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7 Awesome Benefits of Starting a Podcast Today

MTO18- podcast show notes about the benefits of starting a podcast.


You probably know that the amount of people listening to podcasts is increasing rapidly. Check out the stats here!

However, it can seem like a daunting task to set up your own podcast and it’s still not really clear why people create a podcast in the first place. 

As you listen to this episode you will find out what the benefits of starting a podcast are and how you can get started today.

What are 7 Big Benefits of Starting a Podcast?

There are far more benefits than the ones discussed in this podcast. 

However, these are 7 of the benefits that you may not have even thought about.

#1 Save Time

This is a big one for Make Time Online!


Rather than repeating yourself over and over again to people about a certain topic you can simply refer them to a podcast.

For example, if you get asked a question about why you should invest in index funds, and you have already created a podcast on it, then guess what?

That’s right you don’t have to send an epic essay of an answer back to this person you just link your podcast episode. They are happy because they have received high-quality information, and you didn’t have to spend ages typing up the answer or explaining it again.


If you’d like to see some of the best time saving resources for bloggers and podcasters then check out “Save Hours of Time & Money with these Resources“.

#2 Build a Network

Of course, you’ve heard that…

Well starting a podcast is an incredible way to connect with people that you otherwise wouldn’t even be able to pay to have a chat with. 

This is possibly the greatest benefit of starting a podcast!

#3 Build a Personal Brand

It’s hard to put a value on what a personal brand is worth. 

But once people know that you provide great value and can help them (this may be in giving them a laugh, or teaching them something etc.) then they will be much more likely to trust you when you come to suggesting a great product for them to use. 

#4 Learn More About a Topic

If you are interested in learning something then why not start a podcast and interview “experts” on the topic. 

You can get free coaching or advice from real people that have been there and done that.

Many people claim you need money to get involved in property. Check out my chat with Tej from Tej Talks as he proves that you can start learning and improving your skills from the comfort of your own home without spending expensive course prices!

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#5 Stop the Small Talk

If you’re like me, then you probably hate those social situations when you meet a load of new people. 

Getting asked “so what do you do?” is possibly the most repetitive question! Plus, it somehow defines who you are and puts labels on people straight away.

However, if someone has heard of your podcast and what you do, you can skip out the random conversations about the weather and jump straight into the things you likely both want to talk about!

#6 Create Opportunities You Hadn’t Thought of

You may have planned out exactly what you want to do with your life. If you have that’s awesome and I salute you!

But, the majority of people won’t have a life blueprint that they follow every day. 

Sometimes the best opportunities for you are things you didn’t even know existed!

Putting yourself out there on a podcast can create opportunities such as guest speaking or a brand contacting you to offer a freebie or pay you for advertising in something you hadn’t ever considered.

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#7 People Connect With YOU

Rather than always having to find other people to network with or explaining what you do 100 times a day, you will find that people will start connecting with you. 

Rather than it being a surface level, you can find that people will “know you” on a much more personal level.

Top Tip For Listening to Podcasts

Batch one topic!

If you are like me you may often jump from comedy with Joe Rogan, to property tax advice to catching up with the latest sporting events. 

However, this is a great way to lose time and get super confused! It’s fine if you just want a bit of entertainment on a long drive somewhere. But if you want to learn something it’s so much more effective to batch one topic i.e. email marketing. 

Find 3-5 different podcasts that will talk about the topic you are interested in. Schedule these episodes to play next and then you can listen to a certain topic back to back!


Check out these FREE courses to get started on with a podcast.

John Lee Dumas

Pat Flynn

Pete McPherson

Each of these guides is super valuable (and they have a free course version). But if you’d like the main points summarised with a checklist of what you need to get started then simply download your free podcast cheatsheet below. 

Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Be sure to check your promotions tab/ spam folder otherwise you will miss out on your freebie!

Benefits of Starting a Podcast Summary

There are tons of benefits of starting a podcast. 

This episode explains 7 of the biggest benefits. 

Are you starting to notice that it can be a huge time saver and a great way to connect with more like-minded people?

Keep changing for the better,


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7 Proven Ways to Improve Your Happiness & Productivity

There may be affiliate links in this article on ways to improve your happiness, which I may receive a small commission for at no extra cost to you. Read the full disclaimer here.

You probably already know that most people want to be happy. 

But most people find it hard to see past the negative and bad things each day (myself included all too often!) However, happiness can easily be improved by performing some simple habits.

When I use these tips my happiness, my productivity skyrockets! After all, it has been scientifically proven that happiness improves performance.

This podcast will show you 7 ways to improve your happiness and productivity today. 

