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Killer SEO Tips to Get 500k+ Page Views a Month w/ Debbie Gartner

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of those topics that most bloggers cringe at. 

It can oftentimes feel like this huge burden with algorithm changes to keep up with and such a complicated sounding traffic strategy. 

However, it doesn't need to be like this. 

There are things that anybody with a website can do to see quick results from SEO that can help them get free monthly long term traffic. 

And this helps to create that mysterious passive income that online business owners seem to crave!

Debbie Gartner from The Flooring Girl joins the Make Time Online podcast to explain exactly what you can do to quickly up your SEO game. 

Killer SEO Tips to get Over 500k Page Views a Month


From The Flooring Girl

Debbie Gartner podcast- From The Flooring Girl

Make Time Online Podcast on iTunes - Live life on your own terms

We chat about:

  • How she went from no income and $238k in debt to making over $20k a month from her website
  • How she gets more than 500,000 pageviews a month to her website
  • The top tips for any blogger to improve their "off-page" (backlinks) and "on-page" (on your site) SEO
  • The importance of diversifying traffic sources (eventually)

Listen to the full Debbie Gartner podcast episode

Useful tips and tools mentioned in the podcast 

There really was so much to take in from this podcast. 

To get ALL of the wisdom and value you will have to listen to the chat. But here are some of the key tools & tricks mentioned by Debbie in the podcast...

On page SEO tips:

  • Improve your website SPEED! The best way to do that is to improve your hosting - Debbie recommends BigScoots for bigger blogs. But she also recommends Siteground or Namehero as better alternatives to Bluehost. 
  • Learn more about how to improve your site speed on Debbie's new website Healthy Savvy and Wise
  • Focus on 1 or maybe 2 areas and write a lot of content for that (as in 50+ posts) i.e. Debbie focuses on writing about flooring
  • Check your old content. Does it help Google understand your main topic? Consider "de-indexing" it using the Yoast plugin. Check out this post to help with that.

Off page SEO tips:

  • Use Help a Reporter to get good backlinks. You may need to respond to a lot to get any good backlinks but it's an easy way for anyone to get links with a bit of "elbow grease".
  • Guest post on other bloggers sites to get backlinks. Join great blogging FB groups like Tracey Fobes one here to connect with other bloggers.

Other tips or tools:

As you can see Debbie has a lot of wisdom when it comes to SEO.

She even has 2 books to help beginners or anyone looking to up their SEO game:

  • Easy on page SEO ($37)
  • Easy backlinks for SEO ($67)

If you want to learn more about SEO I would highly recommend taking her free SEO course and checking out this wealth of knowledge here

*Note these are not affiliate links, just helpful tips from someone who clearly knows what she's talking about!*

Full Debbie Gartner Podcast Transcript

Debbie Gartner Podcast Summary

So if you want to get in touch with Debbie I would recommend taking her free SEO course here (and then you'll be able to email her).

These are my 5 key takeaways from this chat:

  1. Keep learning
  2. Improve your site speed... now 
  3. Focus on ONLY 1 or maybe 2 topics to write about
  4. Get backlinks from Help a Reporter
  5. Guest post and connect with other bloggers to get backlinks

But I'd love to know what were yours?

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 It includes: 

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What were your main takeaways from this podcast? Any Questions? Drop a comment below

Make Money Blogging Podcast Series Summary [October]

The best time to start a blog was 15 years ago… the second-best time is right now.

If you’ve followed Make Time Online for any length of time, you’ve probably heard me shout the benefits of starting a blog before…

  • It’s possible to create passive income (do work once and get paid over and over again… there are loads of ways to monetise a blog)
  • You can promote any business you currently have (see my chat with Riaz for more on this)
  • It’s possible to create a business around something you enjoy doing
  • Start making money in a way that suits the life you want to live, rather than the other way around
  • There’s no limit to the income you can achieve (check out my chat with Jeff and Ben from Dollarsprout… they make $240k a month!)
  • It’s fun!

This podcast sums up the “make money blogging” podcast series. Particularly, my chats with Alex from Create and Go (Part 1, Part 2) and Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens from Dare to Conquer (Part 1, Part 2).

In case you don’t know these guys, they make over $1 million a year from their blogs and help others learn how to make money blogging. #theyknowwhattheyaredoing

Listen on Apple Podcasts/ Google Podcasts

Make Money Blogging Podcast Series Summary

You can get the nitty-gritty by clicking the links to the chats with these guys at the top of these show notes.

But to sum up the main 5 takeaways from this make money blogging podcast series:

  1. Find what people are already searching for online (and write about that)
  2. Solve one problem for your audience. Can you help take them on a transformation i.e. lose 10 pounds in 21 days
  3. FOCUS! Learn one thing at a time and avoid those shiny objects.
  4. Get traffic to your blog. Use one tool to help and do it better than others
  5. Track key data once you have traffic (what do people look at most)

But remember, don’t overcomplicate things!

Get started & take small actions every day.

What Was Your Main Takeaway From the Make Money Blogging Podcast Series?

Drop a comment below with your main takeaway from the chats with Alex or Scrivs. Was there something else you picked up on? Is there something you’d like to know more about? Have you started a blog?

Feel free to drop a link below and share your own blog!

Keep changing for the better


P.S. Check out the Blog Income Reports Study- How the 7 Best Niches Make Money. Some of the stats in there will blow your mind!

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How to Create a 6 Figure Online Business- Paul Scrivens [Part 2]

In the spirit of full transparency, know that this Dare to Conquer podcast show notes contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to read the full disclosure policy.

Dare to Conquer Podcast

You’re probably reading this page because you’d like to know how to create a 6 figure online business.

Chances are you think it will be super hard.

But what if there was an 18-month blueprint already laid out for you?

Paul (Scrivs) Scrivens explains the one question you need to ask yourself to see if your idea can become a 6-7 figure business.

On the show we chat about:

  • The 2 types of online entrepreneurs
  • What the one thing is that super successful online businesses do
  • Why Scrivs is very grateful for his wife (…no he didn’t cry!)
  • What Scrivs would say to himself if he could go back in time

This is part 2. You can check out “the worst mistake new bloggers make” for part 1.

