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3 Worst Mistakes Bloggers Make & How to Fix Them- Alex Nerney From Create & Go [Part 2]

In the spirit of full transparency, know that this podcast show notes with Alex Nerney from Create and Go contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to read the full disclosure policy.

Alex Nerney Create and Go podcast

You probably agree that creating a blog is really creating an online business.

Some people don’t look at it this way as it seems too daunting.

Alex Nerney from Create and Go is on the podcast today to chat about:

  • The worst mistakes bloggers make
  • How Alex chipped his tooth by travelling at over 75 kph on a volcano
  • How he always knows exactly what the right thing to do for his business is
  • The pieces of advice he would give himself if he could go back in time

This is part 2 of the chat. If you’d like to hear how he created a 6 figure blog within one year then check out part 1 here.

#1 Fall for The Shiny Object Syndrome!

If you are like me, then you certainly know how this shiny object syndrome may feel!

There is so much on the Internet that it’s impossible to avoid the next best thing since sliced bread.

But there is a solution!

Alex read a book explaining how Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were in an interview.

They were asked a simple question…

“What is the number one reason that you had success?”

After 3 they both had to answer.

They hadn’t discussed it.

And do you know what they said?


It’s easy to dip in a take a bit of information from a lot of people.


But few people focus.

Few people become a “disciple” to one person (or a team). If you can do this you increase your chances of success tremendously!

#2 Not Becoming an Expert in One Thing

It’s very easy to want to talk about everything that you are interested in.

The issue with this online is that you confuse… everyone!

Including Google and all the fancy algorithms.

The way blogging is moving is for people to become an expert in one singular thing.

A simple statement you can answer to work this out is…

I help “BLANK” to “BLANK”.

i.e. I help women to lose weight by using the Keto diet.

#3 The Wrong Mindset

“Here’s what to do” is important.

But so is the mindset.

In fact, it’s probably more important.


You can get the “what to do” from so many different people (remember it’s better to just pick one though). Implementing it day in day out is much harder.

Make sure you feed positive thoughts into your mind each day.

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Top 3 Tips For Himself If Alex Could Go Back in Time

The answer to this question always amazes me.

You can get some real pieces of wisdom and Alex did not fail to deliver.

  1. Narrow in on your target audience (solve one problem in other people’s lives)
  2. Trust yourself
  3. You’re going to make it

Imagine your future successful self speaking to you right now.

How reassuring would it be if they could tell you these 3 things?

Best Experiences Since Blogging

Alex and Lauren have had some great experiences since they started.

This is often the big “why” for many people starting in the online world.

Here are some of Alex’s favourites:

  1. Waking up when he wants and drinking his coffee in peace
  2. Buying organic food!
  3. Travelling at 75 kph volcano-boarding in Nicaragua
  4. Machu Pichu in Peru
  5. Authentic experiences in unique cultures (Portugal, Cusco in Peru etc.)

Do you see how living life on his own terms is far more important than living a fancy flashy life?

Create and Go’s Mission

To provide all the steps to help people make money online.

Alex wants to help people live their life on their own terms. He’s not so fussed about making people millionaires.

If you have a blog that is already generating traffic and you’re making some money from it then you may be interested in checking out Create and Go’s “Six-Figure Blogger” course.

This course is perfect if you’re looking to create your first product and automating the sales process.

There are 8 people that are now 6 figure bloggers that have taken this course!

Podcast Transcript


Here are some ways to get in contact with Alex or see more about his online businesses:

The website Create and Go (how to start a blog & make money blogging)

Create and Go Facebook Group

Create and Go YouTube

If you’d like to see all of Create and Go’s courses available then click here.

As Alex says it’s best to choose one person to learn from and stick with it. If you feel like you could learn to create the online business you want from Alex & Lauren then definitely check out their courses.

Alex Nerney From Create and Go- 6 Figure Bloggers Summary

Here are my 5 takeaways from this chat with Alex:

  1. No one cares about your fancy ideas (find what people are looking for already)
  2. Solve one problem… really well
  3. Focus. Use one training program from one “guru” until you achieve what you want
  4. Pinterest is just a tool to get traffic. If it disappears there’s always another one
  5. Track data (what posts get the most traffic, what opt-ins get the highest conversions, what emails get read the most?)

What was your main takeaway from this chat? Drop a comment below!

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19 Best Time-Saving Tools & Resources

In the spirit of full transparency, know that this time-saving tools and resources post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. In fact, you may receive a discount or some money for free! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

You probably know there are thousands of time-saving tools and resources. But knowing which ones to use can sometimes waste more time than anything.

Time saving recommended resources
Pin me!

Most people think that it’s super hard to do all the extra things they want each day. However, by using these time-saving tools and resources it’s possible to be way more efficient with your time and money.

This resource page is a list of the recommended services, products and companies that I use or have used that I KNOW are valuable. They can save you hours of time each week, which can make a huge difference in your productivity and sanity!

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time. Jim Rohn 

Recommended Blogging Resources


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Are you interested in making money online to free up your time?

Maybe you’ve started a blog or maybe you have an existing business that isn’t being well promoted online. Or maybe you would just like to know where to start…

Wealthy Affiliate literally holds your hand into getting an online business set up and driving FREE traffic to your website.

This is my TOP recommended blogging resource!

The reason for this is because it’s not only a hosting platform for up to 50 websites. It also comes with:

  • Affiliate marketing training (120 lessons with video and text, that is constantly updated, plus weekly live webinars)
  • Keyword research tool (Jaaxy costs $49/ Month by itself)
  • The support and community are second to none (there is always someone on live chat with over 1.5 million members)
  • & too much more to put in this time-saving tools and resources post

It’s completely free to start and costs $359 a year for the pro membership (there are many courses that cost more than this alone and come with none of the added benefits or support groups). If you’d like to learn more, check out my review here



Maybe you already know what you’re doing with blogging and you just need to get your hosting (essential for monetising your blog and getting it ranked on search engines).

I used to use Bluehost as it’s super easy and affordable to use and you can start from $3.95 per month through this link

If you are new to blogging I’d recommend getting the one-year hosting plan which will cost you just under $72.

Build Email Lists



Autoresponders are crucial blogging resources. 

It’s how you build a real relationship with your readers.

If you’re just starting out and you have 0 email subscribers, you’ll likely want to join a FREE autoresponder such as MailChimp

However, I wish I knew this from the start…

I started with MailChimp and found it very frustrating to have to manually change all of my opt-in forms on EVERY post when I finally did upgrade to a superior autoresponder… plus it’s just clunky and awkward (but you don’t know what you don’t know!)



Wow, this is so much easier!

You can create as many sequences, automations and opt-in forms as you like.

Combine that with the awesome analytics to see what your readers open and click it becomes very easy to provide personalised and specific information that suits your readers.

It does cost $29 a month but if you’re serious about making money online an autoresponder cannot be overlooked. Try ConverKit out for 14 days for free here.

I actually tried a lot of different autoresponders for the free tirals when I made the switch (GetResponse, Aweber, MailerLite, SendLane).

But none of these compared with the ease of use, analytics and quality layout of ConvertKit in my opinion

For Traffic



Pinterest is THE best way to get traffic for free quickly to a new blog.


