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13 Effective Ways to Create the Best Blog Headlines [Top Secret Blueprint]

There may be affiliate links in this article on how to create the best blog headlines, read the full disclaimer here.


You’re intelligent enough to know that your headlines can result in you getting more traffic to your website.

But most bloggers struggle to create a great headline that relates to their article. 

Don’t fret though amigo… Because headlines have been studied in great detail and there are some clear winning tactics that can help. In fact, once you start using the “perfect headline formula” it becomes as easy to write great headlines as saying 1-2-3!

This post will show you the findings of the best headline research ever done and how you can use this to create the best blog headlines.


Why are Headlines so Important? 

Here’s a fact for you:

You get less than 5 seconds to make someone’s mind up as to whether they want to read your article.  



Now, let me ask you this…

Do you think it’s important to spend time on something that accounts for 50% of your blog posts effectiveness?



The best digital marketers, such as Neil Patel, have identified the main reason that bloggers should spend more time on their headline.



The rule of thumb is to spend the same amount of time on piecing your headline together as you spend writing your blog post. Are you beginning to see why the best bloggers spend so much time on their headlines? 


Is There a Science to Writing Headlines? 

It’s more of an art combined with some science! But since there’s no way to guarantee what people will click on, this post will focus on the science side as much as possible. There are studies that have produced some incredible stats about what people tend to click on more often.

The more you read this article the more you will begin to understand how you can use these studies to your advantage!


So what are some of these results from these headline studies?


1. Use a Number at the Start


A number in the title resonates the most with readers by far! So try to use a number in your headline in at least 50% of your blog posts. 

Conductor did a study and produced the following table…



2. Odd Numbers Get 20% More Clicks Than Even Numbers


Not only do we now know that we should use a number, but it’s been proven that odd numbers get more clicks! Content Marketing Institute discovered this when they analysed 150,000 of the most successful headlines. Do not ask me why… it’s weird!!



3. Use Caps For The First Letter Of Each Word

The Conductor study also analysed the best way to use capitals in your headlines. 

They looked at 3 different ways:

Sentence Case – Effortlessly Create the Best Blog Headlines


lower case- Effortlessly create the best blog headlines


As you can see “Sentence Case” was the clear winner…



#4 Use 57 Characters or Less

If your title gets cut off in Google then it may not have the same impact. Google cuts off headlines that are wider than 600 px wide on desktop.

Moz studied over 28,000 headlines on Google’s first page.

They found that the headlines get cut off between 42-68 characters long. The average was 57.7 characters. It’s important to note that some letters take up more space than others i.e. “w” takes up 4 times as much space as “i”.

If you’re like me you are gonna want to test that…



(Seems about right to me!)


If you want to air on the side of caution then use 45 characters max. But remember you can often use more emotional or powerful words the longer the title is, so it needs to be long enough to do two things:

  1. Make sense 
  2. Grab attention!




The Webmaster tweeted me back on the above link. Moz found it actually increased to 70 characters in 2016 and 78 on mobile…

Moral of the story, longer headlines can be found so don’t scrimp! Make sure your message comes across in your headline and it makes sense.


#5 Stack Your Targeted Keyword at the Start

Verbilo did a report on how to use CoScheduler to write great headlines. They found that readers tend to skim headlines and so really only take in the first and last 3 words. 

If you want your readers to know what you are writing about then try to use your keyword at the start of the title.


#6 6 Words is Optimum

Since readers skim headlines, you can help them to read it all by trying to use 6 words. Remember, they tend to read the first and last 3 words of a headline

Makes sense, right?


#7 Use a Strong Adjective (Superlative) at the Beginning of the Title- But Don’t Overuse Them! 

Remember the one job of your title is to get readers to click on the link. This means they want to know what it’s about! If you just write a load of descriptive words the message gets lost… so don’t overdo it!

However, a great superlative adds more emotion and can make people want to click. That’s probably why 1 superlative did the best in the Conductor study!



#8 Scare People Into Clicking With a Negative Superlative 

i.e. 11 Worst Things That Will Destroy Your Business


CoScheduler discovered this interesting fact:

Negative superlatives performed 30% better than positive ones!


