What People Say About Your Product in Minutes

What if you have found a product you can be an affiliate for, but you’re still not sure if people will like it?

Use mention to literally see what others are saying about it!

Mention is a social media monitoring website that you can use for FREE.

This is what people are saying about Wealthy Affiliate…

Learn the positive honest lifestyle of earning for life.

And this is what people are saying about Banners Broker…

Selling unregistered securities at best, and outright fraud at worst.

A quick 2-minute search on “mention” shows me which product I would be happy being an affiliate of and what product I would steer clear of!

#5 Make Sure Your Links WORK

Do you remember a time at school when you got all excited about a school trip, only to find out it’s been cancelled?

That is the feeling you will give your readers if your link doesn’t work.

Don’t worry though! I have found another SIMPLE way to make sure your links are as good as gold…

Use the check my links extension on Chrome to find any broken links on your website (yes it’s free).

Find out how this works in more detail here.

Are you beginning to notice how these affiliate marketing tips for beginners could help you?

#6 Get More Traffic with a Keyword Research Tool

“Eh hum… what the frick is a Keyword?”

Oh, I’m so glad you asked!

A Keyword is a particular word or a phrase that helps search engines match a particular search to a website…

Complex stuff right?

No, not really! It basically means your title, subtitles and tags on that page form your keyword(s)… Simples!

Of course, you’ve heard that “you shouldn’t even think about SEO until you’ve blogged for 6 months!”

This is baloney!

You may have heard the jargon “sandboxing” before. It simply means Google won’t promote your website until it’s about 6 months old.

Yes, Google only ranks your website higher after 6 months of existence because thousands of websites are being created (and abandoned) every day. They are trying to separate the wheat from the chaff you see!


However, if you can spend time finding less competitive keywords now, you can potentially get loadsa traffic in the future.

And guess what?…

Keyword research tools are a massive TIME SAVER

Hold on a minute… what is SEO?

Sorry, my bad! This means Search Engine Optimisation… basically, it means making your website easier to find on search engines. 

Here’s WHY this is important:

Read “How to Find Keywords for your Website” to learn some of the best tips and tricks for getting your content ranked.

You can do keyword research manually on Google but I use the Jaaxy Keyword Research for free with my membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

#7 Improve Your Rankings for FREE with Moz

Moz shows the domain authority of a website.

What’s the domain authority (DA)?

It’s a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on a search engine’s results page.

Simply put… 

Imagine someone types in “how to make money online” into Google. 

A website with a DA of 97 will be more likely to be on page 1 of the search results than a website with a DA of 13.

So if you type in your Keyword into Google check what the general score is of the competing websites. If this is similar to your websites DA then you should be good to compete for page 1… If you’re way off, I would recommend finding another Keyword to use.

This is a search for make money online…

This is a search for make money online with affiliate marketing…

As you can see the websites DA that you are competing with are much lower when your keyword is more specific. 

Notice that there is a website with a DA of 21 in the first screenshot. If you make a GREAT post with specific keywords that people are searching for then it is possible to get your website on page 1 of Google with a lower DA.

#8 Choose Amazing Products to Sell

This is the last but not least for affiliate marketing tips for beginners…

Picture yourself five years from now… You are the best copywriter (person who writes to sell) in the world. You have an amazing website and your audience really trusts you.

Now imagine you try to sell them a dog poo in a paper bag… 

The point is… don’t sell s#*!

If you are promoting something, I do believe you should try it out, or at least trust someone that has.

Make sure you are completely happy with the product and you are clear on what value it adds.

However, if you’re writing a review about something that you would not recommend, by all means, be HONEST and state why you’re writing that review!

#9 Pitfalls to Avoid when Starting Affiliate Marketing

When does affiliate marketing fail?

  • Bombarding your followers with requests to try the product 
  • Promote products in irrelevant groups and forums
  • Emailing and messaging your audience multiple times a day 
  • Missing opportunities e.g. holiday seasons to promote Christmas cards
  • Not researching the right target audience for the product or service
  • Failing to provide all the information needed to buy the product
  • Not enough social presence
  • Give up too soon

Don’t believe me? Give any of these a try and see how well they go down.