The main reason for this is because it acts in a similar way as Google (sending users to content). But it’s possible to create viral pins and get traffic much quicker than it takes for Google to recognise your website. Read more about this in “5 Secret Pinterest Hacks to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Tailwind’s now the only legitimate partner to Pinterest and is a way that you can automate your pins (rather than sitting on Pinterest all day or waking up at silly O’Clock to pin at the best time for your audience).

You can give it a try with 100 pins for free here. It will cost $9.99 a month after that to continue but it’s one of the things I wish I purchased much sooner than I did as it saves soooo much time and brings in sooo much traffic!

Create Pins/ Design Logo’s


Now, I can almost hear your mind saying… SERIOUSLY???

Well… yes

For 3 main reasons:

  1. You probably already know how to use it (thank you ICT @ school!)
  2. It’s easier to create designs that STAND OUT on Pinterest (everyone else uses Canva!)
  3. You have more control over the details and design (i.e. using shadows to make words “pop” out)
Do you notice the difference between my old pins (left) and new ones (right)?

I didn’t want to believe this either until I tried out BTOP’s $9 “Create the perfect pin” course. This was a HUGE game changer in seeing some awesome traffic from Pinterest and it walks you through how Jeff and Ben have designed their pins to help them grow their websites to over $240k/ month business.

The Perfect Pin course
Click the picture to see more about this insanely cost-effective course

True story- I didn’t try this course for a few months because I thought it couldn’t be much good for $9… I kicked myself hard when I tried it!



An amazing FREE graphic designer website. You can design some amazing pins (for Pinterest) blog cover pics and logos here. 

Graphic designers are highly recommended for blogging resources but I’ve already mentioned how you can use programs such as Powerpoint to get the same if not better results.

I have also used Snappa in the past but I don’t recommend it as it costs around $10 a month… I would highly recommend using a free tool and getting Tailwind for this money.

For Writing



I’m not sure how I ever used to live without this one!

Grammarly fixes spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes online so you can write freely knowing a big red line will show up whenever you misspell something simple!

Another great free extension. It has a paid version but the free one is great for the basics.

A massive tip is to use a hypnotic writing cheatsheet and analogy book so you can go edit your writing with words that scientifically proven to increase reader engagement. Get yours for free here…

Podcast Resources



You also need hosting (somewhere to store it) to put a podcast out there into the world.

Podbean is user-friendly, has no limits to how much you can produce in a month (great for long formats/ interviews) whilst also the most friendly way to do this on your pocket ($9 a month)



This is another free resource and is fricking awesome!

It’s easy enough to learn how to use with a couple of YouTube videos or just playing around and it can help to produce a professional-sounding podcast quickly. Did I mention Audacity it’s free?



Have you ever listened to a podcast where someone is being interviewed and one voice is WAY louder than the other?

Problem solved with Levelator… another free resource!

Ecamm recorder

Ecamm Recorder

If you intend on interviewing people you will need a way to record your voice… and their voice!

Ecamm call recorder for Skype is so simple to use and only costs $39.95 for life.

Recommended Time Saving Resources

For Learning



Easily one of the best apps EVER! 

If you find it hard to find the time to read, check out Audible. It’s an amazing use of time (check out the NETIME life hack). 

Listen to some of the best advice from the worlds most successful people on your phone, laptop, iPad, Alexa anywhere ANYTIME!

I pay £69.99 for 12 books over a year. There are alternative memberships such as 3 books a month for a free 30-day trial then $14.95 after. 

If you don’t know what books to start with check out the Best Self Development Books of all Time.



Fits in nicely with the above and you can find some amazing information for FREE using this app.

Overcast massively improves your podcast listening. It’s great for customising playlists and has a cool “smart speed” feature that speeds up in silences and plays at a comfortable listening speed. 

Apple Podcast works well for iPhone users too obviously!



Blinkist is NETime on crack!

Would you like to be able to read 4 books a day? With this app, you genuinely can get the best information from some of the world’s most productive people in 15 minutes. 


There is written and audio format so if you have a spare 15 minutes on the way to work you can get some amazing little gems of information here. 

I pay $89.99 for an annual membership for unlimited summarised books. 

For Productivity



Don’t you hate it when you get interrupted? Isn’t it impossible to remember the things you had to do from the day before?

This is one of the top time-saving tools and resources.

This app how I plan my weeks, days and effectively my life… and Trello is FREE!



Like Trello but better if you like lists.

You can be as glamorous as you like with Asana, but I keep it simple. 

I have a project for each quarter of the year. I then have a “to do” list, a “to do this week” list, “started” and “done”.

Time-Saving Tools and Resources

It’s amazing because you can move the tasks along as you go and it helps to remember to do all those pesky things that you usually forget like pay a bill, do a tax return or call your Mum (jokes… I always remember that Mum!)

It’s a great tool to use if you are delegating tasks in a small team or to a VA and it’s again a free tool!



Ahhhhh my digital brain.

If you don’t use this I literally do not understand how you can cope!! One of the best time-saving tools and resources around.

Have you ever been out and about for someone ask you what your date of birth is and you had a complete brain fart?! 

Evernote doesn’t EVER fart with its brain… EVER!

It remembers your passport details, your tax number, your companies address, that great article that you read on your phone when you were on the loo… it remembers everything and more.

Some awesome benefits… 

  1. You can search for anything and it finds it (including handwritten notes!!) 
  2. It works offline and then stores it when you get the Internet again
  3. It’s FREE!

Recommended Money Saving/ Making Resources

For Investing



If you live in Australia, the UK or the USA then investing in index funds through Vanguard is the best way to earn passive income. 

On average you will receive a conservative 7% a year on average (some years it may be much higher and some years it can be negative)

There really is NO better way to earn passive income than through the ultimate strategy for index funds. Read more about the ultimate strategy to earn passive income and retire early here.


Saxo Bank

If you are an expat or live somewhere else, then you can invest in index funds through ETF’s. Be sure to check out the 3 part podcast series to see why, how and the best strategy to invest in index funds here.

You can still invest in index funds through ETF’s from Saxo bank.

Bullion Vault


I’m not going to go in too much detail here about why to invest in gold and silver as I find people tend to fall asleep but if you want more information about this check out this post!

BullionVault stands out to other ways to invest in precious metals because:

  • It has low storage fees (0.12% a year for gold and 0.48% for silver/ platinum)
  • The best prices you’ll find to buy gold or silver (it’s peer to peer trading)
  • You own contracts for physical metals

To Track Money



Toshl is another FREE app to track your expenses. 

It’s such a pain trawling through bank statements to see what you’ve spent each month, which is a big reason why people don’t do it!

If you put in your expenses each time you spend money on something toshly will put all of them into categories and neatly organise it for you!


Legit Survey Sites That Pay You Money

Would you like to get paid for filling out surveys online?

Here are Make Time Online’s top 5 survey site recommendations:

It’s the easiest and quickest way to make a bit of cash online and you can save loads of time by doing these 3 things:

  1. Set up a separate email address for emails
  2. Join as many good sites as possible
  3. Cash-out as soon as possible

Find out more in the best 15 survey sites to get paid real money here.

Travel Resources

BA Amex Card


Would you like to receive a business class flight from London to New York each year?

By spending on this Amex and working with your partner you can easily get enough points to do this.