Blinking human nature eh?! Why does this not surprise you?

Have you noticed that the news always seems to be depressing? This probably explains why they choose these types of headlines more often!



#9 Use You or Your 

Make it about the reader. How are you going to help them?

Putting “you” in the title makes the reader believe you are talking to them! Buffer analysed the most highly shared titles and found that posts most shared were list posts and then “you/ your” posts (that’s why using a number was tip #1!)



#10 Using a Question? Only Use “How”

Buzzstream did a study that looked into the 10 worst shared phrases in titles. Among these 10 phrases were:

What should…

Would you…

Are you…


The only question word that does well to create the best blog headline is “how”. i.e. How to Win Friends and Influence People. 



#11 Use the Most Shared Keyword Phrases

Check out Buzzsumo’s awesome research and see how Max Woolf has broken it down into easy to see phrases.

The best 3-word phrases are…

Measured by Facebook shares:

  1. Character are you
  2. Before you die
  3. You probably don’t

Measured by FB engagement:

  1. Will make you
  2. This is why
  3. Can we guess




#12 Use Power Words! Create Emotion

You probably already know that emotional blog titles are shared much more. CoSchedule proved posts that were shared over 1,000 times had a much higher emotional marketing value (EMV)


Here is an infographic with CoSchedule’s “power words”! Use these to create emotion…


As you continue to read this page you will discover 2 amazing headline tools that can help to see the EMV score for your headline!



#13 Use a [Bracketed] Word!

People pick up on the bracketed word(s) because it is promising a certain type of content. For example:

  • Infographics
  • Interviews
  • Templates

Vb3 found that people tended to click on a bracketed headline 38% more often. 


The Perfect Headline Formula- Top Secret Blueprint

Now I can almost hear your mind thinking… “I don’t know where to start!!”

So let me put all of this information into the perfect headline formula. This formula can be used to churn out the best blog headlines as easily as burgers in McDonald’s. 

Of course, you’ve heard that you should spend just as long on your headline as you do writing your posts. You probably know that you should write 25 titles to create the best blog headlines. But this formula can help you come up with emotional, precise headlines that people will want to click!


Here it is amigo:


|odd number| + |superlative| + |keyword| + |additional wants|


The first thing to do is decide what your blog topic is going to be about. If you’re anything like me then you probably want to get a constant stream of free traffic to your website. Of course, you know that you will need to improve your SEO and rank on the first page of Google to be able to do this!

Therefore, the most important thing is obviously your keyword. 

Unless you’d like an epic 5,000-word article, this is not the time to get into finding great keywords that people search for every month but don’t have too many competing websites for it.


How to Find Keywords That Will Bring Traffic to Your Website

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review- is it The Best Keyword Tool?


Now, you have your keyword we fill in the other blanks from the formula. This is how you can find out what number you should use, what superlative would work and what the additional wants should be…

  1. Type in your keyword into Google
  2. Make your number odd and higher than the highest number on page one of Google
  3. Note if there is a common superlative
  4. Take note of what the additional parts of the headings are


And do you begin to notice how you are creating a title that already ranks on page 1 on Google? But it doesn’t finish there!! You are going to make your title stand out and better than everyone else…


Let’s walk through an example together…


Let’s use the keyword “fat loss tips”…

1. Type in Fat Loss Tips into Google

2. The highest number on the page is The 77 Best Fat Loss Tips… So we want an odd number higher than 77 (as the highest number often gets clicked!)

3. The superlative’s on page one include “effective” and “best” (none are in more than one headline)

4. The top 4 out of 5 headlines mention “experts” or “backed by science”.


So if your keyword was “fat loss tips” a great title would be:

85 Effective Fat Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based [2019]


You have made your title stand out in 3 key ways:

  1. You now have the highest number (human nature likes more!)
  2. Your superlative is related to the most common emotional pull (“effective” in this case)
  3. You have taken the most common additional wants and gone one step further (put 2019 in brackets)


Now let’s compare your headline with the top three on page one:



  • 20 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science) 
  • How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based on Science 
  • 26 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based 
  • 85 Effective Fat Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based [2019]


You decide what title you would click on here.