Use these affiliate marketing tips to make money online. Find another passive income stream and make money from home to give you more time to do what you want. Learn these affiliate marketing for bloggers tips to create great content marketing and help your readers. #affiliatemarketing #makemoneyfromhome #passiveincome #bloggingtips #howtomakemoneyfromablog
Pin me!

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners Summary

Affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme. 

It is a business.

You probably already know that there are ways you can fast track your progress in any business.

As this article ends, you have learned that using a training program is a must if you want to save time and learn from people who have a proven track record. 

Each and every day that you go without using a training program is going to be time wasted in getting your online business running properly. 


Just remember, the key to success is to provide value. 

Chuck a comment below about what your favourite tip is or if you have your tips please share them too! Or you can message me directly here.

Keep changing for the better,


P.S. Click here to learn about how real people have used affiliate marketing to earn over $2,000 a month from home.

How we Save £30,000 a Year and Travel as Teachers

There may be affiliate links in this article on how to save money and travel, read the full disclaimer here.

Imagine what it would be like if you could save £30,000 a year and travel…


how to save money and travel


You probably know that £30,000 a year may seem like a ridiculous amount to some people, and like peanuts to others. But for teachers in the UK this is literally impossible… literally.

So how do we do it? 

As you read this web page you’ll see it’s beacuse of two things:

  1. We are international teachers
  2. We set ourselves possibly the most boring & cringy sounding word in the world… a budget

So grab a cuppa and read on to find out how to save money and travel.

What is Monthly Budgeting?

Planning what you are going to spend money on for the next month.

Some people hear the word budget and associate a stingy prick that is tighter than Tom Cruise’s T-shirt on Dwayne Johnson.

Now, let me ask you this, “Do you like to eat out? Or do you like to drink Chateaux Neuf De Pape? Or do you like to travel?”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to do more of the things that you love?… Well, that’s what a budget can allow you to do…


“The first step is acceptance.”


But it Sounds Sooooooo Boring

I’m not gunna lie, it ain’t all rainbow and butterflies!

But it can actually be quite enjoyable or at worst relatively painless. Here’s why:

You get to plan fun things that you want to do!

Scientific FACT:

Planning fun things helps to improve happiness levels… Not only do you get a “buzz” when you plan it, you also get a buzz when you do it. 

2 for the price of 1 amigo!

As you absorb this information, you’ll discover how to save money and travel.

Who Should Use a Monthly Household Budget?


The right question should be… “Do you want to live your entire life working paycheck to paycheck?”

If you answered yes to that, then by all means never set a budget and wave your hard earned cash goodbye. You will quickly find there’s not enough month at the end of the money.


Here is a short list of people that should set a budget:

  • Anyone that wants to retire before 82 years old
  • Someone receiving benefits each month
  • A city banker earning 7 figures a year
  • Football players that have earnt more £’s than seconds that have walked the planet. 

I think you get the point… 

 Use this template to find out how to save money and travel.


How to Save Money and Travel- Organise the Budget

Here is the very advanced process we use to set a budget:

  1. Think about what we are going to do next month
  2. Write down how much this will cost (roughly)


It is obviously going to be personal preference on what your outgoings will be. But most people will have these main categories:

  • Accomodation
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Transport/ Travel
  • Other


It doesn’t have to be hard!

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid


Top Tips:

  • If you want to save a certain amount of money put this aside FIRST!! 
  • Work out how much money you have to spend and decide what your main priorities are (it’s important to understand your own values and life vision… click here to find out more about this)
  • Ask yourself “How can I afford this?” instead of saying “I can’t afford that”. Your mind will find ways to change spending habits if you actually want something instead of switching your brain off.
  • Start thinking about how you will use the money you save. This will give you a reason WHY and if you’ve ever spoken to a 3-year-old you will know explaining “why” is important to human beings.


how to save money and travel
3 weeks in Bali – One of the 17 countries we have travelled to since 2016

Personal Financial Statement Template

Are you beginning to see how to save money and travel?

