April 20, 2021

Affiliate Lab Review: Can Matt Diggity’s Marketing Course Help You Make Millions?

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The world of affiliate marketing is a place full of competition among affiliate marketers. It’s not easy to survive in that place especially if you are not fully equipped with the necessary tools, methods and techniques.

But if you want to give it a go and if you are very passionate to pursue a career in affiliate marketing, you might want to give this online course a try. It’s called Affiliate Lab.

But you've asked yourself...

Is Affiliate Lab a scam? No, it isn't. It might be expensive but it offers you real value learning on affiliate marketing. It also helps you earn money.

And it’s goal? To help you learn the proven and tested tactics that you can use in affiliate marketing.

If you are wondering if it’s a legit way to make money online and is worth the shot, read this review to know more about Affiliate Lab.

The background, pros, cons, and business opportunity, are all discussed here in deep detail.

This Affiliate Lab review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Affiliate Lab Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Affiliate Lab

Founder: Matt Diggity

Type: Affiliate marketing course

Price: $997

Best for: Aspiring online entrepreneurs

Affiliate Lab Review: Logo

Affiliate Lab Pros

  • Comprehensive online course
  • Easy-to-contact creator

  • Active community in Facebook
  • Usable for life

Affiliate Lab Cons

  • Expensive
  • No free trial
  • No refund

Summary: Affiliate Labs is an online course which teaches you the basic and advanced knowledge on earning money online through videos and modules.

Make Time Online Rating: 80 out of 100 

Recommended: Yes

What is Affiliate Lab about?

The first thing you’ll see when opening the website of Affiliate Lab is this:

“Get A Proven, Test-backed Blueprint for Ranking, Monetizing, and Flipping High-Competition Affiliate Websites.”

Is it another program full of promises and it’ll eventually break?

Nope, that’s not what Affiliate Lab is.

Just to give you an assurance that you’re not reading a review that will spoil your day, I’ll lay it down here:

Affiliate Lab is definitely not one of the scams you have encountered during your internet ventures.

So what is it?

Affiliate Lab Review: Intro

Affiliate Lab is an online course that will teach you how to rank, earn and, in due course, flip websites (in layman’s term, it’s either you buy a website or you sell your own website).

As what its creator, Matt Diggity, claims:

"It has everything you need to make yourself a site that earns you freedom and income every month.”

In this training course, you will be offered videos that will help you go through the basic ways that can help you earn from your affiliate site such as niche selection and keyword search.

Affiliate Lab offers its training videos and modules to all beginners and experts alike.

Check out this 15-minute video that shows what Affiliate Lab is all about...

And who's the man behind all this?...

Who is Matt Digitty?

One of the first things people usually do when verifying an opportunity is to check the person behind it, if that person is legit or smells too fishy.

You don’t have to worry though with Affiliate Lab because its founder and creator is someone you can easily find online and can even contact personally.

His name is Matt Diggity and he is an SEO specialist.

Matt used to work at a Silicon Valley start-up company where he learned a lot of things such as testing software, working efficiently (he used to work for 40-60 hours a week), and ensuring customer service...

Affiliate Lab Review: Creator

These skills he has acquired eventually helped him with his journey as someone who fell in love with search engine optimization.

Matt is not just any other affiliate marketer...

His job before starting his career in affiliate marketing was an electrical engineer.

This helped him a lot as his ways of testing and applying SEO techniques in his own websites were moulded from his working ways as an engineer.

As what he said:

"I resolved to get back to my roots and approach it like an engineer. Engineers conduct tests and only employ strategies that are the results of successful experimentation.”

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How does Affiliate Lab Work?

As a system that teaches you how to rank higher in affiliate niches, Affiliate Lab offers you everything that you need to achieve this.

This bundled online course works simply and easily to accommodate those who are new to this method of monetizing websites.

When you purchase it, you’ll be given access to over 160 training videos that will teach you how to select your niche, templates, the keyword in your domain name that will help you rank higher, and all the things you need to know in order to survive in high competition niches.

You just have to follow whatever steps Matt tells you to do...

If you are not sure if you are doing the right thing, you can contact Matt himself or ask other SEOs, both beginners and advanced, through the Facebook group page created solely for the use of Affiliate Lab members.

Inside Affiliate Lab

For a closer look of this online course program, let us take a look at the key takeaways you’ll be benefitting from.