You may be thinking this is all a lot to take in in one go. So get your free copy of the hypnotic writing cheatsheet, which has additional headline templates, camouflaged words (that can make your ad NOT look like an ad) and another example of the perfect headline formula.





Headline Tools That Gives You the Edge

OK so that was the juicy part but there’s one last step that you MUST do if you want to make sure you’re writing the best headline possible!

These are the 2 amazing headline tools:

  1. CoSchedule– Great to get a quick rough idea
  2. Aminstitute– More accurate at giving an emotional score


CoSchedule is a great tool to get an idea quickly about whether your headline would work to drive traffic and shares. It’s monkey simple to use and gives some great tips to improve the score.

Once you think you’ve settled on your headline head over to Aminstitute. This is where you can find out your headlines EMV (Emotional Marketing Value). This score is without a doubt the one you need to focus on the most as if you can get a good EMV (above 50% is pretty good!)

As you can see below, the average EMV score is almost 40 of posts that get shares of over 1,000. So if you can get the score above 50%, have an odd number in there with a great keyword you’ll definitely be doing something right!





Going back to the example above it shows why these are the top 3 rankings on Google!

  • 20 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science) – CoScheduler 64 Aminstitute 40% 
  • How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based on Science – CoScheduler 67 Aminstitute 27.27%
  • 26 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based – CoScheduler 65 Aminstitute 50%
  • 85 Effective Fat Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based – CoScheduler 65 Aminstitute 55.56%


Get your free headline templates and a different example of the perfect blog formula here…




Create the Best Blog Headlines Summary

So writing a headline is part art part science. 

However, are you beginning to notice you can use these studies to your advantage when creating your headlines?

There’s no easy way to create the best blog headlines and it will require some time and work. But if you can use the perfect headline formula you will be on your way to making your headlines stand out like an honest man in the White House. 

Keep changing for the better,




P.S. Let me know which tip you think is the most useful and please do put a comment below with your next blog headline (obviously after using the perfect headline template!)


P.P.S. One last tip… If you find a headline with a higher EMV on Aminstitute then use that in your pins (as long as it’s the same topic!)



Who Else Wants Free Traffic? Find Keywords for a Website

There may be affiliate links in this article to find keywords for a website, read the full disclaimer here.


Picture yourself one year from now waking up and opening your laptop.


find keywords for a website


You open your email and…


There’s an email from PayPal…

“You received a payment”


You receive another one…

They are from an affiliate program you have been promoting.

In fact, when you check you’ve been receiving a stream of these emails overnight.

You’re not even surprised.

You’ve mastered how to find keywords for a website.


Therefore, you get a stream of traffic from search engines…



Why Find Keywords for a Website? 

First of all, let’s define what a keyword is:


The word or phrase that best describes the content on your page.


Hence, It is what people will type into Google to try and find what they are looking for.


Secondly, what does SEO mean?


Search engine optimisation is making your website easier to find on search engines. 


There are numerous ways to improve SEO:

  • Page loading speed
  • Links to relevant websites (use a free link tracking tool like Link Okay)
  • Write so that humans understand!
  • Write meaningful content
  • Use readable URL’s
  • Use the right keywords on images
  • Create and publish unique content consistently!
  • Research Keywords BEFORE you write

However, what this page will focus on is the last point and how to find keywords for a website.


Here is the simple process of using good keywords on your website:

  1. Find keywords that people search for EVERY month.
  2. Write great content about it
  3. Get your post onto search engines number 1 page! (this is where a good keyword will help)
  4. People click on your website
  5. Add amazing value to your readers, build trust and show them how the products you promote can change their life
  6. You make money



While you’re sitting down analysing this article, you begin to realise the importance of using keywords that other people are searching for.



How do I Find Keywords for a Website?

How do you find out what the Pope’s middle name is?

That’s right amigo…

Google it!


The same principle applies here but let me show you some little tricks…


#1 Google trick

Have you ever struggled to think of what to write on your blog?

You probably already know this is pretty common for bloggers.