Setting a budget can really help right?

As you are about to find out…budget setting is NOTHING compared to working out you personal financial statement.

Drift back to a time when you didn’t have to worry about finances… If you are like 99% of the world you were thinking about your childhood (or maybe babyhood!) 

Doing this step can help you experience these feelings again.

I’m not going to pretend like completing this is super easy but I GUARANTEE, if you do this you will learn everything that you need to know about your current financial situation. 


You can’t really know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.


You probably know that successful people are not just born successful. They do things that “normal people” aren’t prepared to do. 

If there is only one thing you do today then let it be this…

Get this template and fill it in! Like right now… if you wait until tomorrow it will never come



Start With a Simple Monthly Budget Worksheet

The further on you read the more you’ll begin to understand how much you can learn about yourself from doing this task properly. 

The idea came to me from reading Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2014 (Yes, I was 25 years old before I even thought about setting a budget).

Since completing this it has made me more aware of every financial decision I make.

Therefore, it’s crucial for how to save money and travel.

And it is incredible to see how much our financial statement has changed since then (the first statement is June 2014, the second is December 2018)

Look at your past month’s bank statements and work out where last months expenses went right now. You can thank me later…


If you aim for nothing you will hit it every time.

Zig Ziglar

Track Previous Months Expenses

“Why do you keep telling me to do boring things?!”

I’m not telling you to do it I’m just showing you what I do.

Like you read earlier… I like to keep the monthly budget as simple as possible.

This means I can do it when sitting at the pool on my phone or in a notebook. The more complicated it is the less likely I will do it!



Sarah and I sit down every 3 months to reflect on our goals and to set the next 3 months goals.

So this time is crucial to think about how to save money and travel.

I use this time to check our income and expenses over the past 3 months and compare this to our budgets. 

The first time I did this I was really slack and just guestimated figures. 

I eventually got around to checking bank statements and going into more detail.

It has been EYE POPPINGLY opening to say the least!

We were spending over £650 PER month on alcohol… That’s around £8,000 a year on feeling like s***!

Money well spent?… I don’t think so.

We were able to cut down on things that weren’t bringing us happiness (even though we thought they were), which meant we had more money to spend on doing things we love (i.e. travelling!)

What Does Our Statement Look Like?

Can you recall a time when someone has told you about budgeting?

If you are like me you probably just want to see an example.

So here is what our package is as international teachers in Qatar.

  • £3,000 a month (with stipend positions)
  • Accomodation is provided
  • We get our phone bill & laptop included
  • 1 Return flight home a year
  • Tax-free earnings (the biggie in the Middle East)

= £6,000 a month income roughly

Expenses (on average)

  • House expenses (bills, furniture, repairs, cleaning etc.)- £500
  • Transport- £500
  • Travel- £800
  • Food/ drink/ health- £1,000
  • Entertainment- £200

=£3,000 a month expenses

Travel and our health is important to us. It means we often have months where we spend less money to allow for trips to places that we want to go during the breaks. 


How can I afford this? Helps your brain find a solution


Make Time Online Summary

Budgets are NOT sexy.

But they do NOT have to be boring. 

Now, I would like to help you experience what it’s like to get your finances in check. 

Have you noticed yet that budgeting not only does this but is also a way to plan exciting things in the upcoming month?

Making a budget each month is more important than ketchup is to a bacon butty.

When you try this free financial statement you will discover why we continue to use it, years after we started. 


If you fail to plan… you are planning to fail.


Keep changing for the better,


Note- we do not just have our money sitting in a bank account. We set up a plan for what we wanted to use the money for and our goals have helped to hold us accountable. Without this plan, we probably would have spent this money on “stuff” because that is human nature! That’s the key for how to save money and travel

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how to save money and travel

Hypnotic Writing Review – How to Seduce and Persuade

There may be affiliate links in this hypnotic writing review, read the full disclaimer here.