There are 2 Types of Online Entrepreneurs

Scrivs splits his audience into 2 different people.

  1. Bloggers
  2. 6-7 figure business owners

Let’s dig into what the difference is…

Bloggers- Just Want a Side Income

There are some people that really just want to make an extra $1,000 or so every month.

Sometimes these people just want to write and would be extremely happy if it made a bit of income on the side.

A key focus here is to write content that is suited to Pinterest. You can learn more about why this is the case in “how to use Pinterest for beginners“.

They may want it to become a full-time business in the future, but usually, they have a different mindset to the 6-7 figure business owners…

6-7 Figure Business’s AKA 1,000 True Fans

There is really only one simple question to ask yourself…

What transformation are you going to deliver?

Can you create a product that gets people from point A to point B?

You probably have noticed that when you look at everything you need to do for an online business in one go… it seems pretty overwhelming!

This is why Scrivs recommends that you don’t focus on everything at once… just do one thing at a time.

Slow and steady amigo.


Here’s a way to help you keep it simple:

  • It only takes one blog post that connects with someone for them to join your email list
  • It only takes one email sequence that provides value for them to trust you
  • When someone trusts you they are much more likely to buy something from you

Can you see the importance of building trust and authority?

Your reader is now more likely to want to see what your course can provide.

This is the secret to getting 1,000 true fans.

And 1,000 true fans that pay you $100 a year = $100,000 (a 6 figure business).

Simple right?

Now, if you’re like me you’d be interested to know more about…

Scrivs Working Habits

So how does the guy that has 20+ courses and so many niche websites keep on top of everything?

His habits and the life he has created certainly helps:

  • He batches content (he’ll often write a lot in one day then do no writing the day after)
  • This month Scrivs has written: 80,000 words in 20 posts, 17 emails and 3 video scripts.
  • He has a list of keywords ready to write about
  • Family members help out with work they enjoy doing
  • Write like you talk- don’t edit yourself when you write (try to entertain as you educate)

One other thing…

Scrivs has found that a subscription model and evergreen courses make things easier for cash flow. (It doesn’t mean it’s easy to do though!)

Related content:

Top 3 Tips if Scrivs Could go Back in Time

This is what Scrivs would say if he could go back in time to when he had just gone back to a day job.

  1. Ask more questions from people that have expertise in areas you don’t
  2. Set time aside to actually do the work (i.e. set a schedule and wake up early)
  3. Communicate more with your wife early on

Can you imagine the power of being able to tell your past self these pearls of wisdom?

Full Podcast Transcript


If you want to contact Scrivs or learn more about the courses he has on offer then you can do so here:

Obstacle (Scrivs blogging website)

Dare to Conquer (create a 6 figure business)

Blog Revenue Engine (make $1,000 per month within 6 months)

Scrivs From Dare to Conquer Podcast Summary

So there it is!

Deliver a transformation for someone and you will be on the right track to creating a 6 figure business.

The blueprint for creating a 6 figure business is within clicking distance (see what I did there!?)

Will it be easy?


Are the best things in life ever easy?

You know the answer to that one.

Keep changing for the better


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Starting a 6 figure online business

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    The Worst Mistake New Bloggers Make to Not Make Money- Paul Scrivens [Part 1]

    In the spirit of full transparency, know that this podcast show notes with Paul Scrivens from Dare to Conquer contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to read the full disclosure policy.

    Paul Scrivens from Dare to Conquer

    You probably know the feeling of trying to make money from a blog.

    Many people think it’s super hard and you’ll have to come up with a great idea to earn a cent. In fact, it doesn’t have to be this way.

    This podcast with Paul Scrivens from Dare to Conquer will show you the worst mistake that new bloggers make…

    And what you can do to fix it.

    Scrivs and I chat about:

    • How he started working in the “online world”
    • Why one of his websites went from 0 to over 1 million page views every month (in under 2 years)
    • The 2 mindset hurdles every entrepreneur has to overcome
    • What you can do if you’re not an “expert”

    This is another 2 part podcast, with more on how to start a 6-7 figure online business next week.

    Paul Scrivens Background

    Scrivs first job was a headhunter (aka helping other people find jobs… “recruitment consultant” if you’re from the UK).

    But there was a big issue with this…

    He hated working on the phone.

    So doing what any normal person would do in this situation he lied to his boss…

    “Hey, I can build websites for you”

    He had no idea how to… so he had to figure out how to do that in a day!

    This was Scrivs path into blogging.

    And the rest is history as they say…

    Sort of!

    As you listen in to the podcast you’ll hear how Paul Scrivens:

    • Was vagabonding for a while
    • Had to get a “real job” when he met his now-wife
    • He bounced between a few random jobs but…
    • He always hated working for someone else
    • How he created a course on web design to make $20k in a weekend

    But he still had no idea why certain things worked and others didn’t.

    Eventually, this led to…

    Thrive/Strive- From 1,800 pageviews in 3 Months to 1 Million Pageviews in One Month

    Scrivs started the health and fitness website with his brother and wife.

    After 20 months, Thrive/Strive was receiving 1 million pageviews each month.

    But it wasn’t always that way…

    The Worst Mistake From a New Blogger

    There is one big mistake many online entrepreneurs make.

    It is the one reason why many people fail or waste so much time:

    You try to create something brand new.

    Many people put off starting or fail because of this one mistake.

    Everything that works (aka makes money online) has already been done.

    You can copy the idea or model that someone else has done.

    Obviously don’t completely copy it, you put your own spin on it.

    But if you can show people how to lose weight in one month, people will pay you for the information.

    Weight Loss

    Is it new?


    Does it work?


    Mindset & Initial Steps

    Scrivs explains this…

    You have to understand it is a process.

    You will not start making crazy money after a day… or a week… or a month.

    The success stories you hear don’t always explain the struggle or failures these people had on the way.

    You’re going to have to do these 2 things before you get anywhere:

    • Overcome your own self-doubt
    • Then overcome the self-doubt of your friends and family

    The best way to do that is to start taking action.