Click here to get a bonus 6,000 points when you spend £1,000 in your first 3 months!

Plus it’s a FREE card… an absolute no-brainer!



Imagine how would you feel if you could take your own personal driver anywhere in the world?

Well with Uber you pretty much can!

Plus it’s cheaper than a normal taxi

Plus it’s often quicker than to call a taxi

And you can often get in a NICER taxi

If you don’t already have it get Uber now… plus get a FREE ride with this link!

So there you have the best time-saving tools and resources I have personally found. Did you find anything new here? Want to add anything else? Drop a comment below…

Keep changing for the better,


P.S. Are you looking to get more traffic to your website? Find out the #1 way that new sites get thousands of views a month quickly by clicking here.

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    MTO5 w/ Pete McPherson – The Future of Digital Marketing is Going to be…

    The future of digital marketing… Seriously?

    Yep, it’s revealed in this podcast. And if you don’t believe me, decide for yourself.

    About Pete

    2 mins
    the future of digital marketing

    Pete is a normal guy. 

    Band Nerd. 

    Majored in music… and then decided to quit before finishing. 

    He did the odd job, then tried more college degrees. 

    And finished in the most exciting career path known to man…

    No not astronauting…


    He found the American dream and jumped straight into the script, only to find he was miserable 🙁

    And so he did what everyone else does (or do they?)… 


    Why do Some Projects not Work? 

    14 mins


    Pete tried loads of blogs/ business ideas (around 50 in 10 years!) So he has a good idea of what does and more importantly for us… what does not work.

    Main lesson:

    He found that he didn’t give his blogs the time to grow. 

    It takes more time than you think.

    As a general rule, you should plan what you expect to happen and times it by 3!

    Breaking the $10k per month barrier!

    20 mins

    14 months into Pete’s current website, Do You Even Blog, he made over $10K in one month (November 2018). Here is his $9,663 July 2018 report.

    He’s now working on funnels to be more personalised and automated to create more passive income. This just so happens to be a sneak peek into what WILL help you stand out like Shaquille O’Neil at a midgets convention. 

    Related Articles:

    Start Monetising Your Blog

    23 mins


    Pete is a big fan of creating his own products.

    However, if you are just starting out then creating paid products is not the way to go.

    With the right audience you can do anything

    Your focus should be on growing your audience. 

    To do this you need to tell the same story on everything!

    To monetise a website early on you can use advertising (this is not recommended for some niches i.e. digital marketing can detract trust) and affiliate marketing.

    But one of Pete’s regrets is focusing on monetising his website(s) too soon. 

    Related articles:

    How to Optimise Your Time!

    31 mins


    So let’s just reel these off:

    1. Get fast internet
    2. Turn the sensitivity on your trackpad/ mouse to the max! 100% DO THIS!!
    3. Type faster- if your typing speed is under 75 then improve this (Pete’s is over 100… mine is 48 aka new challenge for me this week!) click here to test yourself
    4. Make your content hyper personalised and timely (check out Brennan Dunn’s stuff doubleyourfreelancing.com)

    Main takeaway:

    The future of digital marketing is going to be HYPER personalised and timely.

    You heard it here first! (well I did anyway)

    Related article:

    Confronting Self Doubt

    46 mins

    There’s no easy answer here but I think Pete did a great job:

    1. Receive real feedback- although you can’t plan for this!
    2. A close group of people that are doing what you’re doing i.e. a mastermind group

    Finding people that are doing what you are doing is SOOOO important. Because it’s unlikely that many people you know will be doing something exactly like you. 

    It helps for motivation, accountability and sanity!

    Find them, engage, stay in contact. 

    ACTION & Links

    60 mins

    Do You Even Blog– Pete’s homepage is so well designed and so easy to navigate to a section that suits you! (Do you notice how it’s personalised?)

    Twitter- @doyouevenblog

    Podcast- Do You Even Blog


    Make sure you do these 4 things, they can change your life!


    • Increase mouse sensitivity
    • Get fast internet
    • Type faster
    • Start a blog

    If you’re interested in learning tips for how to get traffic using Pinterest then sign up below for a free email course.

    The Future of Digital Marketing Summary

    There are so many little gems in this chat with Pete. I highly recommend listening to the section on optimising your time from 31-46 minutes if you’re looking for some game-changing results with your digital marketing. 

    Here are my top 5 takeaways from this chat:

    1. Optimise your job- you don’t have to quit straight away you can have a side hustle and security. 
    2. Build a community- it doesn’t have to be massive even a few people that you really help!
    3. Mastermind group- find like-minded people doing the SAME thing
    4. Make content personalised and timely- This is the FUTURE!
    5. Don’t do what everyone else is doing

    And are you beginning to see that the future of digital marketing is going to be personalised and timely?

    If you have any questions or thoughts drop a comment below.

    Keep changing for the better,


    P.S. If you are still doubting whether you should give blogging a try then I dare you to click this and not want to give it a shot… I believe in blogging

    Seriously… I dare you!

    Oh and don’t forget to pin this!

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      How to Make Money Online- Revealed!

      MTO4- There may be affiliate links in this article on how to make money online, read the full disclaimer here.

      This Podcast will show you how to make money online.

      how to make money online

      There are 3 main ways that bloggers make money online:


      This can be broken down into 2 main methods:

      1. Advertising Networks
      2. Direct advertising

      Related content:

      How does Blogging Make Money

      Affiliate Marketing

      This is simply connecting people online to what they are searching for. 

      Making good recommendations is vital to be successful here. Also, the great news is it can be relatively passive income as one post can pay you in years to come.

      Related Articles:

      Creating and Selling Own Courses/ Products

      This is how to make the big bucks online.

      And do you remember, it’s important to create a course that people want? Therefore, the most successful people find what their audience would like and make it for them!


      Check out these Income reports from Michelle Schroeder-Gardner:

      1. Stage 1 $0-$2k – $672 in May 2012 (a bit of this and a bit of that!)
      2. Stage 2 $2-$7.5k – $6,523 in January 2013 (mainly income from ads and freelance work)
      3. Stage 3 $7.5-$25k – $320k in 2015 (notice the increase in affiliate income!)
      4. Stage 4 $25k+ – $979k in 2016 (her first online course was released)

      You MUST check this study out because it’s incredible!!…

      Blog income report study- Brandon Gaille 

      It shows you a road map as to how bloggers can make money and how it can scale!

      How to Make Money Online Summary

      The more you listen to this podcast the more you will realise how to make money online. And do you begin to notice how it’s possible for anyone?

      Keep changing for the better


      P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.

      P.P.S. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here

      How does Blogging Make Money?

      There may be affiliate links in this article about “how does blogging make money?” read the full disclaimer here.


      After you read this article you will have learnt the answer to the question “how does blogging make money?” 



      I don’t want to faff around so let’s get into it!

      There are 3 main ways to monetise a blog.

      1. Advertising
      2. Affiliate Marketing
      3. Creating and selling your own products or courses


      1. Adverts

      You probably know there are 2 different ways to make money from advertising:

      1. Advertising Networks
      2. Direct advertising/ sponsored posts


      Advertising networks

      This is probably what most people will think of when they think of making money from adverts.