Have you ever wanted to travel the world and get paid to do this? This book will provide you with the tools you need to become a full-time digital nomad. 


Hypnotic Writing Review- 
How to Seduce and Persuade 

You don’t realise it yet, but in the next 2 minutes, you’re going to feel very sleepy… very sleepy… very sleepy…

If you’re still awake then read on to see what you can learn from this Hypnotic Writing Review.

Find out if you can SEDUCE and PERSUADE plus grab your FREE copy of Joe’s secret weapon.

If you are still awake then I want a refund for this book as it clearly doesn’t work!… or does it?

Hypnotic Writing – The Overview and Rankings

  • Name: Hypnotic Writing- How to Seduce and Persuade
  • Author: Joe Vitale – 75 out of 100
  • Originality: 95 out of 100
  • Practical methods: 89 out of 100
  • Enjoyability: 81 out of 100
  • Price: Kindle $11.81, Paperback $18.49
  • Rating: 85 out of 100


Pros and Cons


  • Amazing examples of “hypnotic writing” at its best (headings, letters, openings etc.)
  • Gets you thinking early on. Some practical tasks to do (have a pen and paper at the ready!)
  • Gives examples of “hypnotic words” and “pleasure inducing” words or key phrases.
  • Jaw-dropping tips on how to write to sell.
  • He uses hypnotic writing throughout the book so you are constantly reading examples.


  • It’s easy to read but some of the tasks make it less enjoyable (I guess you can easily skip these… but books/ courses are rarely as effective if you do that!)
  • Some examples are REALLLY long.
  • Not always a clear answer


Who is Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale for?

Just imagine being able to get 100% response from the copy that you write.

Well apparently that can happen…

Bruce Barton (whoever this geezer is) wrote a letter in 1925 that pulled 100% response– everyone answered and sent in money.

If you are like me you are probably thinking, “how the heck did they track the response in 1925?” There were no internet and tracking devices… well don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger.

As you absorb the information in Joe’s book you will find the answer to how Bruce pulled it off.

Anyhoo here’s a list of people that would benefit from this book:

  • Online marketers (email, affiliate, own products to sell etc.)
  • Anybody who wants to make money online
  • Anyone that wants to become an entreprenuer
  • Anyone wanting to sell something
  • Journailists
  • Anyone wanting to write a book
  • Authors
  • Anybody that wants to learn more about how human beings think

What is Hypnotic Writing? 

Hypnotic writing is intentionally using words to guide people into a focused state where they are inclined to buy your product or service.

Many studies have already proven that there is an actual science or perhaps an art to writing hypnotically.

Joe proves there are key-words and phrases that you can use that will help you weave words to make your readers buy and trust you. Now, I can almost hear your mind saying, “Will I ever be able to write like this?”


Wouldn’t it be amazing if I were to show you some forms of hypnotic writing?

You probably know that I’ve been using hypnotic writing in this review.

As you read the rest of this article you will start to become more aware of it and realise how ANYONE can write hypnotically.



The Hypnotic Writing Secrets

1. Get out of your ego and into the reader’s ego

This is possibly the most important point in the whole book.

Simply put:

Every time you state a fact, describe how that fact will help the other person. 

e.g. “Find out Joe Vitale’s best tips for copywriting.”

Compare this with:

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and get paid to do this? This book will provide you with the tools you need to become a full-time digital nomad.


2. Create Excitement and Curiosity

Imagine what if would be like if you could get your readers to react by forming mental images in their mind.

There are 3 different ways to place mental images into your reader’s mind:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinetic

The powerful phrases that are provided in the “hypnotic cheatsheet” create excitement and curiosity in your readers. Check it out…


3. Pain or Pleasure? Meet the Reader Where They are

There are 2 ways to cause action.

  1. Pain
  2. Pleasure

This was a part of the book that I thought Joe Vitale didn’t really commit to. He started by saying how it has been proven that highlighting people’s fears and pain causes them to buy more often.

Then I felt like he backtracked and said that it’s morally better to highlight the benefits of the product and try not to use their pain.