    How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

    The platform that opened Scrivs’ eyes to how to get free traffic quickly was of course…


    It has been proven by so many successful bloggers that it’s hard to ignore the power of Pinterest to get free traffic quickly.

    Related content:

    Not an Expert in a Niche?

    You don’t have to be.

    All you need to be is one step ahead of the people reading your website.

    If you really are not confident in that niche you can always consider yourself as…

    Research Assistant Organise & Planning

    A research assistant.

    That is still super useful for people.

    You find out the answer so that they don’t have to.

    Full Podcast Transcript


    If you want to contact Scrivs or learn more about the courses he has on offer then you can do so here:

    Obstacle (blogging website)

    Dare to Conquer (create a 6 figure business)

    Blog Revenue Engine (make $1,000 per month within 6 months)

    Paul Scrivens from Dare to Conquer Podcast Summary

    So that wraps up part one for the podcast with Scrivs.

    What was your main takeaway from this? Is this mistake something you can relate to, or have you seen anyone else making this mistake online before? Do you agree that this is the worst mistake new bloggers make?

    Drop a comment below!

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    Why your blog makes no money

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      Mike’s Values Rant… Plus, Find Out the Future of Make Time Online

      MTO20- Mike’s values rant show notes and the future of Make Time Online. 

      You probably already know that recognising your most important values is crucial to living a life that you love. 

      However, most people aren’t really sure what their main values are. By watching the short Tony Robbins YouTube video, you can see what 6 main values drive human beings. 

      This podcast discusses why so many people may not realise what they place importance on. Plus it will share the future of the show with you. SPOILER ALERT… I need your help!

      The 6 Values

      As you listen to this podcast you will realise the 6 main values that most humans will have:

      1. Certainty 
      2. Uncertainty
      3. Significance
      4. Love
      5. Growth
      6. Contribution

      However, it may be a surprise what most of us rank as the most important.

      Listen in to find out: 

      • What most people value the most 
      • What to do to realign your values 

      If you’d like more information on how to create your own personal mission statement using your values then check out “How to Write a Personal Mission Statement in 3 Steps”

      The Video

      Here is the video by Tony Robbins that is talked about in the podcast. 

      It will certainly make you think and question what is most important to you.

      The Future of Make Time Online

      So I am taking a year off work next year to concentrate fully on growing this online business. The whole point of this website and podcast is to help you live life on your own terms and make money online to free up your time. 

      However, for it to be successful I need to hear from you.

      I want to create content that helps you the most. 


      Here are some questions that may help you answer this:

      1. Are you finding it hard to increase your blog traffic? Check out my chat with Ben and Jeff for more info on “How They Used Pinterest to Create a 240k/ Month Online Business
      2. Would you like short specific tips on the podcast i.e. email marketing, blog traffic, affiliate marketing tips etc. Check out “How to Invest in Index Funds” and “Affiliate Marketing Online: The Secrets Revealed
      3. Do you get more value from the longer format interviews diving in deeper into people’s lives who are living life on their own terms? Check out my chat with Grant Sabatier about “How to Earn $50,000 in 4 Days“. 
      4. Would you like to hear more about investing in UK property and how it’s possible to do from outside the UK? Check out my chat with “Tej from Tej Talks” 
      5. Do you want to hear other ways to make money online to free up your time? Check out “How Rob from Flea Market Flippers has Over $100k of Inventory from a Chair Found in the Trash“.

      I can be your own guinea pig to work these things out for you, share my own personal experience and find people that know the answers to your questions. 

      So feel free to use me and drop a comment below to let me know what you want to know more about. 


      Rank your values in order:

      1. Certainty 
      2. Uncertainty
      3. Significance
      4. Love
      5. Growth
      6. Contribution

      Really think about what it has been in the past and what you want your top two values to be and why.

      Future of Make Time Online- Summary

      Give me your honest opinion about the podcast, do you prefer the longer in-depth chats or do you get more from the specific topics covered?

      Don’t forget to drop me a comment with anything you want to learn more about or what you are currently trying out.

      Keep changing for the better,


      P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, check out this 1-minute video to see more information about my #1 recommended program

      Wealthy Affiliate Short Video

      Ryan Biddulph, Blogging From Paradise: Retire to a Life of Island Hopping Through Smart Blogging

      In the spirit of full transparency, know that this podcast with Ryan Biddulph, Blogging From Paradise contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

      Ryan Biddulph Blogging From Paradise

      You may agree that living a life of island hopping and travelling the world sounds pretty idyllic.

      Most people think this lifestyle is something that only billionaires can achieve. However, by using smart blogging methods you are about to find out that anyone can choose this lifestyle if they wish.

      In this podcast with Ryan Biddulph from Blogging From Paradise we chat about:

      • How he went from a struggling blogger to a super successful blogger
      • The secret to Ryan’s success
      • How he wrote a book a day for 3 months whilst living in Bali
      • The worst thing that is holding people back from living their dream life

      Ryan Biddulph’s Background

      2 mins

      In the next few minutes, you are going to learn that Ryan was a security guard 10 years ago. He was just your average American who:

      • Had his last vacation in 1989 to South Carolina 
      • Didn’t own a passport before 2011 and had never been on a plane

      He was aware that he wasn’t living life the way that he wanted to. But it wasn’t until his wife, Kelli, introduced him to making money online that he saw how it could be any different.

      Once he saw it could be possible Ryan packed up and moved to Bali (his first ever flight in 2011!!)

      Ryan talks about his initial struggles:

      • He started with a “Make Money Online blog”, but didn’t have the passion
      • He made money initially with freelance stuff and writing articles

      But he didn’t really find success until…

      Blogging From Paradise Was Born

      6 mins

      Imagine what it would be like if you could live in Savu Savu, Fiji for free. 

      Fiji Savu Savu
      Ryan’s view when he started Blogging From Paradise

      Well, this is exactly what Ryan and Kelli did.

      They got their first house sitting experience after just 3 skype interviews… no experience!

      It was here on the beautiful island of Fiji in 2014 that Ryan hatched Blogging From Paradise.

      This is when he moved from the freelance model (trading time for money) to a passive income model.

      The further on you listen to this podcast the more you will realise that blogging can create multiple streams of income and there’s no limit to it.