      There are a few different networks that bloggers can use but here are the main ones:


      • Google AdSense- Little requirements, I’ve heard it helps to have a website for 6 months
      • Monumetric- need 10,000 page views a month
      • Mediavine- need 25,000 page views a month
      • Ad Thrive- need 100,000 page views per month


      As you can see there are different requirements to work with each network but the ads generally pay more the harder the requirements are.


      So how do you get paid from having adverts on your website?

      That is the right question!

      You generally get paid in one of 2 ways:

      1. Cost per thousand (CPM) i.e. $4 for every 1,000 views 
      2. Pay per click (PPC)


      If you are a new blogger it’s best to start with Google AdSense even though the pay will be the lowest.

      It will probably pay around $2 per thousand “impressions” (how many people see the ad i.e. view your website) i.e. 10,000 views in a month pays $20 (so it’s not much!)


      Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…

      “But that will make my website look tacky!” 

      You may have a point but here are 4 BIG reasons why you should use adverts ASAP:

      1. Your readers will be used to seeing ads… so it won’t be a big shock when you add them!
      2. If you have a post that does go viral you will be thankful you had them on there.
      3. Something is better than nothing, it can offset other costs such as automatically pinning on Pinterest with tailwind 
      4. People are used to seeing ads everywhere (Youtube, TV, Podcasts, Newspaper etc.)


      Not only that, you can actually help connect people with products that may help them if you choose good and relevant adverts to what you write about.


      Starting with AdSense helps to learn the process.

      It will make the future switches much easier to know where to place the ads and how to work with the network etc.


      Related Article:

      Bloggers! How to make money with Adverts


      Direct Advertising/ Sponsored Posts

      Now, this way is slightly less well known but it can be more lucrative for beginner bloggers.

      Direct advertising is when a company reaches out to you to either publish a post on their behalf or ask you write a post for them. It may be a review of a product or simply a post about their industry.

      The idea is that they would want a link to their product or their own website and your blog will send targeted traffic there!

      The price of this can vary greatly but will typically be over $150 and can go into the $1,000’s depending on how relevant and big your website is.


      So let’s move onto the next monetisation method…


      Related Articles:


      2. Affiliate Marketing

      Affiliate marketing is the best thing for bloggers since sliced bacon!

      A big reason some people never start (or quit too soon) is because they don’t know what product to create… YET!

      The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start earning a decent income without even having your own product! It’s not uncommon for bloggers to earn $6,000+ per month from promoting other people’s products. 


      Now, I used to get a bit funny about “selling” stuff to people. Especially when it isn’t even my own product!

      However, let me ask you this…

      Have you ever watched a film that you recommend a friend go and see at the cinema? Or have you ever told a friend about an amazing deal after you found one in H&M? 

      Of course you have!


      That’s why as long as you only recommend great products that will help other people, you’ll actually be providing a service. If they buy it and it helps them then they will thank you for it!

      Affiliate marketing is all about connecting people that are already looking for a product.

      The important thing is to be honest.

      I mean think about it… If you’ve tried the product out you are much more likely to know some of the things that other people will be concerned about or looking for.


      Related articles:


      There are loads of other programs or products you can become an affiliate of and a whole range of different “niches” (topics) you can choose to write about.




      And here are some popular blogging affiliate links:

      • Leadpages- Online marketing tool
      • StudioPress- WordPress themes
      • ConvertKit– Autoresponder
      • Bluehost– Hosting service
      • Tailwind– Pinterest scheduler
      • Wealthy Affiliate– Affiliate marketing training, support and hosting service.


      If you are interested in learning more about how you can monetise your website and particularly how you can get the most success from affiliate marketing then try out this free email course. 

      Some of what it covers:

      • What do you NEED to get started (that most people don’t know)
      • How to write quality content
      • Optimise the 2 most important pages on your website
      • The secrets to email marketing 
      • What is the future of digital marketing?
      • Get traffic on tap



      So this leads us onto the third and last way (or is it the last way?) of monetising a website…


      3. Creating and selling your own products 

      So this is where the big boys and girls make the BIG money!


      Check out Brand Gaille’s Income Report Study. This shows how bloggers earning over $25k per month make 80% of their income from their own courses. 


      However, you don’t have to be an experienced blogger to start creating some of your own products.

      For example, you could create a free 7-day Pinterest course, that you’d send out with your autoresponder, and a $7 Workbook that compliments this course nicely so you can get the most out of it!

      Try out this free course if you want to instantly get more eyes on your website (FYI there is not an upsell for a $7 workbook!!)



      There is one thing to bear in mind though…

      Make sure people actually want what you are offering.


      This is a common mistake that some businesses make early on. They may create an amazing product but they have not tested to see who their target market is or IF anyone wants it!

      The beauty of blogging (if you do offer good content) is that you will begin to have subscribers and people that are interested in what you are doing.

      You can then just ask them what they want or what they find the most interesting and create products related to this!

      So as I hinted earlier there is another way to make money online.

      It’s great to get some income early on, and it’s great to learn more… 


      BONUS- Consulting or Services 

      So this is not necessarily a way to make money from your blog. However, it is so closely linked that I think it should be included in this post on how does blogging make money.

      You can write/ proofread/ advertise for other businesses or bloggers for an agreed upon rate.

      Some people may start writing posts for less than $0.10 per word but some freelance writers will earn $1,000’s per post that they write for someone else.

      It’s a great way to supplement your income when starting out in the blogging world.

      This will require hustle to find people or companies willing to do this, and you may have to offer a lower price than what you are worth to get started and learn the ropes. 

      Grant Sabatier speaks about how overdelivering early on can have huge benefits to create a system that other people want and are willing to pay more for.

      Check out the podcast for more details:

      How to make $50,000 in 4 days and Reach Financial Freedom with Grant Sabatier.


      Feel free to contact me here if this is something you are looking for:



      Related articles:

      How to Make Money at Home


      Another way some bloggers will make money is by consulting or coaching other bloggers.

      This can really vary from specific feedback, goal setting, deciding on a niche etc.


      Remember to pin this post on “how does blogging make money”…


      How does Blogging Make Money Summary 

      As you get closer to the end of this article you begin to realise the answer to the question, how does blogging make money.


      There are the main 3 ways to monetise a blog:

      1. Advertising 
      2. Affiliate marketing
      3. Creating and selling your own products

      But remember, consulting or offering services is the most common way for bloggers to start making money early on. It helps to learn and develop these skills, whilst making money from doing so. 


      And do you begin to realise the importance of starting a website and continuing to learn? 


      Keep changing for the better




      how to make money online

      6 Questions for Bloggers to Answer – Part 2

      There may be affiliate links in this article of questions for bloggers to answer, read the full disclaimer here.


      questions for bloggers to answer


      Part one includes:

      1. Should I pay for hosting?
      2. Will people care what I write about?
      3. How do I get more traffic to my blog?

      Click here to read part one


      4. How do I make Money Blogging?

      Ah so you want to make more money than Donald Trump saves on his tax return each year?


      Enter mini rant!


      So I know some bloggers who claim to not be interested in monetizing their blog.

      And that’s great!

      However, I know A LOT of bloggers who are interested in monetising it “some day”.

      But they are not prepared to learn how to do this or figure out it’s possible

      The way I see it is if you can monetise your blog to replace your income you can spend more time on it and really add value to more people.