#1 Find Something to Look Forward to 

As you listen to this podcast you will realise that it doesn’t have to be something huge like:

  • A big holiday
  • A wedding or BIG party
Party Pineapple

You will feel more at ease that it can be something little such as:

  • Meeting some freinds
  • Having a date night/ family night
  • A sport that you play

The more you listen to this podcast, the more excited you will feel at how simple these habits can be. 

#2 Meditation

If you’re like me, then you probably think of some hippie wearing a daisy chain on their head in a field when you think of meditating. 

However, it really doesn’t have to be like this. 

ways to improve happiness and productivity

Here are some simple ways to get started today:

  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • YouTube guided meditation

There are so many proven benefits to meditation. Check out  fdsa  to see how Barry finds over an hour each day for meditation.

#3 Conscious Acts of Kindness

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way that you could instantly make yourself feel good?

Well there is! 

random acts of kindness

People often think that they need to do random acts of kindness because they are a good person. 

However, the science suggests you will get a much bigger hit of positivity if you do conscious acts of kindness. This is a far more effective way of improving happiness than doing something randomly without noticing you did it!

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#4 Positive Surroundings

Your surroundings has a big impact on your happiness levels. 

Find ways to improve your surroundings such as:

  • Have pictures of family 
  • Use a vision board as a screensaver
  • Work in places that you feel good (it may be outside/ by a window/ in a coffee shop)

Little by little you begin to realise that your happiness levels contribute to your productivity levels. 

We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with

#5 Exercise

You’re intelligent enough to know there are so many physiological benefits to exercise.

But the psychological impacts often get overlooked. 

ways to improve happiness

Try out some simple ways to exercise each day:

  • Taking the stairs 
  • Walking to work/ shops 
  • Carrying food shopping

If you know someone that’s successful chances are they will have a great exercise routine

#6 Spend Money on Experiences

Since you’re still here I’m going to assume that you are interested in finding more ways to improve your happiness and productivity levels. 

Well this one is a biggie amigo!

ways to improve happiness

Rather than filling your life with more stuff it’s been proven that experiences improve your happiness levels. Therefore, they improve your productivity!

Are you beginning to see that spending money on other people is the most effective way of getting a hit of positivity?

#7 Use a Signature Strength

As you keep listening to the podcast you will realise that doing things we are good at has a postive effect on our mind. 

Some examples of what these signature strength could be:

  • Playing an instrument
  • Play a sport
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning
Ways to improve happiness

Personally I couldn’t think of anything worse than cleaning the house. But other people love it, are good at it and find it therapeutic. 

Find your own signature strenghts and do them when you need a hit of positivity to increase your productivity.


Try out these 7 ways to improve your happiness. 

You’re probably wondering when you will find the time to do all of this! The real question is…

How much time could you save by being more productive?

3 books mentioned in the podcast:

The Happiness Advantage- Shawn Achor

If You’re so Smart Why Aren’t You Happy? Raj Raghunathan 

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Dr Joe Dispenzer

Ways to Improve Your Happiness – Summary

The more and more you listen to this podcast, the more you will realise these do not have to be huge changes that you make to your life. 

The important thing is that you make them a habit.

It would be far more effective to choose one tip and turn that into a habit that you do every day than to do them all for a week and stop.

Drop a comment below about which one is your favourite tip. If you have any of your own tips please do share them too!

Keep changing for the better,


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Side Hustlers! How to Find More Time in a Day

There may be affiliate links in this article on how to find more time in a day, read the full disclaimer here.


By the time you finish reading this article, you will be shocked at how much more you can fit in each day. 


How to find more time in a day


Can you imagine how much easier it would be if you had more time to spend working on your website each day?


Visualise yourself this time next year putting an extra 2 hours a day into your side hustle.

Just think, what would you be able to achieve?


As you read every word of this web page you will discover that this is possible. 


Why is Time so Important

Let me ask you if money was not an issue how would you use your time every day?


Read that again and really think about it. 


If you’re like me you probably don’t think the answer to that question matters. 

You may even already be skimming on to find the answers to how to find more time in a day.


But I can guarantee one thing:

If you truly know the answer to this question, it will actually help you!


For example, I want to help others live the life they want by showing them it is possible.


Time is vital in helping people get what they want, whether it is:

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Success
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Family
  • Travel


Are you beginning to see how time is our most important asset?


How to Find More Time in a Day? 

Before we go on it’s important you read this quote three times:


You will never find time for anything. If you want it, you must make it.

Charles Buxton


Buckle up pumpkin because you’re about to discover how to find more time in a day…



Pay close attention!!

This is without a doubt THE BEST way to find more time in a day, here’s why:

  • There are no distractions from the real world (phone buzzing, doorbell ringing, kids jumping on you etc.)
  • You have the most energy (you’ve just been asleep for a whole night and haven’t been battered by “stuff” in the day!)