      Ryan’s Secret

      8:30 mins

      So you want to know Ryan’s secret?

      OK, lean in a bit closer…

      It’s energy.

      Nothing more to it!

      Ryan started following successful, happy people i.e. Tim Ferris, Richard Branson and Tony Robbins.

      The common factor was their energy and passion.

      Is your attention and energy coming from a place of love and positivity or fear and scarcity?

      In the “make money online” niche, Ryan was in it more for the money.

      He realised a lot of bloggers were working full time and were actually quite depressed chasing money. But when he focused on improving his energy and positivity, everything else started to fall into place. 

      Creating content sets everything up and builds trust.

      However, connecting and creating the right energy is the most important thing.

      Related content:

      Energy Management Tips

      12 mins

      Ryan’s top tip is to research different energy management tips and try things out, such as:

      • Walking
      • Deep yin yoga
      • Prayer
      • Meditation
      • Write a grateful list every day
      • *EFT Tapping
      • *Cryotherapy i.e. cold showers

      * Do check in with your doctor before trying anything you are unsure about!!

      Meditating won’t make you peaceful, but it will make you aware of your energy and you can act on that! Your thoughts and feelings often stop you from building relationships and creating or connecting in the way you want. 

      Move away from fear and scarcity to a mindset of abundance and positivityClick To Tweet

      Writing 126 Books- Writing 1 Book a Day for 3 Months!

      15 mins

      “This is what happens when you raise your energy”

      Ryan explains that when you let your limiting beliefs go you can access pure “flow”.

      Ryan Biddulph Blogging From Paradise

      He wrote short books between 4-6,000 words each day on:

      • Practical blogging tips
      • Energy
      • Work
      • Inspiration
      • Plus a lot more!

      Some of the books went “off niche” but people still buy them when you utilise online tools like Amazon. 

      Energy dictates action and inaction.

      The Hard Work Consciousness Myth

      20 mins

      You probably know that most people will focus on scarcity rather than all their wins. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

      • If I just had more money then I could…
      • When I get this job then I will…
      • I wish I had the time to travel…

      Ryan started to realise that he was often in the perfect place and perfect time. 

      Do you being to notice that it’s not about putting in more effort and time, but getting your mindset and energy right first?

      Devote energy and attention to things you are grateful for i.e. start to see riches in your mind from the money you have made 10 years ago, and money will flow to you.

      Being Grateful

      25 mins

      Wouldn’t life be amazing if you could only focus on the positives?

      You may find people say some nasty things online. But you can starve these people of attention and keep going back to where you are loved.

      Ryan Biddulph Blogging From Paradise

      Give attention and energy to people that appreciate you and it creates more and more positivity and gets rid of the negativity. 

      And before long you will achieve the 2 F’s:

      1. Freedom
      2. and finances

      Achieving Freedom

      28 mins

      Make choices on a foundational and base level.

      The main decision Ryan and Kelli made was:

      To circle the globe and go wherever they want whenever they want to.

      To do this they have released possessions and own only things that they carry with them. 

      Ryan didn’t want to trade time for money so he created passive income streams.

      But happiness comes in first! 

      Focus on fun and freedom then the money comes. 

      Let me ask you this, what would make a bigger impact… dropping a pebble or the world trade centre falling?

      Still lake

      Now let me ask you this, which one do you think you would notice more:

      1. Dropping a pebble into a still pond
      2. Throwing the world trade centre into a hurricane and chaos

      Find stillness and each small meaningful action will have a much bigger impact. 

      Passive Income Streams from Blogging

      33 mins

      During this section Ryan mentions different methods that he has personally used to create passive income:

      • Online courses
      • Self publish ebooks
      • Convert some to audio books (using acx.com to put them onto audible, iTunes and Amazon)
      • Convert to paperback 
      • Sponsored posts and advertising streams
      • Affiliate marketing i.e. Amazon Associates
      • Paid Tweets for organisations

      You will, however, make more money more quickly through active streams such as:

      • Coaching
      • Consulting 
      • Freelancing

      Money is an inside game and feeling like you can prosper. 

      It doesn’t have to take such a long time if you can think. In fact, you can learn more about how it’s possible to start making money in a short space of time with “Affiliate Marketing Online: The Secrets Revealed“.

      Related content:

      Automating Tools

      33 mins

      Ryans best tip to automate is to connect with tribes i.e. Triberr

      If you share other people’s content, they will share yours.

      Leverage your relationships to automate your marketing no matter what you are doing. 

      The easiest way to befriend another blogger is to promote them, share their content, comment detailed and useful responses on their posts.

      Be as generous as possible!!

      You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want. Zig Ziglar Click To Tweet

      There are many online tools you can use to automate things and help you to be more productive. Check out how you can “Save Hours of Time & Money with these Resources“.

      Normal Day for Ryan Right Now

      45 min

      This changes a LOT depending on where Ryan is.

      Living in Bali or Fiji is very different from living in USA. 

      Some typical things Ryan will do each day for his blogging:

      • Create a blog post 
      • Guest post on bloggingtips.com
      • Comment on top blogs in his niche
      • Comment on Quora
      • Facebook video (live or recorded)
      • Help people and promote other people

      Do you begin to notice that everything Ryan does revolve around the 2 C’s (Create and Connect)

      Other things Ryan may do to pull back:

      • Walk for an hour or so
      • Read
      • 90 mins of deep yin yoga
      • Having fun
      • Travel
      • Meditate
      • Eating in amazing places over the world

      Related content:

      3 Tips for Himself

      52 mins

      If Ryan could go back to when he was sitting on the tarmac at JFK in 2011 about to take off to Bali… here is what he would tell himself:

      1. Be present when travelling
      2. Spend more time doing number 1, less time working online
      3. Everything is energy aka mindset 

      Are you beginning to see how when you focus on the wins in your life the more wins you will start achieving? 


      Continue to read 10 pages of a self-development each day.

      Check out Ryan’s book to get more insights into how he has created this lifestyle and how you can do it too:

      Blogging from Paradise: How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping Through Smart Blogging

      Links to Connect With Ryan

      bloggingfromparadise.com The contact page will be his email address



      Ryan Biddulph, Blogging From Paradise Summary

      As you absorb this information, you’ll notice that there are so many great takeaways from this podcast with Ryan Biddulph. 