Here are the 4 steps that copywriting should use:

  1. Problem- Grab attention
  2. Promise- Gain interest or provide a solution
  3. Proof- Use testimonials or money back guarantee etc.
  4. Price- Use a call to action and show the reader the price

Personally, I think any serious copywriter will use pain or pleasure at different times. 

Big Joe does also admit this:

My idealistic brain would like to only focus on pleasure for idealist reasons, but I’m enough of a realisit to know sometimes people need to be reminded of their pain.

The best way to do it is meet the reader where they are. If they are in pain… mention it and then provide a solution.


4. Make every line active, personal and alive

The radio is BLARING in the background.

Your phone just BUZZED from a Whatsapp message.

The kids are SHOUTING in the room next door.

Life is FULL of distractions. So your writing must hold people’s attention. To do this it has to be active.

To make your writing alive you MUST rewrite your work.

Here is an example:

“The door was opened by Mike”

This is passive

“Mike opened the door”

Is better and more active… but it’s not hynotic

“Mike kicked open the door”

Is much more attention grabing. Kicked is an alive word! We can do one better though

“Mike kicked open the door”

Using bold/ italics/ CAPITALS on the odd word is a great tip to make your writing more ALIVE and attention grabbing.

There are so many active words and ways to make your writing personal. You can find these phrases all in the “hypnotic cheatsheet”


5. Start by agreeing with the reader on something

Every reader wants to know three things:

  • “Who cares”
  • “So what”
  • “What’s in it for me?”

Instead of just HITTING your reader with your point from the start, try agreeing with them on something. This helps your reader relate to you and feel a sense of trust. 

When you move the writing in the direction you want, they are more likely to believe you.



6. How much should I write?

The rule of thumb is:

The higher the cost the more copy is needed.

It’s important to only provide the information needed though, never add words for the sake of it!

Have you ever written something and then gone back to edit it, but found it very hard to cut down your word count? Of course you have! You’re human. We become attached to our words… “I put my blood sweat and tears into that!!”

NOTE- Being ruthless and cutting down your word count is crucial to keep your readers engaged. Remember, people are BUZY, they don’t want to waste time!

A great tip is to imagine someone would pay you $1,000 for every word you cut out. Do what it takes to remove your words that aren’t needed.

Here are 4 great tips to make your writing more readable:

  • Use bullets
  • Use quotes
  • Make the most of itsy-bitsy paragraphs
  • Use boxes


7. Repetition

Have you seen the film “Good Will Hunting”? If you haven’t what’s wrong with you?! Make that your next Netflix film… it’s a MUST watch!

There is a scene when the Robin Williams confronts the disturbed young man in his office with the phrase “It’s not your fault.”

He pauses, then again says, “It’s not your fault.”

One more time, “It’s not your fault”

And the hard-headed tough young Matt Damon breaks down in tears.

The point is that repetition of key words or messages is actually hypnotic. It emphasises the importance of them and can influence a person’s subconscious mind. 

Repetition is hypnotic

Repetition is hypnotic

Repetition is hypnotic


8. Use a Simile and Analogy book

Imagine what it would be like if you could turn your online business into a full-time gig.

Just picture making more money than Donald Trumps tax savings.

Having a simile and analogy book will help you to write in a way that is more entertaining than Robbie Williams. There is no doubt about it… people want to be entertained.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get this book for free right now?


Joe Vitale’s 5 step method to writing & 3 BIGGEST Secrets

Joe does these five steps when he writes… EVERY time:

  1. Intention– Direct your mind i.e. what do you want to write about?
  2. Research– Feed your mind i.e. test the product or read reviews or talk to people about it.
  3. Creation– Unleash your mind – don’t think just write.
  4. Rewrite– Sharpen your mind – the most important step to making writing hypnotic.
  5. Test– Training your mind – send it to different people and see what their response is.

But more importantly these are Joe’s 3 BIGGEST writing secrets:


1- He doesn’t do the writing!

Well, he does but that title is attention-grabbing huh!?