      So why wouldn’t you be interested in monetising your blog?

      Unless you’re not interested in really adding value to others and it is just a hobby?!


      End rant… sorry I’ll climb down from my pedestal now!


      Anyhoo… there are 3 main ways to monetise a website/ blog/ YouTube account etc.

      1. Adverts/ Sponsors
      2. Affiliate Marketing
      3. Creating and selling your own products

      Let’s dive in a bit more eh?…


      Related Articles:



      Have you ever heard of Google Adsense?


      This is the most common way of getting paid from having adverts on your website.

      You know those ads at the start of a Youtube video? Yeah that’s Adsense.

      The person who made the video will get around $0.04 per viewer (roughly!)


      The same can be done on a website. You know those ads on at the side of a website?

      Yep, you guessed it… same thing!


      When you’re getting heaps of viewers every month this can be a great way to generate some cash.

      If you’re like me then you probably get annoyed by these ads!

      So if you are still pretty new, you may want to consider whether it’s worth putting them on your website to get a couple of dollars a month.


      It’s personal preference and I know some people do it just to learn how it’s possible!


      Affiliate marketing

      Now, let me ask you this…


      Are you interested in earning pennies or dollars?


      Well, affiliate marketing is how you can start earning some dollars. This will be the main income for most people in the online world once they start to get established. 


      What is Affiliate Marketing?

      It’s connecting people to a product they are looking for online.


      Questions for bloggers to answer


      A lot of people will want to get going with an online business and won’t really have their own products to sell.

      So it’s possible to get a commission for recommending other people’s services or products (a commission of anything from 4-75%).


      Here are some affiliate websites that many people will use to find a whole variety of products:


      And here are some popular individual affiliate links:

      • Leadpages- Online marketing tool
      • StudioPress- WordPress themes
      • ConvertKit– Autoresponder
      • Bluehost– Hosting service
      • Tailwind– Pinterest scheduler
      • Wealthy Affiliate– Affiliate marketing training, support and hosting service.


      And last but certainly not least…


      Create your own products

      This is often where people make the big bucks online!

      It’s typical for online marketers to make a bit of income from adverts and affiliate marketing.

      Once this becomes regular the natural path is to create their own product, get others to be an affiliate of this and start gaining more of the profits from their product (100% if bought through their own website or however much is left over after paying an affiliate)


      This is often when $10,000 a month becomes $100,000+ per month.

      Read Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s income report here.


      However, there are cases where someone has a product they know the market would really want and dive straight into selling their own product


      Create a Money Making Website in 9 days

      Find out how you can design a website to make money. Use the step by step approach to set your website up for success


      Powered By ConvertKit


      5. What Plugins Should I Use?

      I wish I had the foresight to even be aware of what a plugin was when I started out!

      Some of these are literally lifesavers, and I don’t know how I used to live without them!!


      Here are the MUST HAVES:

      Yoast SEO

      This is the FIRST MUST HAVE!!

      Literally, get this and learn the basics of writing for SEO.

      Just remember to use this as a template NOT gospel!



      This is how you can really drive your traffic and increase your sign-ups to your email list.


      An absolute must-have if you have any interest in monetising your website.


      Pretty Links

      If you have affiliate links coming out of your ears then this is a great way to not let Google get suspicious about your website.

      General rule:

      If you are linking to related content then DO NOT use a pretty link. Google likes to see that you do link to relevant other real websites

      If it’s an affiliate link, use a pretty link (it makes it look like it is an internal link to your website)


      Some VERY close behind must haves:

      W3 Cache

      It makes your website faster.

      Faster = better user experience = better SEO = good for you




      This is a great way to compress images to make your website load faster.

      Fdsa I still compress my images using a free png compressor but this plugin compresses them EVEN more!!

      This gives my website scores of 90+ out of 100 on desktops and even some 100’s!… (yes I need to improve my mobile speed!!)


      6 questions bloggers need to answer



      Google Analytics

      This is a great way to see your stats without having to log in to Google Analytics all the time.

      It can also give you some VERY useful extras to see where traffic is coming from and help you to improve your traffic strategies.

      IMPORTANT NOTE- Try not to have too many Plugins (5 or less is IDEAL) as this affects your website speed and therefore SEO.

      You need to decide what is important for you at what time (you can always uninstall a plugin and bring it back in later)


      6. Do I NEED to pay for a Training Course?

      Let me ask you this question in another way.

      Do you want to take your website as a serious online business?

      The answer to that question will decide the answer to the first question.


      You’re intelligent enough to know that the most successful people pay for courses or mentorships to fast track their learning.

      If you want to be like them then you know what the answer is.


      With all the scams and make money online courses you see out there it can be super hard to know whether to trust a course or not.


      Related article:


      There are literally thousands of people that create a course like this so it makes it really hard to know whom to trust.

      So I’m going to throw out a few names of people that I personally trust.



      I haven’t personally taken courses by them but I have their books, blogs, emails and read reviews. I’ve only ever heard good things (note-there are no affiliate links here I just want you to have options):

      Michelle-Schroeder Gardner- Affiliate marketing ($197)

      Pete McPherson- Blogging courses (courses range from $57-$299+)

      Anik Singal – Email marketing (I have only seen Inbox blueprint for $997 but I am very interested in this course as it does sound impressive!)


      I would eat my hat if you try one of their courses out and are not happy with the content.

      The reason I haven’t tried their courses (yet!) is because I am going ALL IN with the course I am currently using.



      And here are a few reasons I chose this over the others:

      • The cost is reasonable
      • It’s an ongoing platform with an extremely active community (over 100,000 members at all stages of their online marketing careers)
      • There is soooo much quality training (in different formats and always being updated) with live webinars every week (mainly SEO and affiliate marketing training in case you were wondering)
      • You get amazing hosting (worth over $200 a year)
      • It chucks in a keyword research tool (worth $19 a month)
      • I have a personal mentor (the person I joined using his affiliate link- Just like MasterCard… this is priceless)
      • You get the most out of a course if you complete it. I’m 6 months in and I am nowhere near completing the training!


      There are a lot more reasons too but this is why I went with this training over the names I put above.

      If this sounds like something you may be interested in then click below to try it out for FREE (stay as a free member as long as you like & no credit card details are needed… you literally have nothing to lose!)


      Click here to try Wealthy Affiliate for Free.


      I can almost hear your mind screaming…

      But how much did YOU pay Mikey boy!?

      I paid $299 for an annual membership.

      Is it worth it?

      You tell me after you try it out for absolutely free!


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      Questions for Bloggers to Answer Summary

      These are some of the questions for bloggers to answer as soon as possible.


      If you can answer these 6 questions it will help you be a lot more successful and passionate about what you are writing about.

      1. Should I pay for hosting?
      2. Will people care what I write about?
      3. How do I get more traffic to my blog?
      4. How do I make money blogging?
      5. What plugins should I use?
      6. Do I need to pay for a training course?


      This will help you to have more clarity and ultimately provide more quality value and content for your readers. 


      Keep changing for the better




      P.S. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here


      Remember to pin this page

      questions for bloggers to answer

      6 Questions for Bloggers to Answer… ASAP – Part One

      There may be affiliate links in this article on questions for bloggers to answer, read the full disclaimer here.