      Some of the key ones are:

      1. Be present in day to day life
      2. Have fun offline to be more effective online! 
      3. Work on your mindset and focus on your energy
      4. Focus on your wins! Be grateful (do you have food in your fridge, are you breathing, did someone look at your website this week? These are all wins!)
      5. Decide what life you want to live… find a way to do it

      Little by little you realise that you can live the life that you dream of. Drop a comment below with your main takeaway from this podcast.

      Keep changing for the better,


      P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, check out this 1-minute video to see more information about this proven 4-step system

      Wealthy Affiliate Short Video

      How to Start a Podcast & Find UK Property Sourcing Agents- W/ Tej From Tej Talks

      In the spirit of full transparency, know that the show notes for this podcast with Tej from Tej Talks contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

      Tej from Tej Talks

      You probably agree that you get nothing in life for free.

      Most people think that you need to pay a hefty fee for education in whatever it is you want to learn more about i.e. property! Tej from Tej Talks proves there may be another way to learn the information that you want.

      In this podcast we chat about:

      • The benefits of starting a podcast
      • Some of the things you should do when looking for a property sourcing agent
      • How to start a podcast and how it’s possible to make money from it
      • Why random people know Tej likes cheese and bright jumpers

      Tej’s Background

      4 mins

      As you listen to this podcast you will discover how Tej found his hidden talent… storytelling!

      Tej is just your normal bloke… he has a background in science and got a medical education job (like advertising but for doctors and nursing). 

      Listen in to find out:

      • How Tej got a BIG pay rise when he was 23
      • And then why Tej had to stop himself smiling when he got fired from his job
      • What he hated about working for the man

      Tej then went onto build his own recruitment company but managed to “win” some property education (find out how in the show).

      You’ll find out that this made him want to learn more about property. 

      So he did what anyone would do…started a property podcast! (This is my sarcastic writing tone btw!)

      Tej Started a Podcast- Tej Talks 

      13 mins

      Tej didn’t really do any research up front. But he went off a hunch:

      • He listened to podcasts.
      • He loved getting loads of education in “dead time” (like his commute, at the gym, walking etc.)
      • So he figured other people would want that too!

      He even explains that he didn’t do some things he probably should have before starting such as:

      • A SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threat) analysis
      • Research competition

      Tej just started interviewing property investors to make a podcast a week.

      Tej from Tej Talks

      Now Tej produces 2 podcasts a week:

      • Monday’s: Mindful Mondays, social media Monday, what he’s up to etc. (usually just him)
      • Wednesday’s are interviews with other people

      As you listen in you will start to figure out some of the benefits of podcasting such as building your own personal brand, networking and learning more about what you’re interested in.

      Property Journey

      21 mins

      During this section Tej talks about why he chose to start investing in South Wales:

      • Strong rental demand
      • Low entry prices
      • Not too far from home
      • Gorgeous place – It has waterfalls!
      • Estate agents are bit more “wisdomness”

      And here is more info on Tej’s current deal:

      • 3-bed house 
      • Needs some work but nothing major
      • Good floors and walls
      • Spending 5k on the refurb

      And the numbers:

      • Bought for: 50k
      • The finished value is: 85k
      • Total money put in: 63k (purchase price, arrangement fee, sourcing fee, management etc.)
      • 75% of 80k is 60k 
      • = £3k “left in the deal”
      • net £240 profit a month after mortgage and monthly costs!

      This is almost a 100% return and Tej is a conservative little rascal… so it could be even better! Click here to read more about the deal.

      Now I can almost hear your mind thinking… how the heck did he find this bad boy?…

      Tej Used a Sourcing Agent

      25 mins

      Tej met this particular sourcing agent at a masterclass a year ago.

      He “watched” him for 6 months using Facebook, chatting to him and getting deals sent through.


      Tej also knew someone else that had used them and had said good things. 

      In this part of the podcast Tej reveals:

      • They have a slightly different mindset to analysing the deals 
      • How the refurbishment will be managed
      • 99.8% of sourcing agents are s***!

      Note there may be some made up facts before you get your knickers in a twist…

      Tips to Find a Sourcer…

      30 mins

      If you’re like me then you’re probably super excited to hear some top tips to find a sourcing agent:

      1. Meet them (Skype calls are the next best thing)
      2. Watch them (social media platforms)
      3. It’s good if they have a personal brand (they’ll fall harder if they mess around… i.e. you can post on Facebook!)
      4. Get deals sent to you (check out their details)
      5. Speak to them (do you get on?)
      6. Get a referral (ideally if you know someone that’s used them)

      You will also find out what Tej recommends you should do when you’re happy with the sourcing agent and you are interested in a deal.

      How to Invest in Property From Abroad

      35 mins

      There are a few options Tej provides for people that are abroad and interested in investing in the UK property market:

      • Find a sourcing agent
      • Work with a business partner in the UK
      • Know your value i.e. What can you offer? (Money, time, connecting people etc.)

      Are you beginning to see that you are going to HAVE to work with people if you want to get involved in property?

      Tej’s Normal Day

      39 mins

      Funny enough… every day is different! Are you starting to see this seems to be a common theme on the podcast?

      Here are some of the things he will get up to:

      • Records podcasts
      • Write content
      • Helps friends launch businesses & brand consulting
      • Views property in Wales
      • Keep in touch with agents and investor outreach

      Tej likes to have a balance between structuring his days but also the freedom to choose what he wants to do. 

      How to Start a Podcast

      43 mins

      Tej talks about his “Podcast Master Guide” that he has put together. This includes:

      • Software and hardware required
      • How to do it 
      • Where to do it
      • How to build a brand around it
      • How to edit the podcast
      • And so much more…

      The more you listen to this podcast the more you will notice that taking action is far more important than perfecting anything you try out. You can always get perfect later!