Here’s the secret:

Set your alarm an hour earlier tomorrow, force yourself to wake up, and use this time to write. 



Now, I can almost hear your mind saying “but I’m NOT a morning person!”

… Neither am I!

Do you know what I think… I don’t think anyone is!


But this is what I’ve found since I’ve woken up earlier:

  • I get tired earlier… so I go to bed earlier
  • Therefore I watch less TV & waste less time
  • I think about what I’m going to write about the next day and somehow when I wake up my brain knows what to do (it’s almost like it’s figured it out in my sleep… this may sound weird but try it and let me know what happens!)
  • Therefore an hour is actually worth MUCH more than an hour


Just picture this for a moment…


The alarm goes off, you hit snooze. 

You remember you should be getting up but you just don’t want to.

You count down from 5 in your head and force yourself to roll out of bed.

It dawns on you that you’re now flopped on the floor (try to skip this part!)

You hurry to the bathroom, grab your water from next to the bed and settle down at your desk.

By the time you flick the lamp on, your brain seems to wake up.

You open your laptop, ignore everything else and start writing on a blank page.

Everything flows, you know what to write.

It’s like you’ve become Jane Austen overnight!


Last important note: You can wake up earlier or later than ONE hour before the habit is what’s important here.

Also, check out Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It’s life changing!


Possible extra time found: 1-2 hours every day (worth double though!)


Want to Write Like the Best Online Writers?

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Do you have some time when you first get home from work?

Maybe you have kids and only get your own time when they go to bed?


Whatever your situation is, make sure you use these moments of time. 

It may not seem like a lot but an extra half hour a day can add up to a huge difference!


I’ve found it really important to listen to my own body and find out when I am most productive. 


The mornings are most productive to me so I write in that time. 

The evenings depends on what day I’ve had so I tend to use that time to respond to do things that require slightly less brain power!

For example:

  • Respond to comments
  • Learn something
  • Update my website
  • Read other blogs 
  • Engage with the community 


I know it’s different for everyone but there has to be some science in it (like I say you’ve had a whole night sleep in the morning)…


Find a time slot that you can use each day and turn it into a habit!


Possible extra time found: 1-3 hours every day



This is the big one!

Since you’re still here, I’m going to assume that you take your blogging seriously.

And if that is the case your weekends are a great time to get some serious time in.


As you absorb this information you’ll realise this is down to personal preference so it’s worth trying out a few different ways over the next few weekends:

  • Put in 4 hours + both mornings (my favourite)
  • Put in a few hours in the morning and a few hours in later in the day (I also use this)
  • Work full on one day and rest the other (at least 8 hours)
  • Work both days (hardcore, but may be worth it if you want to see more results or you have a busy week coming up)


Possible extra time found: 8-20 hours every weekend


Holiday, Personal Leave or Sick Days

Now listen closely!

I don’t know if I should be publicly recommending this.


But what I do know is that nothing will make you work harder than knowing you should be at work!


If you’ve used up one of your precious personal leave days, you will want to make the most of working on your website here!

This is the odd day every few months (not each week!) to really hustle!


Here are some times it may be worth one of these days:

  • You want to get ahead because you have a busy schedule ahead (maybe you’re going on holiday and you don’t know what your internet access will be)
  • You have fallen behind with some tasks and you need to get back up to speed
  • Time to do a thorough diagnostic of your website
  • There’s a big event coming up that you are releasing or promoting 

Make sure you grind out a big day here!


Possible extra time found: 10-16 hours per day


The In-Between Moments

Are you beginning to notice how to find more time in a day?

Well, this one may be the smallest chunk of time, but it can add up to the most time you find each day!


There are so many chances every day you could get in a little bit more time working on your blog:

  • Commute to work (can you get an Uber instead of drive?- use this link to get a FREE trip when you sign up)
  • Lunch break (is it possible to eat doing your day job?)
  • Downtime at work- maybe you’re waiting for a meeting…
  • Travelling (train, bus, flights- I get so much done on flights or in the airport! etc.)

And do you begin to notice it doesn’t matter how hard you work? But it matters how you use your time.

Remember, make it a habit!


Possible extra time found: 30 mins-3 hours every day


TOTAL extra time in a week: 22.5-60 hours per week + vacation or sick days!


That is 1,200- 3,100 hours you can put into your side hustle per year! 

(a 40 hour work week for 45 weeks is 1,800 hours)


Top Tips for Productivity & to Keep Your Sanity

No matter what you try here are my 4 top tips:

  1. Set a 50-minute alarm- work flat out for this time then take a 10-minute rest… repeat
  2. Only work for 3 hours in a row and take at least a half hour break (I have to eat food every 3 hours to keep my body happy!)
  3. Use Trello so you know WHAT task you want to do next- it’s great for those random moments that pop up.
  4. Don’t stress if you can’t work one day or weekend due to other commitments, just make sure it doesn’t happen 2 weeks in a row (this is the same for any habit)

Just remember, real life will happen, embrace it and know you can find extra time later!