In a moment, I’ll tell you the little trick that helps to find keywords for a website.

It also can give you ideas for your next few hundred blog posts!


Introducing Alphabet Soup!

Just picture this for a moment, you are a photography blogger and you want to write something about the best camera’s available.


So, you go to Google and type in “best digital camera”.


As you can see Google gives you ideas of what people are searching for beneath this.



Now I can hear your mind saying, what if I don’t want to write about these things.


Here is a great tip:

Write the word “for” at the end.



Now there’s a whole heap of ideas that you’ve been given.

If you see one that you like the idea of, then you can then change the search to get more specific ideas for this.


Let’s say you would like to focus on cameras for beginners…



Within a few seconds, you have received over 10 blog post ideas and you’ve found some great potential keywords for your post.


Do you see how “best mirrorless camera for beginners” is much more effective than “best camera”?

This is more like a Long-tail keyword, which often means your writing is more specific.


Thus, it will improve your chances to rank on page one of Google AND sell something!

To help receive hundreds (if not thousands) of ideas for what people are searching for simply use the alphabet soup technique.

Type in your keyword then “a”

Type in your keyword then “b” etc. etc.



Are you beginning to see how finding blog post ideas and keyword research is very similar?


#2 Yahoo answers

If you want more ideas then head over to Yahoo answers.

Now you can use your blog idea of a camera for beginners to see what people are already writing about to get some more specific ideas for your keyword.



Have you noticed yet that it’s important to use a keyword that people are searching for EVERY month?

But can you make your content even better than the content out there?


#3 eHow

Another great website to find keywords for a website is eHow.

The same idea applies as using Yahoo answers.



Using these techniques will help to answer “how do I find keywords for a website?”.

It will also make your website stand out like a white man in China.



How Many Keywords Should I Use Per Page?


Jumping the gun are we?


Only rare thinking people like you already know that it’s possible to use more than one keyword per page.


So if your main keyword receives 100 searches per month on a search engine, imagine how many more visitors you could get if you use multiple keywords…


If you use subheadings with other keywords in them then it’s easy to have multiple keywords per page.


But how many keywords should you use per page?

Yep, you guessed it…

It depends!

  • It depends on how long your blog post is.
  • Also, it’ll depend on whether it makes sense to your post.
  • And It depends on your own preference.

That being said, I hate a cop-out answer so here’s the general rule of thumb I try to use:


  • Short post <1,000 words = 2-3 keywords
  • Medium post 1000-3000 words = 3-5 keywords
  • Long post >3,000 words = at least 5 keywords

For example, let me show you what I’ve used in this post that you are reading (medium length post).

  1. Main keyword = find keywords for a website
  2. Other keywords: how do I find keywords for a website
  3. How many keywords should I use per page?
  4. How to find the best keywords for SEO
  5. What is a keyword research tool?

As you read on you will find how I chose these keywords and the little trick that I use…


Related Articles:


How to Find the Best Keywords for SEO

Since you’re still here I’m going to assume you want to find the best keywords for SEO.

Now, I would like to help you experience receiving free traffic to your website EVERY month.


Have you noticed yet that this is how bloggers can make money from a post that they wrote years ago?

Therefore, this is how bloggers make a passive income!


So, you want to use the above tips to get an idea of what to write about and some keyword ideas.

But if you WANT to find the best keywords for SEO you must use a keyword research tool…


This is the secret that all successful online marketers know.


Pin this page to save it for later!

Find keywords for a website


What is a Keyword Research Tool?

Another great question hombre!

If you’re like me, you’re still learning lots about how to make money online.


You probably are looking for a way to make multiple streams of income and you know that blogging can be a great source of income.


Well, this is a biggie to help…

A keyword research tool is a website that helps to decide what keywords to use.


For example:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google analytics
  • Moz
  • Google trends
  • SEMrush
  • Wordstream

All of these websites can help.

However, they are not ALL designed specifically to find keywords.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could use ONE website that does all the research you need?


What’s the Best SEO Keyword Research Tool?

Little by little you begin to notice that there can be quite a lot of work to find keywords for a website.