      How to Monetise a Podcast

      43 mins

      If you are like me then you probably don’t really know how people make money from their podcast. Tej talks about 2 different ways this is possible:

      1. Adverts- before, during or after (think those American over the top ones!)
      2. Trickle down revenue- build trust and provide loads of value for free!

      When you have something to offer, people are more likely to invest in YOU, not the tool or platform if they trust you.

      If Tej Could go Back in Time…

      43 mins

      If Tej could give himself advice just before he got fired here is what he would say:

      1. Have a side hustle & build a brand
      2. Network
      3. Read more

      If you are interested in starting a side hustle but don’t know where to start then here are some articles that may help you decide why and what you should do:


      51 mins

      Here are the best places to connect with Tej:




      Email: tej@bricksandmore.co


      I would recommend Facebook if you are all of the above!


      51 mins

      1. This is a timely reminder for myself too:

      Keep reading 10 pages of a book that adds something to you every day. 

      Remember to make it a habit! Read before bed or when you first wake up or on your lunch break or commute to work. 

      Check out the “Best Self Improvement books of all time: Lessons from 100 Books” if you’re not sure what to read next.

      2. If you are interested in starting a podcast check out Tej’s “Master Guide“. 

      Tej From Tej Talks Summary

      Here are 5 of the big takeaways from this podcast:

      1. Have a side hustle (read more in “Discover the Perfect Part Time Job Online“)
      2. Network (Learn some of the best tips to do that “Your Network is Your Net Worth“)
      3. Read more 
      4. Leverage other people’s time and money
      5. Do your own research

      Remember to subscribe and leave a review to the podcast. You can do that on Apple here.

      Keep changing for the better,


      P.S. If you are interested in starting a side hustle check out this simple step by step system to get a profitable website created. It’s using a 4-step process to make money online to free up your time.

      How to Swap a Free Chair for a House & $300k+ w/ Rob Stephenson From Flea Market Flipper

      In the spirit of full transparency, know that this podcast with Rob Stephenson from Flea Market Flipper contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

      Rob Stephenson from Flea Market Flipper

      If you’re like me, you probably get excited about earning money for free…

      Well, how does over half a million dollars in one year sound?

      Rob Stephenson from Flea Market Flipper joins the show to chat about…

      • How a chair from the junk can become a rental property and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory
      • An opportunity for people all over the world
      • Why Rob is so good with the ladies… lucky Melissa!

      Be sure to check out the free video workshop by Rob below.

      Rob’s Background

      1:30 mins

      The more you listen to this podcast the more you will learn that Rob is just a normal guy like you and me. You will find out…

      • Rob grew up as the youngest of 7 kids… and the only boy!
      • His parents went to flea markets at the weekends when he was growing up
      • Why he had to take on flea market flipping full time in 2015
      Rob Stephenson from Flea Market Flipper

      Later on in our chat, you will find out why the security of a job is not always that “secure”…

      Now What About This Flipping Challenge?

      3:30 mins

      I literally couldn’t hold back my excitement about this!

      This is one of the most incredible financial stories I’ve heard ever…

      • They found a chair in the rubbish (trash for you Americans!)
      • Ended up buying 2 exercise bikes for this
      • Then it multiplied…
      • By the end of this week, they will have $10,000 in cash and over $100,000 inventory
      • By the end of the year, Rob predicts they will have $150,000 in cash for a rental property and $300-400k inventory (make sure you follow them to see if they can do it!)

      Are you beginning to realise that anyone can start doing this… without needing any money! Now, who said you need money to make money??

      Melissa claims that Rob wakes up every Saturday with a “pep in his step” about going to find a bargain!

      Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…

      Yes Please!!!… Where Can I Start?

      9 mins

      During this part, Rob explains that…

      • Flea markets are only one avenue
      • Trash day is the best day
      • Buy locally – Facebook, eBay, online stores

      The more you listen to this podcast the more you begin to notice this may actually be possible…

      Related content:

      Rob’s Secret…

      11:30 mins

      Right, lean in a bit closer here.

      You need to listen carefully to find out how to…

      • Build core relationships
      • Make contacts with the “right people”
      Handshake meeting people

      Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get these crazy bargains brought straight to you rather than having to find them every time?

      OK, but once we get the deals, this begs the question…

      How Can You Sell it?

      13:30 mins

      Now, let me ask you a personal question… “Have you ever tried to sell something and found it annoying when people haggle with you to knock the price down?”

      Aha! Rob to the rescue once more…

      • Don’t try to sell locally i.e. Craigslist, Facebook only have 40-60 thousand people in a community
      • eBay has over 171 million users- Therefore makes up 80-90% of Flea Market Flipper’s sales
      • Learn about their business model… Buy locally, build relationships, sell online worldwide (simples!)

      In a moment, Rob will tell you how to…

      Figure Out The System in Your Area!

      17 mins

      If you live in any of the “top 5” big countries (UK, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia) then you’re laughing. If not, you’re about to see that when there’s a will there is a way…

      • Get onto eBay and work out how it works in your area
      • Discover how to save so much money on the shipping (44% better off)
      • How Rob ships stupidly big stuff!… oh and gets paid for it!
      • How to avoid wasting your time haggling when you are selling
      Ship internationally

      Imagine what you could do if you knew how to make a quick couple of thousand dollars anywhere, anytime…

      Flea Market Flipper Insane Deals

      20 mins

      So do you want to know what is possible? Find out:

      • How they flipped a Security tower (like the massive ones at Disney)- bought for $5k sold for $25k
      • And a Harley Davison Sign- bought for $250 sold for $7,500 (plus a bonus on the shipping… this was big!)
      • The secret key for what to look for when purchasing something
      • How to avoid gambling

      Since you’re still here I’m going to assume you would like to know…

      How Can I Learn More About This?

      24 mins

      Now, Rob and Mellisa would like to help you experience some of this success for yourself.

      What if you didn’t have to make the same mistakes they did when they started?

      They have figured out all the hard stuff through trial and error and have created an online course that anyone can start implementing straight away.

      Rob Stephenson from Flea Market Flipper

      You’ve got to wonder what it would be like to have the time to spend with your family or helping out your friends rather than being tied down to a 9-5 job.

      Because that’s exactly how Rob had just spent his day before speaking to me.