Read Faster than Usain Bolt Runs

Increase your reading speed by 2-3 times in 15 minutes…

And keep your comprehension!

Powered By ConvertKit



The Biggest Use of Our Time 

You’re intelligent enough to know that your job will be the biggest use of your time. 

Yes, you may only work 40 hours a week but the mental energy and travel time added on top means it will take up much more time than you think.


Now, I can almost hear your mind saying “but we need money to function in society and keep the rook over my head!”


Well, I’m not saying quit your job tomorrow!

Read on to find out what I am saying…


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So What’s the Answer? 

Imagine what it would be like if you could earn enough money from another source that you didn’t HAVE to work full time. 

Well, here are some strategies you can use to make the most of your current situation.


Hack your 9-5

There are really 3 ways to make sure your day job can help you to achieve what you want:

  1. Maximise your benefits
  2. Make as much money as possible
  3. Flexibility- work from home


1. There are often benefits that are standard at companies and not negotiable such as health care, insurance and pension contributions. 

However, there may be things you can negotiate on such as transport, internet or phone bills etc. If you use something for work you may be able to claim it on expenses… so ask!


2. Asking for a raise can be very daunting but here are 4 simple steps to help you be more equipped:

  1. Work out your current market value (other companies pay for the same role)
  2. How valuable you are to the company (how much it would cost to replace you, do you go above and beyond?)
  3. Determine how much to ask for and when (use a percentage increase and explain why… ask on a Friday MORNING or during your annual performance review!)
  4. Ask!


3. This is where you can really make more time!

There are becoming more and more jobs where working from home is possible…

I even know teachers that have planning or curriculum days that they have been able to work from home!


Top tip: if your company isn’t keen – ask for a trial day at home for a few weeks and be SUPER productive!


Prove what you did in those days and show your boss…

One day a week can quickly become 2 or 3 or MORE!


Side hustle

Really think about it… If you are at all interested in the financial independence retire early (FIRE) movement, then this is what you must be focusing on!

Rare thinking people like you know that a side hustle can lead to entrepreneurship and bigger opportunities.


Here are some side hustle ideas:

  • Start a blog
  • Domain flipping (buy a website, improve it, sell it)
  • Become a virtual assistant (sort emails, do daily tasks for someone you’d like to learn from)
  • Become a freelancer (proofreader, copywriter, website design etc. – note this may be a skill you want to learn more about rather than be an expert on!)
  • Walk dogs
  • Babysitter (it’s possible to scale by hiring other people/ friends)
  • Gardening
  • Sourcing on property deals to investors


It really doesn’t matter what your side hustle is, the important thing is that you keep learning new skills!



There are soooo many things you can “invest” in now:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Fine art
  • Jewellery
  • Watches
  • Cars
  • Precious metals
  • Small businesses

Of course, you’ve heard that you should only invest in things that you understand… and this is completely true.


By all means, take a punt on any of the above (unless you have some amazing knowledge about them).

However, if you take investing seriously are in it for the long haul and are not “gambling” then your investment portfolio should be made up of 3 things:

  1. Property 
  2. Stocks 
  3. Bonds


Property has so many advantages over other forms of investment due to the control and leverage you can get from it. 

However, stocks and bonds will be the most PASSIVE and hands-off approach (if using the ultimate strategy in the article below)


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But I Don’t Know Where to Start 

This is monkey simple:

Pick an idea and start!


Start now. Get perfect later!!

Rob Moore


In the summer of 2017, I had no idea people still blogged. 

I also had no idea you could make money from it.

But it interested me and it ended up teaching me so much (and I continue to learn from it!)


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These are some of the skills I have developed since blogging:

  • Proofreading
  • Copywriting 
  • Website design
  • Marketing
  • Social media management
  • Email automation
  • Networking
  • Business management

Any of these skills can be monetised by becoming a freelancer or Virtual assistant. 


Little by little you begin to notice the importance of learning new skills?


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Be sure to pin this page to come back to it later!

How to find more time in a day


How to Find More Time in a Day Summary

You’ve got to wonder where you will be this time next year with an extra 2 hours a day put towards your side hustle. 

That’s an extra 730 hours!

Just remember, if you are aiming for financial independence to retire early then you must find ways to make more money. 


And do you begin to see why a side hustle is crucial?


How to find more time in a day could be the one thing you need to do to reach FIRE.


Keep changing for the better,




p.s. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.


p.p.s. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here