However, there is a solution that can help you receive more and more traffic over time.


Imagine what it would be like if you could put the time in now to pay you over and over again in the future.

This is where Jaaxy comes into its own.


Click here to read my review on the Jaaxy keyword tool. 


I’m not going to go into all the benefits of Jaaxy now as you can read my review on it above.


But I am going to point out my favourite 3 features:

  • Find out the number of competing websites (helps you reach page 1 on search engines!)
  • Use saved lists to put your favourite keywords in one place (easier to research & remember)
  • Alphabet soup technique (means you don’t need to spend ages using Google – see example earlier)
find keywords for a website

find keywords for a website


You can try Jaaxy out for free right now or you can pay $19 per month to receive this amazing tool at providing continuous traffic to your website.


Check out this post for how I use Jaaxy, get affiliate marketing training, incredible hosting, receive mentorship and much more for $299 per year.



Find Keywords for a Website Summary + My Number One Tip

The closer and closer you get to the end of this article, the further and further your problem of finding regular traffic to your website disappears.

The more you keep reading this article the more you realise it is possible to make blogging into an online business.


Here’s my number one tip:

  • Write naturally

If the keywords fit into what you’re writing then that’s brilliant!

But DO NOT force them in if it doesn’t make sense or it’s not what you want to write about.


And do you remember that it’s important to always remember one thing?


You want to add value to your readers. 


Don’t focus on tricking machines to put your website on page one of search engines.

This is not a sustainable business model!


Keep changing for the better,



p.s. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here


p.p.s. If you haven’t already done this, get the Yoast SEO Plugin. Yeah right now, thank me later.


Why Make Time Online? Financial Independence Retire Early Blog

There may be affiliate links in this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog, read the full disclaimer here.

As you start reading the beginning of this article you will find yourself wondering what a Financial Independence, Retire Early blog is (FIRE). 


You don’t realise it yet, but in a few short moments, you’ll begin to feel excited and curious about the future. 

The further on you read, the more you’ll understand what the website name “Make Time Online” means to me and why I started this website…


The Importance of Time

Let me tell you a story… A few years ago I saw a post on Facebook asking people “What is the most important thing in your life?”

Everyone had a slightly unique answer, which was obviously personal to them, some of which include:

  • Family
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Freedom
  • Good health
  • My children
  • Money
  • Passing on a legacy
  • Being “financially free”
  • Travel
  • My religion

At first glance, it looks like everyone had a very different “thing” that was the most important to them. 

Some of the reasons JUMPED out at me. 

Do you notice the ONE thing is needed for all of them?




Drift back to a happy moment with your family. Chances are you were spending some quality time with them. 

You probably know that people using their time doing things through choice are happier than people who are FORCED to do something. 

If someone wanted more money than Bill Gates or to be financially free, it was because of what the money could buy them…

Time to spend doing what they want!

This was the first time I heard of a Financial Independence, Retire Early blog.


Time is more valuable than money. You can always get more money but you can never get more time.

Jim Rohn


After you read this short article, you will have learned that time is important to EVERYONE:

  • People that are miserable in their job are spending their TIME doing something they are not passionate about. 
  • The happiest people have control of their own schedule
  • Being stuck in traffic is soul destroying because it’s eating up your TIME!

So why don’t people have time?


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What’s Stopping People From Having Time? 

There are only 2 reasons people don’t have enough time or do something they don’t want to do:

  1. Fear 
  2. Greed


Every single person on the planet has the same time… We all have 24 hours in a day. 

So how comes some people seem to be rushed off their feet the entire time they are awake and others seem to achieve so much and have all the time in the world?

Imagine, for a moment, how these two people would use their time:

  • Elon Musk
  • Homeless man 

Just think about it… This homeless man could have grown up in the exact same town as Elon. He could have had the same opportunities as him and went to the same school.


The only difference is the HABITS they implemented throughout their life. 


You may be thinking that Mr Musk will have to do certain things and will more likely not have as much time to spend how he liked during a day compared to the homeless guy.

Are you beginning to notice that this is a choice?

He has acted on his own passions and he has the option to do ANYTHING he would like on any given day. 