What he means is that he tries to clear his mind and let his subconscious write. He’s already researched and prepped so he practices letting his unconscious write (apparently it’s super powerful).

This is 100% something that ANYONE can learn. Most people just don’t practice writing.


2- He dialogues in his mind

Joe imagines that he is speaking to someone as he writes.

This way he can guess what their questions would be and provide answers in the writing.


3- Then he plugs in hypnotic writing

This is where Joe’s writing becomes amazing.

Only AFTER he has finished his writing draft will he go back through his writing with his “Swipe File”.

He finds places that he can rewrite a hypnotic statement. This file is his crutch and secret weapon.


Hypnotic Writing Review: The “MakeTimeOnline” Review Final Word

If you are interested in selling anything then hypnotic writing is a book that you will learn so much from.

The fact is there are many transferable lessons to selling face to face or just interacting with people outside of writing.

I know what you’re thinking! Surely I’ve learnt most of the best bits from reading this hypnotic writing review…

Well here are some other golden nuggets that you will get from the book:

  • The best piece of hypnotic writing Joe has ever made
  • What is more important than hypnotic writing
  • How to use these techniques on your website
  • What people will ALWAYS read
  • The 5 secret laws of hypnotic persuasion

When you use the hypnotic cheatsheet you will discover how useful these little goodies are.

Keep changing for the better,


p.s. If you have any questions and I mean ANY questions about this hypnotic writing review, please leave them below. If you have read this book before or something similar please add your thoughts too.

p.p.s. If you are serious about making money online, I would advise you to check out my #1 recommended program here

How to Create Your Own Business Logo… Better Than Professional Designers!

There may be affiliate links in this article on how to create your own business logo, read the full disclaimer here.

Imagine what it would be like if you could create a beautifully designed logo better than professionals.

how to create your own business logo

If you have a website, a business or a brand you probably have already either thought about designing a logo or created one already.

By the time you finish reading this page, you will have learned the common pitfalls of logo making and how to get an awesome logo for your brand. 

Why Make a Logo?

To make your brand stand out like Shaquille O’Neil at a midget convention obviously!

The further on you read, the more you’ll begin to understand how a logo can make your business look professional and prove authority straight away.

You probably know who these logos belong to…

Are you beginning to see that a logo creates your own brand and helps people recognise it straight away?

Ways to Make a Logo

Now, let me ask you this, are you willing to spend money on your logo design?

Your answer to this question will help you decide which option is right for you…

1. Designed by a professional

This is a step that I would only recommend to a company that already is making a profit each month.


Because you will typically pay $100-$500 for this service. 

It’s not always worth doing this in the early stages of your website or business because it’s not cheap. Plus just look at how Apple has changed its logo over the years (the logo you choose now doesn’t have to be forever!)

If you’re thinking “Where will I find these “professionals” though?” then I would recommend asking on a private Facebook group such as “Virtual Assistant Savvies Group” because recommendations are important here.

Then do a background check of the designer. Find previous projects and speak to previous clients. 

2. Purchase a Pre-Made Logo

If you don’t have any desire to waste your own time or if you have the artistic skills of a Kindergartener, then this is what I would recommend for you!

This is different to step one because other people will use a “template” logo for you, which may well get used again by another company.

Basically, they are not designing a logo exclusively for you.

If you are thinking, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just pay someone a few dollars to get a logo designed for you” then there are numerous websites that you can get this kind of service starting from $5:

We used Fiverr for a logo for our property company last year. The process is very painless and simple:

Here is what we were sent from the graphic designer:

We went back to him and decided we wanted a maroon/ dark red in our logo and he produced this…


3. Design the Logo by Yourself

If you’re relatively new in your business journey and you like to be a bit creative, this is the step I’d recommend for you!

It’s basically what step 2 is apart from you’re not paying someone else to do it. You probably know that some virtual assistants will use much better software and be more skilled, but it’s effectively the same thing.

You can use a number of different FREE websites to get this done. Plus it’s a bit of fun ain’t it!