      If Rob Could Time Travel…

      27 mins

      Before Flea Market Flipper, Rob was working in an office job.

      He was called into his boss’s office one day to find out that his families health insurance was being removed. And he had his third child due just after this was going to happen.

      Can you imagine the stress of trying to figure out how you will cover thousands of dollars worth of expenses whilst you’re about to have your third child?

      Stressed at a computer

      So these are the top 3 tips Rob would give himself if he went back to when he was still working in a cubicle…

      1. Finding something that you’re passionate about- start off with something you are intrigued by… it may become a passion
      2. Consistency- Some people may do it now and then, but you will not find deals every day or every time you look for it.
      3. Discipline- Do what needs to be done, don’t delay it.

      In a minute you will learn what action you can take right now to set your future on a different path…


      31 mins

      This one is a no brainer!

      When you try out the free workshop that Rob and Melissa have created you will see why so many people recommend this to their friends.

      It’s about an hour long and there are so many little nuggets of information in there.

      Plus you get a free ebook on how to sell on eBay just for attending.

      Click the video below to check it out…


      You can contact Rob through their website…


      Or you can send him an email on…


      Rob Stephenson From Flea Market Flipper Summary

      So, before you go, here are my 5 big takeaways from this chat with Rob…

      1. Finding something that you’re passionate about
      2. Consistency
      3. Discipline
      4. Build relationships
      5. Take action- you probably have heard of eBay before… but have you used it as Rob does?

      Like so many things in life they are all easy to do… but easy not to do. You decide what path you’re going to take.

      Keep changing for the better,


      P.S. Let me know in the comments what is your biggest takeaway from this podcast. And don’t forget to share this page if you think it’s an opportunity that could help you or any friends!

      How to Invest in Index Funds

      MTO7- Podcast on how to invest in index funds. Note I am not a financial advisor these are just my opinions that have been formed from researching different studies and books. Please, please, please do your own research. Remember knowledge is power!

      This is a 3 part podcast series on index funds:

      1. 7 reasons you should invest in index funds today
      2. How to invest in index funds
      3. The ultimate passive income strategy using index funds

      You may agree that finding a way of earning passive income is not very easy. 

      Most people will want to find ways of doing this but don’t know where to start. If you listen to episode one of this 3-part podcast you will learn 7 reasons why index funds can provide a genuine passive income stream. 

      This podcast will show you how to invest in index funds and the best platforms to use when doing so.

      How to Invest in Index Funds if You’re From the UK, US or Australia

      (1 min)

      There is a simple way to get started if you are from one of these 3 countries… Vanguard.

      John C. Bogle (the founder of Vanguard) has basically invented index funds so that normal people can get invest in index funds. 

      There are 2 main reasons why Vanguard is the best way to invest in index funds:

      1. Their fees are the lowest you’ll find
      2. You can invest in “retirement funds” which are managed for you

      Click the following links to learn more and get started:

      Vanguard UK

      Vanguard US

      Vanguard Australia

      (Note these are not affiliate links!)

      Stocks vs Bonds Figures

      (5 min)

      Stocks are small portions of a company. The company uses this money for growth and you can see an increase in the price of the company stocks if they do well over time. 

      Bonds are basically a form of debt (usually for a company or government)- you find out the interest rate and when the borrower agrees to pay you ahead of time. Check out this short Penny Hoarder YouTube video to explain this simply…

      Typically stocks will outperform bonds in the long run. However, bonds are historically much more “safe” and less likely to have a big drop in any given year. 

      These are the stats for the 10-year range between 2008-2018:

      Bonds- 4.18% annual return 

      Stocks- 8.72% annual return

      Just remember if you invest in a single company and it goes bust you would lose all of your money invested with them. When you invest in index funds this cannot happen (unless all the companies in the whole country go bust at the same time). Check out part one for a reminder about this. 

      The simple way to look at this is that if you are younger it would be wiser to invest more in stocks than bonds (as they have a larger gain over time). If you need to start withdrawing money from your investment pot then you may want to have a higher ratio of bonds as they are less likely to have a big drop in any given year.

      This leads to Vanguards amazing retirement funds…

      Vanguard Retirement Fund Benefits

      (6 min)

      There are 2 massive advantages of using Vanguard retirement funds. 

      1. Hands off- Saves you more time!
      2. Leave your emotions out of it Rebalance portfolio- Buy low and sell high automatically 

      Look at how transparent the fees are for this account as well. You will find it almost impossible to pay such a little amount in fees when compared to transaction costs (if you buy stocks yourself) or management fees you would find in any mutual funds. 

      So the best thing about investing in these retirement funds is that you don’t have to do anything! It’s completely hands off and your account will be managed for you making you more time! But that’s not all…

      Morningstar discovered that DIY investors tend to underperform the Vanguard retirement fund.

      This is because investors tend to speculate on the market and buy when prices are higher and sell when prices are lower (if you listen to the news it makes it very hard not to do these things!)

      So all of this uncertainty in the market at present (March 2019) leading up to Brexit and the trade agreements between USA and China may mean the market is more stagnant or we may even see a correction. But that is a great time to buy more funds (as the market is on sale!) 


      Minimum Amount to Get Started

      (11 min)

      Now, I can almost hear your mind saying… but I haven’t got enough money to get started. This is a concern that a lot of people have when they start investing. But as you can see the minimum amount to open an account is very reasonable:

      • UK- £500 or £100 per month instalment.
      • USA- $1,000 to get started with a “retirement fund”.
      • Australia – $3,000 to get started with a “retirement fund”.

      Just so you know you can put a lot more than this into an account if you have it, but you will likely need a lot less than you may have first thought. 

      What Account to Open?


      If you’re from the UK you get £20,000 per year to put into an ISA (Individual Savings Account). This is completely tax-free and you won’t pay any capital gains tax (CGT) or income tax. Check out Vanguard’s “Benefits of Investing in an ISA” to understand more about which account you should open.


      If you’re from the US, check out this link to understand more about the best account(s) to open. 

      Invest for the Long Run

      (13 min)

      View the money you are putting in like a future pension pot. It’s not money that you can dip into if you want to go on a fancy holiday next year. 