      Picture yourself five years from now… 


      questions for bloggers to answer


      You’ve been blogging and publishing at least 2 articles every week.

      You’re recognised as one of the leading people within your niche. 

      The income you make from your website has replaced your full-time income (AND SOME!) 

      You look back to how you started out and realise how important it was reading the following 6 questions for bloggers to answer.

      The more and more you review this page, the more you begin to find yourself prepared for the journey ahead. 


      1. Should I pay for Hosting?

      Does a fat dog fart?

      If you’re like me you probably don’t really understand what hosting is.

      It’s one of those things that you know you probably should have but you don’t really understand why.


      Wel,l good news pumpkin!

      I’ve just been researching the techie part so let me try to explain in good ol’ non-techie language (or as I like to call it… English)


      Hosting is basically a server that stores the files of your website.

      Your website is really just a bunch of files… yeah, like you have on your computer.

      So the hosting is kind’ve like the storage space you have on your computer… Apart from it’s “in the cloud”


      Fun fact: Did you know there are actually these like mega warehouses that have huge computer systems that stores all the things “in the cloud”… yeah, me neither!


      You can get hosting for free with basic WordPress packages and the likes.

      However, if you would like to monetise your blog at some point it is 100% worth paying for a hosting package.


      Here’s why:

      • It makes it easier for people to find your website
      • You can do a lot more to your website if you “own the hosting” (you don’t really own it you’re renting it, but whatever!)


      For example, you can put in opt-in pages (to get email addresses, which helps to build a relationship with your reader) and use more plugins and things that helps to improve your website speed.


      And do you begin to notice that “should I pay for hosting” is one of the most important questions for bloggers to answer?


      2. Will People Care what I Write About? 

      Does Pamela Anderson have trouble seeing her belly button? 

      In case you hadn’t noticed I’m not very funny (but I do have my Hypnotic cheatsheet & analogy book on hand to help!… You can get yours for free below… so get on it like shit on velcro!)


      Want to Write Like the Best Online Writers?

      Get these 2 must have resources for FREE:

      1. Hypnotic Cheatsheet

      2. Simile & analogy book

      Powered By ConvertKit


      Here’s the thing Billy Bob…

      You may not think you have much to write about right now.

      But I guarantee the more you write the more you will think this…


      “I wish I had a blog post about this I could link to right now!”


      In fact, that’s just given me another idea for a post…


      100 blog posts ideas!


      If you can think of something that will (or would have) help(ed) you, there’s a very strong chance it will help someone else.

      That, my friend, is quality content!


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      3. How do I Get More Traffic to my Blog?

      You probably know there are loads of ways to promote your blog post.

      And of course, you’ve heard that not all of them are free.


      Now, I can almost hear your mind saying this is possibly the most imporant of questions for bloggers to answer!

      So let’s break down the difference…


      Paid targeted website traffic

      There’s really only 3 main ways to pay for traffic (visitors):

      1. 1. Facebook Ads (or other social media… Google ads are very similar)
      2. 2. Email Media (also called solo ads)
      3. 3. Sponsored posts


      So let’s think about what the benefits and negatives are for each approach.


      1. Facebook Ads

      Running ads on social media or Google can be a great way to get specific people to look at your website or sign up to your email list.

      Facebook ads still stands out compared to other social media platforms because:



      • Over 1 billion users
      • Can be inexpensive to advertise (starting from as little at $20 or less)
      • Targeting the “right crowd” can be very specific
      • No matter what niche, Facebook has paid targeted website traffic
      • Has the potential to go “viral” without having to pay loads of money if people interact with the ad.


      • Easy to waste money without getting results
      • Becoming harder to make an impact with Facebook ads (it’s become more popular)
      • Easy to get people on a list that are not the correct target audience
      • Uncertain about how much engagement you will get from the ad


      This is an affordable way to pay for getting good quality eyes on your page. There is an art to it though so more research is needed before diving in!


      2. Email Media (solo ads)

      This is when you write an email and pay someone with a list already to send this to his or her email list.


      Within this email, you will put a link to your opt-in page or a specific website and you will usually pay in one of 2 ways:

      1.  A fee “per click” generated by the email
      2.  A set price, or a flat fee.



      • Paid targeted website traffic for a very specific niche
      • Traffic can be VERY fast
      • You can be specific about how many “clicks” you want for your ad
      • If your opt-in or website page generates income it can grow exponentially (the ad would pay for itself AND some!)


      • Can be quite expensive (often pay $0.5-$2+ per click… so 100 clicks would cost at least $50)
      • Emails can be sent to poor quality email lists


      Use Udimi.com if you want to find people that offer this.

      Equally, if you have a large email list of 5,000+ you can offer this as a monetary service!


      3. Sponsored posts

      This is when you pay someone to write a blog post on his or her website.



      • Get exposure to potentially unlimited people
      • You can choose specific blogs that are related to your niche
      • You are likely to reach targeted and specific people who will like what you write
      • Can be cheap or you can even barter (they do a sponsored post on yours in return for free or offer something else, like an email to your list/ adding to a group board on Pinterest etc.)


      • Very unsure about how many people will read it (some readers won’t read these types of posts as they want to only read content by the owner of the website)
      • Requires more time and effort to create a post
      • Can be hard to do if someone is in the exact same niche as you are technically competition!


      The best part about this is it will help to build your network and you may end up with other opportunities out of it.


      How to Get Free Website Traffic

      Now let me ask you this…

      Did you even bother reading the paid traffic part, eh??


      If you didn’t then it’s definitely worth a skim just to know the basics but here is the JUICY Lucy section right here.

      Buckle up sweet cheeks, you’re gonna love this…


      1. Forum commenting

      This method is loooong and I don’t even really know if it still works for 2 reasons:


      1. I couldn’t be bothered to keep doing it
      2. I couldn’t be bothered to keep doing it


      Supposedly you can comment on different forums such as:


      You can put your link to your website or an opt-in page as your signature on your comments in these forums.

      If you end up getting in quick on a post that gets a heap of interest you can supposedly get a load of traffic for free.


      To me, it seemed like there was VERY little progress and you kind’ve need to be lucky to get in early enough to be one of the first to comment on a BIG comment thread. 

      So after commenting every day in different threads for a month, I stopped.


      Note- I did get the odd person to check out my link so it definitely does work, but I felt I was taking a lot of time for very little reward.


      But this was when I discovered…


      2. Pinterest

      This is without a doubt the BIGGEST thing I have learnt since starting this website.

      This is what I used to think:

      • I had no idea why ANYONE used Pinterest.
      • I thought it was for girls.
      • It looked like it was just pretty pictures of weddings and barns.


      However, here’s what makes Pinterest stands out like a white man in China compared to other social media platforms:

      • Pinterest is the Google of social media- people ONLY use it to find content i.e. blogs!
      • A good group board is a gold mine
      • Most other BIG social media platforms are built for user to user interaction (people go on there to see what other people are doing… Pinterest is different)


      So, it turns out Pinterest is the biggest traffic source for my website and is starting to grow at a frightening speed.

      There is WAAAYYY too much to go into here in this post so if you want more info, here it is…


      Related Articles:


      Become a Pinterest Master

      Get the 7 day Pinterest course to make the most of this free traffic source!