Introduction. This part, basically, is your typical “welcome to this course” greeting. Also, here, you’ll be introduced to Matt’s general methodology of doing SEO. There is also a “high level” explanation on affiliate marketing.

Niche Selection. In this module, you’ll be learning entirely on how to select the perfect niche for you. It will tell you the importance of niche selection, how you can choose the appropriate niche (of course the one that can really earn you a profit), the difference between niche sites and authority sites, and how to avoid bad niches.

Onsite SEO

In this module, you’ll be given an all-in-one guide to onsite SEO in which you’ll be able to learn how to choose a domain and host, what keyword research is, how to choose the right site structure and how to write content that can definitely raise you to a decent rank in the world of high-competition niches.

Offsite SEO

Just a short overview, offsite SEO is composed of the actions you take outside of your website. Basically, it involves the process of link-building. In this part of the course, Matt will give you his link building blueprint with instructional videos.

BONUS #1: The Beginner's Lab

With this bonus, you can have access on how to set up your own website (a step by step procedure), your own WordPress account, where you can get your domain name and select the host for your website.

BONUS #2: Exclusive Facebook Group.

Through this, you can have all of your SEO questions answered by the members of Affiliate Lab especially by the best affiliate marketers in the world.

In this way, you can learn more ways on how to make your career as an SEO a success.

Affiliate Lab Review: Inside

BONUS #3: Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass

With this, you can multiply your income overnight through the little changes you can make in order to make an impact on your affiliate sales.

BONUS #4: Featured Snippets Masterclass

In this masterclass, you will know the steps on how to take away featured snippets from your competitors and the reasons why you can’t get your own featured snippet.

BONUS #5: Authority Blueprint

As what the description in the Affiliate Lab website says, this bonus gives you a ‘definitive blueprint’ on how you can dominate Google through transforming your niche site into an authority site.

BONUS #6: Website Flipping Masterclass

This masterclass gives you the insider keys on how you can sell your site for a maximum profit of 32x-40x. These insider keys are revealed by Gregory Elfrink of Empire Flippers.

BONUS #7: Outreach Masterclass

With this, Matt will teach you a system that will build links for you. You can also get access to creative ways of doing and managing your outreach to get you a flood of links.

BONUS #8: The Kitchen Sink + Medic Buster + Penalty Recovery

In this bonus, you’ll be given the 3 blueprints that Matt uses to get sites unstuck, how to deal with the new requirements of an update and how to shield your site from algorithm penalties.

BONUS #9: Affiliate Email Marketing Masterclass

This bonus helps you create a ‘safety net for your affiliate site’. It’ll also help you get your emails ‘delivered, read, and acted on’.

But take note that there are many other courses that have the same content out there such as:

Here is another 5-minute video that takes you on a tour inside the inner workings of Affiliate Lab...

And how much are you going to spend?...

Affiliate Lab cost to join

All of the mentioned takeaways cost $15,279. Yes, not much but, here’s some absolute good news for you.

You can avail it for $997.

It is a one-time fee and with this, you’ll be given full access to the course including the bonuses and the membership for the Affiliate Lab Facebook Group.

You can also pay for an installment of two months with the price $597.

Affiliate Lab monthly cost

There are no upsells.

That’s one guaranteed thing there is to Affiliate Lab.

Affiliate Lab Review: Cost

You just have to pay the required fee and all of the updates, which are always announced and given by Matt himself, are free. These updates can actually be sold separately but Matt chose to give them for free.

This course is definitely a lifetime investment for only $997.

But hold on... you have to pay for these additional tools as well:

  • Keyword research tool: $99 a month for Ahrefs
  • Hosting and domain : About $10 a month for each site
  • Outsourcing: Hiring content writers or for backlinks (as much as you want)

This is to fully utilize the things that the course teaches...

Affiliate Lab reviews online

Affiliate Lab is an online course by Matt Digitty that teaches you all about affiliate marketing and how to make money online.

I've searched various YouTube videos, along with some review sites like BBB and SiteJabber and I've found numerous positive reviews about them.

Here are some of them...

Common positive Affiliate Lab reviews

  • Courses are full of value
  • You really learn something on how to earn online
  • Worth the price

The training in this course doesn’t leave any questions unanswered and you’re going to be fully prepared to be able to launch a successful site.”

– Drew Mann

 “I recommend you get access to The Affiliate Lab today. Matt Diggity practices what he preaches and has made an excellent training course on creating profitable affiliate websites.”