Equally, the homeless guy may be very happy spending time with loved ones and living a “simple life”.

But just imagine what it would be like if you were FORCED to live a certain way because you did not have the resources to live the life you’d like.


Ways of Making More Time using the Financial Independence, Retire Early blog 

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying “it would be easy to just quit your job and live like the homeless man.”

However, this is not what I mean by making more time. 

I mean making MORE time to spend doing the things you REALLY love. 


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do this, function in society and help other people?

And the best way to create time for this is to make money. Ideally through passive income. For example:

  • Invest in index funds (read this post)
  • Rental income for a property that you own
  • Affiliate marketing income (connect people with what they are already looking for online)
  • Sell your own courses (information)
  • Sell your own Books
  • Lend an investor money for a better return on your money (check out our property business website here)


Are you beginning to notice that all of these things can be done online or from using the internet?

Do you remember hearing the Internet has changed the rules of the game of money? We’re now in the INFORMATION age!


You probably already know this but to create a passive income you will have to put some TIME and EFFORT in up front.

Now, let me ask you this… wouldn’t you rather put in time that pays you over and over again rather than having to keep trading your time for money?

This is what you will learn from this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog.


Do REAL People Actually Live Financially Independent and Retire Early? 

Si Amigo… YES!

This is the goal of this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog. 


To help you reach FIRE quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.


Still don’t believe me?

Check out Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s 2018 income report of over $1.5 million.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t need to be a genius, workaholic or know stuff about computers to do it?…


But I Would Get Bored Not Working

Mwahahahaha (not sure why it has to be an evil laugh)

That’s exactly what I used to think… 

“I’m not even interested in money, after all, it’s the root of all evil”… 


Look, let me ask you this…


What would you do if time, money and resources were NO object?


If you are anything like me then you probably haven’t given this much thought growing up. 

The fact is when you really understand the answer to that question you will start becoming FIRE…D up (see what I did there)

It’s much more than just being “financially free” or “travelling the world” or “spending a week in your pants watching ‘The Apprentice’ re-runs” (no… just me? OK moving swiftly on…) 


The whole point is to figure out what you WANT your life to look like. 

If you’re already living life exactly how you WANT it then stop reading right now and go and enjoy it pumpkin!


OK, but HOW can People Realistically Achieve FIRE? 

Listen, you are not made an “entrepreneur” or an “employee” in the womb. 

The first step is to give yourself permission to do whatever you want. 

Once you’ve done that you can start thinking about ways to achieve FIRE.

Here are some simple (and FREE) things you can do right now:


Make Sure You Have a Strong Foundation

It’s hard to make more money until you have a solid foundation. Use this personal finance template to put yours in place.

Powered By ConvertKit


There are unlimited ways to become financially free as you will learn in this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog. But the big secret is:

You won’t achieve FIRE through a job. You NEED a side hustle.


There are literally hundreds of ways to make money on the internet but here are just a few examples:

  • Take surveys for money
  • Test out apps or games 
  • Sell your stuff on websites like eBay/ Gumtree
  • Translating
  • Teaching English online
  • Freelancing (proofreading, design logos, writing, check emails, book holiday etc.)
  • Affiliate marketing (direct people to what they are looking to buy online)
  • Buy and sell websites/ domain names
  • Sell your own information (Science GCSE revision, How to take amazing pictures on your iPhone, How to buy property without using your own money etc.)
  • Blogging (ads, affiliate marketing, sell own products, sponsorships etc.)
  • Drop shipping
  • Amazon FBA
  • Trade Forex/ Stocks/ spread betting etc.


Pin this post to come back to it later


financial independence retire early blog


Make Time Online Summary

After you read this article you will have learned the reasons behind the website name “Make Time Online” and what to expect from this Financial Independence, Retire Early blog.

Do you begin to notice that it’s much more than about making more time or money in your life?

It’s about giving yourself permission to think about what you would do with your life if you had unlimited resources, time and money. 

As this page ends, imagine what it would be like if you could live the life that you dream of. 


Keep changing for the better,



p.s. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.




p.p.s. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here