      *Includes email template to join Group Boards*

      Powered By ConvertKit


      3. SEO

      You probably know this but improving your search engine optimisation is the golden ticket to getting free traffic!


      If you can get your website onto page one of certain search engines then you are guaranteed to get FREE traffic EVERY month to your website.


      The challenge is:

      1. 1. To get your website onto page one (when was the last time you clicked on a link on page 2 in Google?)
      2. 2. To do this using a keyword that people actually search for!


      If you get onto page one for a search for a keyword like:


      “Banana and travel investment tips”


      You can guarantee that nobody in his or her right mind would search for that… EVER!


      So getting onto page one is not the only challenge here.

      This is where doing keyword research before you write posts will give you the cutting edge over 90% of people that own a website.


      You can tactically manoeuvre your website onto page one in Google searches to get traffic by doing two things:

      1. 1. Choosing a keyword that people search for
      2. 2. Choosing a keyword that few competing websites are ranking on

      There’s no accident in finding these magical keywords.

      But you will need a keyword research tool to help.


      If I go into too much detail here you will end up with an epic 5,000+ word blog post. So…


      Related articles:


      These posts will show you how to get free website traffic. 

      And are you beginning to see the solutions to the question “how to get more traffic to my blog?”


      Pin this page so you can come back to it.


      questions for bloggers to answer


      Wrapping up Part One – Questions for Bloggers to Answer

      Oh sweet beJesus this is turning into one huge mofo post. Word count is close to 2,000 already!

      I’m gonna call this the end of part one.

      Check out part 2 next week to find out:

      1. How do I make money blogging?
      2. What plugins should I use on My blog?
      3. Do I need to pay for training courses?


      Little by little you begin to realise the importance of these questions for bloggers to answer.


      Keep changing for the better,




      P.S. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here


      Discover the Perfect Part Time Job Online

      There may be affiliate links in this article about the perfect part-time job online, read the full disclaimer here.


      You don’t know it yet, but at the end of this page, you will have learned what the perfect part-time job online is.



      Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to work anywhere in the world at any time you want?

      Wouldn’t it be amazing if you really loved what you were doing and could genuinely help other people in the process?


      As you study every word in this article you will be amazed at what you will learn and how this is possible for anyone to achieve. 

      It’s as real as the nose on your face!

      So go and put the kettle on and settle in…


      Are You Tired of Your Financial Situation? 

      Do you ever feel like you’re just existing to work?


      You wake up, go to work, get home (tired), eat something, sleep… repeat

      Then you get some holiday time. 

      But do you find you can’t do the exact things you want to do because you have to “be careful with your money”?

      You don’t really ever switch off because you know you’ll have MORE work to do when you get back to it!


      Everyone knows that most people in the developed world have a job. 

      But only rare thinking people like you know there are different ways to earn an income than through the traditional route. 


      The more and more you review this page the more you begin to find yourself excited at the opportunity of this part-time job online. 


      One of the best things I’ve ever done for my finances was to make a personal financial statement. 

      It really helped to see where we were spending money on things that didn’t bring us happiness. 

      We could then cut back on this to spend more money on what we love. 


      Get the exact template we have used for the past 4 years. Plus get emailed the best tips on how to use it here…


      Who Else Wants More Money?

      Get this FREE budgeting and personal finance statement template we use to save £30,000 a year as teachers. 


      Powered By ConvertKit


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      Do You Want to Find Your FIRE?

      Of course, you’ve heard that once you focus on your passion it won’t feel like work.


      What a lazy cop-out statement!


      It implies that people naturally have a passion or a burning desire built into them.

      If that’s the case then why do so many 3-year-olds want to be a Barbie or an Action Man?


      A more accurate statement should be…


      Try different side hustles until you find what you are interested in.


      As you absorb this information, you’ll realise this part time job online is THE best way to find what you are passionate about.


      Related content:


      Have You Tried Other Ventures Before? 

      If you’re like me then you’re probably fed up of seeing these miracle cure opportunities. 


      You know what I mean, don’t you?…

      “Use this program to make you $3,264 EVERY day

      All you need to do is follow the steps and spend 5 minutes working on it a day!

      It’s ready-made for you for just $97. 

      BUY IT NOW!”


      Have you noticed yet that this miracle program just doesn’t exist?


      The people that are successful online always get there by doing three things:

      1. Using a strategy that works
      2. Spend effort and time working on it
      3. Continuing to learn


      Related Articles:


      How is This Part Time Job Online Different? 

      So a few years ago it felt like I opened my eyes for the first time. 

      I realised I had been living this life following the script and I knew I needed to change things if I was ever going to be able to be financially independent.


      I figured out I needed to do 2 things:

      1. Make my money work harder for me
      2. Find ways of making more money

      I managed to get the ball rolling on number one through property investment in the UK. 


      The issue was always finding ways to make more money.

      After all, there’s only so much coaching a PE teacher can do!


      Since you’re still here, I’m going to assume you are not a money grabbing monster.

      But equally, you know the importance of money to find true peace and freedom.


      I knew I wanted to help other people and connect with like-minded people. 

      I just didn’t know how.


      Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…


      So What is This Perfect Part Time Job Online? 

      Do you really want to know?

      OK then.

      I’ll whisper…


      It’s this website.


      No, obviously you would create your own website… you can’t just take this one. 


      The thing that makes this part time job online stand out like a white man in China is that:

      1. It has taught me so much. 
      2. It has helped to clarify what I want to do.


      A personal finance and wealth building passion is growing within me.

      But more importantly, my passion to help others is being used all the time. 


      Like actually help…

      Not what I thought was helping.


      Little by little you will begin to realise that it’s not a part-time job online at all.

      It’s an online business… using affiliate marketing.



      What is Affiliate Marketing Online? 

      Connecting people who want to buy something with a product they want to buy. 

      This should help…

      part time job online


      Now study it again.


      There are no tricks and scams here. 

      The idea is that the affiliate marketer promotes good products they have used and thinks can help others. 

      Just like how you would recommend a good film to a friend.


      If their audience or readers click their link and buy the product the affiliate marketer gets paid a commission (can range from 4-75%… and yes a lot of products will pay 50-75%!) 

      Monkey simple.


      Who Else is Not a Techie? 

      This was what held me back about starting this part time job online sooner.


      After all, I am only a PE teacher!


      I’d heard about it being possible to make money as an affiliate marketer, but I was put off by the fact that I knew nothing about computers!

      I’d heard of coding but I had no idea what it meant (YOU DON”T NEED TO CODE ANYTHING!!) 


      The thing is…

      You don’t need to go to University to find stuff out any more.

      You don’t need a personal mentor.

      All you need is…



      I’ve learnt so many new skills that I never even thought of (let alone thought I could do):

      • SEO techniques (search engine optimisation)
      • Copywriting (writing text for advertising)
      • Proofreading 
      • Researching
      • How to optimise a website & improve its speed
      • Website design
      • Social media marketing
      • Email marketing
      • Affiliate marketing
      • Creating systems


      Now, I’m not saying that I’m an expert at any of these things. 

      But I could definitely do some freelance work for any of them!


      Skills are the currency of the future.


      Here’s a fact for you:

      Creating a website and posting on it regularly will improve skills that you didn’t even know existed within you!


      But How Do I Start? 