I’m only going to list 2 because they are great and I don’t see the point in even being aware of any more:

  • Canva– Free and loads of options
  • Snappa– Limited free account (enough for a logo though!) but it has better background options and is more user-friendly than Canva

How to Create Your Own Business Logo- Design Tips

Since you’re still here I’m going to assume that you want to know how to create your own business logo.

So here are some top tips:

  • KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid– Just have a picture and text
  • No Gradients– Such as going from black to white and fading
  • No Shadows
  • Use a Primary and Secondary Colour– not loads of colours
  • Brand Name in Logo
  • Horizontal, not Vertical- Looks better
  • Reversible– can go on a dark/ white background

Have you noticed that these tips will make the logo “sharp” and “clean”?

This is really important if you ever want to get your logo printed i.e. T-shirts, banners, on a sign, cards etc.

You’ve got to wonder whether it’s possible to print if your logo has gradients and shadows and lots of colours.

Many studies have already proven that different colours produce a certain psychological response from people. Here are some of the basic examples:

  • Red- Loud, playful, warmth, energy, love
  • White- Clean, hygiene, pure, youth
  • Blue- Wisdom, calm, trust, loyal, spiritual, respectable, sophisticated
  • Green- Calm, nature, health, wealth, tranquillity, harmony
  • Yellow- Happiness, energy, friendly,
  • Orange- Energy, change, warmth, playful
  • Purple- Spiritual, luxury, truthful, high quality
  • Brown- Nature, reliable, serious
  • Black- Power, strength, intelligence, glamour
  • Grey- Practical, efficient, timeless
  • Pink- Physical, warmth, romance, feminity, love

You be the judge of how accurate this is!

#1 Tip

If you’re like me it will really annoy you that you can’t put your logo over certain documents because the background is white rather than transparent.

What if you could get a transparent background for FREE?!!

Websites such as Canva use the transparent background feature as a big selling point for upgrading to the paid version.

But you can use websites such as onlinepngtools to make your logo have a transparent background for free.

Check out my little clock icon in the browser tab… You’re welcome!

Common Pitfalls

Using these tips will help you to avoid:

1. Making logo’s too “busy”

Simplicity rules here. If you don’t believe me check out the “famous logos” up this page.

2. Too many colours

The colour of your brand should have a theme and you only really want 2 colours in your logo otherwise it makes it look “busy” again.

3. Hard to read

There are some very fancy font’s out there. You can also come up with some very clever ways to make your logo fit together.

The issue with these fonts and creative designs is that it becomes a challenge to read the logo or to know what the brand actually does.

4. Paying for an expensive logo on day 1.

I know what you’re thinking… Surely it’s better to have a great logo straight away then I never need to think about it again.

Yes, I agree.

However, if you are making a website or online business it’s a great idea to actually get it started and see whether you are going to stick with it.

Your logo will not drive traffic to your website or provide value to your audience, which leads onto…

The Secret – How to Create Your Own Business Logo That is Recognised Like Apple

Ok, I’ve saved the best tip until the end…

Come a bit closer so you can hear me because I’m only going to whisper…

The secret is…

Content is King

You know what I mean, don’t you? We don’t recognise Apple’s logo because it is an amazing logo. To be honest it’s a pretty average logo.

We recognise it because their products are simple, user-friendly and they have created things that their users want.

It is the same for any business whether it’s online or a brick and mortar oneIf you can solve people’s problems, entertain them and just give killer value your logo will be recognised by people.


How to Create Your Own Business Logo Summary

Have you noticed yet that there are different ways to design a logo like a boss?

You can pay someone else to design one for you or you can easily do one yourself.

The best part about doing it yourself is that logos are often better when they are simple (and of course it’s FREE!)

Now imagine you want to print and produce the logo on different backgrounds.

Make sure the logo to be clean and sharp!

As you come to the end of this page you will have learned that it is important to make a logo that is not too fancy or busy.

And as always do not forget the golden rule to making sure your logo is recognised…

Add value to others.

Keep changing for the better,


p.s. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.

p.p.s. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here