– John of Freedom Bound Business

“I can see why so many people think it’s the best affiliate marketing course out there. The amount of information you get is insane, and the small tricks you learn can make even the most seasoned affiliate marketer smile.”

- Jeremy Harrison

Common negative Affiliate Lab reviews

As for the negative reviews, there have been, in so far, none found online.

But this does not mean that this online course program is a 100% fit for all affiliate marketers and SEOs.

For a fair review, I will make up for the unavailability of negative feedback through the discussion of its cons in the latter part of this review.

Is Affiliate Lab a scam?

As far as this review is concerned, nope, it’s not a scam. Definitely and absolutely...

Matt’s methods of teaching you how to rank, earn, and flip your website are legit and proven and tested.

Many have vouched that those methods taught all throughout the course helped them generate thousands of bucks as an income.

And if it’s gonna work for you too, you might be wondering, well yeah but only if you follow Matt’s steps...

This course program is kinda expensive and you might be hesitant to purchase it but what you get out of it is a tens-of-times-multiplied version of what you have invested.

Tired of expensive crappy Affiliate Marketing courses? Check out how I make money online here!

Affiliate Lab pros

#1 Comprehensive online course

One of the best things that this course offers is its comprehensive and helpful training videos and modules.

If you purchase it, expect that in every step of the way, Matt and Affiliate Lab will be there to guide you.

From the moment you start choosing your niche until the time when you are already ranking and earning money from your website, you will be walking through all the procedures, the ups and downs with Matt and Affiliate Lab along with all of its members.

You won’t have to worry about not having expertise on affiliate marketing because this course will give you everything you need to know.

Whether it’s about search engine optimization, how to boost your traffic, how to create your content, how to steal snippets, how to fix the issues you’ll be encountering, the secrets of SEO, the things you need to avoid (like Amazon) — all of these are found in the bundled course of Affiliate Lab...

#2 Easy-to-contact creator

Among the affiliate marketers I have encountered, especially the legit ones, Matt Diggity is the easiest one to contact and talk to, so far.

And here are some renowned companies that vouch for them...

Affiliate Lab Review: Pros

It’s not just because he responds to those who messages or emails him but because he made his contact information available.

That’s on transparency...

Matt has a Facebook and a Twitter account. Both are very much active and you don’t have to worry about paying a creator whose identity has never been disclosed.

In Affiliate Lab, you’ll be facing a creator who’s all over the internet (of course, for good reasons)...

#3 Positive reviews

Almost all, if not all reviews about Affiliate Labs is positive.

Affiliate Lab Review: Pros 2

This is a good sign that the course is actually really worth it even if it's expensive.

#4 You can earn

And yes, you can earn.

Just take a look at this screenshot of one of the subscribers of Affiliate Lab...

Affiliate Lab Review: Pros 3

You can see that his website's statistics significantly increased over a very short period of time.

Affiliate Lab cons

#1 Expensive

To pay $997 for this premium online course may be a bit too much for you.

Affiliate Lab Review: Cons

If you don’t have any extra money you can dispose of as an investment then you might really find its cost a little bit expensive (or maybe not a little bit but too expensive).

But just to relieve you of your doubts, Affiliate Lab is worth the shot and definitely worth your $997...

#2 No free trial

Yup, there is no free trial for this online course.

This means that you’ll only know if it’s the perfect fit for you upon purchasing it and accessing it yourself...

Although there are many people who said that you won’t regret ever buying it, a part of you might still be a little bit doubtful especially that you would have to pay that much money without being able to test the waters first.

And there’s also the next disadvantage below.

#3 No refund

This program, once you pay for it, will be yours to use.

Whether you like its content or not, you will not be given a refund if you ask for one. That’s one of the things you need to be aware of.

So you really have to come up with a decision that you will not regret, especially because it involves that much amount of money.

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My opinion - Affiliate Lab

Affiliate Lab is the real deal.

And if you’re wondering if risking your $997 in exchange for modules and training videos is gonna benefit you with something much more valuable than that, then yes...

Here is what I think about its business opportunity...

With Affiliate Lab, you will get a much better deal out of your investment, so much better it will help pave your career as an SEO towards success.

That’s guaranteed and many individuals like you can attest to that...

So, if you’re thinking of earning real money, you should definitely try Affiliate Lab...

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Once I learnt about it, it just seemed like a great business model that can grow over time using the power of the internet. 

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