      This lets compound interest do its magic over time. 

      Skip the below video to 6:50 minutes in to see the power of compound interest in a simple story…

      How to Invest as an Expat or From Another Country

      (14 min)

      Open an account with Saxo for the region you live in.

      Invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). These are very similar to index funds but they just have a different fancy name. 

      Read Investopedia’s article on the advantages and drawbacks of ETFs to understand them a bit more. 

      1. Open an account with Saxo
      2. Buy ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
      3. Keep your share allocation as you’d like it by buying more of the underperforming ETF

      Read more about this in Andrew Hallem’s article about investing as a British Expat in Singapore

      The Best Way to Earn Passive Income


      There are 2 action points for today:

      1. Work out your current annual expenses
      2. Open an account to start investing in index funds for where you live 

      Finding out more about your current financial situation can be an unbearable thought for some people. It’s much easier just to carry on doing what you’re doing than facing the harsh reality of where your money is going. 

      But I can tell you from experience it 100% helps your future self to allocate your money on things that you want rather than finding there’s not enough month at the end of the money.

      Related: How we Save £30,000 a Year and Travel as Teachers

      You can get your free financial statement planner and the tips on how to use it below to easily work out your annual expenses. 


      So should you invest in index funds? Does a bear poop in the woods? 

      Listen to the first part of this short series here to see the 7 reasons why you should invest in index funds ASAP. 

      As you can see it doesn’t have to be a long task or really complex to get started with investing in index funds. If you can get a Vanguard account then get on like that bears poop would get stuck on velcro. If not find a brokerage account that you can buy ETFs for a low transaction fee (Saxo!)

      ….and remember…

      The best time to start investing was when you were born. The second best time is today.  

      Keep changing for the better,


      P.S. Do comment below to let us know what you currently invest in or what is holding you back from starting… or send me a message on WA here

      MTO5 w/ Pete McPherson – The Future of Digital Marketing is Going to be…

      The future of digital marketing… Seriously?

      Yep, it’s revealed in this podcast. And if you don’t believe me, decide for yourself.

      About Pete

      2 mins
      the future of digital marketing

      Pete is a normal guy. 

      Band Nerd. 

      Majored in music… and then decided to quit before finishing. 

      He did the odd job, then tried more college degrees. 

      And finished in the most exciting career path known to man…

      No not astronauting…


      He found the American dream and jumped straight into the script, only to find he was miserable 🙁

      And so he did what everyone else does (or do they?)… 


      Why do Some Projects not Work? 

      14 mins


      Pete tried loads of blogs/ business ideas (around 50 in 10 years!) So he has a good idea of what does and more importantly for us… what does not work.

      Main lesson:

      He found that he didn’t give his blogs the time to grow. 

      It takes more time than you think.

      As a general rule, you should plan what you expect to happen and times it by 3!

      Breaking the $10k per month barrier!

      20 mins

      14 months into Pete’s current website, Do You Even Blog, he made over $10K in one month (November 2018). Here is his $9,663 July 2018 report.

      He’s now working on funnels to be more personalised and automated to create more passive income. This just so happens to be a sneak peek into what WILL help you stand out like Shaquille O’Neil at a midgets convention. 

      Related Articles:

      Start Monetising Your Blog

      23 mins


      Pete is a big fan of creating his own products.

      However, if you are just starting out then creating paid products is not the way to go.

      With the right audience you can do anything

      Your focus should be on growing your audience. 

      To do this you need to tell the same story on everything!

      To monetise a website early on you can use advertising (this is not recommended for some niches i.e. digital marketing can detract trust) and affiliate marketing.

      But one of Pete’s regrets is focusing on monetising his website(s) too soon. 

      Related articles:

      How to Optimise Your Time!

      31 mins


      So let’s just reel these off:

      1. Get fast internet
      2. Turn the sensitivity on your trackpad/ mouse to the max! 100% DO THIS!!
      3. Type faster- if your typing speed is under 75 then improve this (Pete’s is over 100… mine is 48 aka new challenge for me this week!) click here to test yourself
      4. Make your content hyper personalised and timely (check out Brennan Dunn’s stuff doubleyourfreelancing.com)

      Main takeaway:

      The future of digital marketing is going to be HYPER personalised and timely.

      You heard it here first! (well I did anyway)

      Related article:

      Confronting Self Doubt

      46 mins

      There’s no easy answer here but I think Pete did a great job:

      1. Receive real feedback- although you can’t plan for this!
      2. A close group of people that are doing what you’re doing i.e. a mastermind group

      Finding people that are doing what you are doing is SOOOO important. Because it’s unlikely that many people you know will be doing something exactly like you. 

      It helps for motivation, accountability and sanity!

      Find them, engage, stay in contact. 

      ACTION & Links

      60 mins

      Do You Even Blog– Pete’s homepage is so well designed and so easy to navigate to a section that suits you! (Do you notice how it’s personalised?)

      Twitter- @doyouevenblog

      Podcast- Do You Even Blog


      Make sure you do these 4 things, they can change your life!


      • Increase mouse sensitivity
      • Get fast internet
      • Type faster
      • Start a blog

      If you’re interested in learning tips for how to get traffic using Pinterest then sign up below for a free email course.

      The Future of Digital Marketing Summary

      There are so many little gems in this chat with Pete. I highly recommend listening to the section on optimising your time from 31-46 minutes if you’re looking for some game-changing results with your digital marketing. 

      Here are my top 5 takeaways from this chat:

      1. Optimise your job- you don’t have to quit straight away you can have a side hustle and security. 
      2. Build a community- it doesn’t have to be massive even a few people that you really help!
      3. Mastermind group- find like-minded people doing the SAME thing
      4. Make content personalised and timely- This is the FUTURE!
      5. Don’t do what everyone else is doing

      And are you beginning to see that the future of digital marketing is going to be personalised and timely?

      If you have any questions or thoughts drop a comment below.

      Keep changing for the better,


      P.S. If you are still doubting whether you should give blogging a try then I dare you to click this and not want to give it a shot… I believe in blogging

      Seriously… I dare you!

      Oh and don’t forget to pin this!

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