      If you’re like me then you probably have no idea how to actually start all of this. 


      What you would need to do is work out how to build a website, get the hosting and find some sort of training. 


      If you EVER want to monetise your website, hosting is needed (a server that means your website can be accessed all over the Internet… But I won’t get into that now!)


      You can find information about affiliate marketing for FREE.

      But you’ll have to spend a LOT of time separating the wheat from the chaff!


      So you’d be looking to spend a minimum of:

      • Bluehost ($60 for one year)
      • Domain name (~$15)
      • Affiliate marketing training ($200+)

      Total= ~$275+


      You would have to find all of this yourself, hope the training is worth it and likely be left without on-going support when you need it from real people.


      You will also then discover other things you NEED and will likely spend more money on. 

      Such as a keyword research tool or mentorship etc. 


      Now, remember you can find all of this information for free on the Internet. 

      But chances are you just want to spend your time writing and creating meaningful content. 


      That is why I chose to spend $349 for an annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Click here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. Start for free (no credit card details required)


      What does this include?

      • Hosting (much better than standard hosting… people would normally pay $200+ for these speeds and functions)
      • Affiliate marketing training (that is updated all the time- hundreds of course lessons and weekly live training sessions)
      • Support within the community (hundreds of thousands of REAL people at all levels to help)
      • Website builder (set up an amazing website within 30 seconds)
      • Jaaxy Keyword research tool (worth $19 a month)
      • Tools to track and improve your website 

      Note- you would still need to pay for your domain name (~$15)


      Total = $364


      That is EVERYTHING you need to start for the whole year.

      This is with better hosting, a keyword research tool and a community of people you can ask SPECIFIC questions to (at ANY time of day- there’s a live chat function!)


      That works out less than $1 a day!


      If you think you can’t afford it then let me ask you this about your current hobbies:

      • How much do you spend on your TV package a year?
      • What did/ do you spend on your current phone?
      • Do you pay for a gym/ sports membership?
      • How much do you spend on tickets to concerts/ the theatre/ sports games?


      Now let me ask you this…

      Do any of your hobbies give you the potential to make money?

      Can they make you enough money to replace your current income AND some?


      It’s all about your mindset and priorities. 

      Instead of saying “I can’t afford that” ask yourself…

      How can I afford that?


      There is so much more that Wealthy Affiliate offers but there’s no point in listing them all. 

      Try it for free and see for yourself. 


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      How Much Time Would I Need to Put in? 

      The beauty of this is that it can be completely part-time on the side to your full-time job!


      Imagine if you could find 1 hour a day. 

      Let’s say you wake up one hour earlier every day (you can even go to bed one hour earlier if you NEED that sleep!)

      You will have put in 365 hours into your website this time next year. 


      Now, let me tell you from experience.

      If you put in 1 hour a day, you will find more time to work on your website.



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      Side Hustlers! How to Find More Time in a Day


      My Family & Friends Will Think I’ve Gone Crazy!! 

      When I first started “a blog” I really thought this was a weird thing. 

      I ended up writing some pretty personal stories on there and I would regularly poo my pants as I clicked publish (not literally). 

      However, it genuinely made my relationships better with almost everyone that I consider a good friend.


      I got in touch with people I hadn’t spoken to for years over some random articles. 


      I found more like-minded people that I already had in my life, we had just never had the kinds of conversations we wanted to have. 


      Now, I’m not saying you should spend thousands of dollars on a course without speaking to your spouse.

      In fact, I AM saying you should NOT spend thousands of dollars on a course when you first start…

      But by speaking to them about what you are thinking of doing means you can plan for this together. 


      After all, If you’re like me the reason behind starting this is to have more time with family and friends anyway. 


      And do you know what?

      If a friend does think you’re crazy then maybe they shouldn’t be your friend!

      BOOM I said it!


      Who is this NOT for?

       Here is a list of people that this part-time job online is NOT for:

      • Want to get rich quick
      • Gives up at the first roadblock
      • Don’t want to put in any TIME or EFFORT into this
      • Only motivated by money
      • Is happy to work until they are 65+
      • Doesn’t want to learn any new skills
      • Not interested in making money doing something they really enjoy
      • Wouldn’t like an opportunity to make money working anywhere in the world


      If any of the above applies to you then DO NOT start this part-time job online. 

      It won’t work!



      Part Time Job Online Summary

      Making money online is easy.




      It’s actually very hard. 


      DO NOT start this if you do not like solving problems and working through challenges. 

      DO NOT start this if you are not prepared to learn and work hard. 

      And definitely, DO NOT start this if you are only interested in getting rich quick. 


      There are literally so many reasons why you should not start this.


      However, I will let Michelle Schroeder-Gardner show you how this is possible to make money and help others doing something you love…


      However, if you haven’t ever created a website or a blog and you’re interested then you may as well start for free with Wealthy Affiliate.

      • You can stay as a free member for as LONG as you like.
      • You can get a website created in 30 seconds.
      • Connect with real people who are doing this.
      • Plus access some of the training for free!
      • If you don’t like it export the website and move to your own hosting!


      If you have been struggling to make money online then the training, community and tools offered on Wealthy Affiliate may just be the thing you’ve been looking for.

      But whatever you do don’t let me convince you.

      Decide for yourself.


      Click here to start for FREE

      (for as long as you like & no credit card details required)


      Keep changing for the better,




      P.S. If you have any questions or thoughts about this part-time job online please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here


      P.P.S. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner travels full time on a yacht and has income reports from when she first started in 2011! Read them & see how it’s possible.


      6 Blogging Tips for Newbies

      I bet you clicked on this website to see 6 blogging tips for newbies?

      blogging tips for newbies

      Well sorry to disappoint you because you will not find that…

      You will find 7!!

      BONUS TIP WOOOOOOO (I hear you scream with excitement!!)

      Tip #1- Start on WordPress

      WordPress is without a doubt the best way to get a website up and running.

      I started in August 2017 with ZERO experience of creating a website. Whilst it took a while to make the website look how I wanted, it was soooooooo easy to start.

      The best part is that WordPress is COMPLETELY FREE!

      WordPress is superior to most other platforms because:

      1. You are in complete control of your website
      2. You can add extra things later on (online store, forums, membership options etc.)
      3. Thousands of themes to make yours stand out
      4. Thousands of plugins to make your website more efficient (easier to use, load quicker, improves SEO)

      Not sure about blogging?

      If you’re not sure about blogging using a free WordPress account is a great way to start.

      Do you want to monetise your blog someday?

      I’d recommend paying for your own domain (around $15 for the URL e.g. website.com) and hosting on Bluehost for less than $4 a month.

      Do you want to blog, learn more and join a community?

      If you want a one-stop shop with training, a website builder and amazing community I’d highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

      All 3 of the above scenarios use WordPress… because it is obviously the best blogging platform!!

      That’s why that is the first of the blogging tips for newbies.

      Tip #2- Be Clear on your Niche

      This topic causes more controversy than Donald Trump.

      Some people argue that you can just write whatever you think of.

      Of course, you can! In fact, I would recommend starting this way to enjoy the process and write things that you care about.

      However, if you want to monetise your blog and create an online business then you need to know exactly what your niche is.

      For example, the personal finance niche is huge and would be very hard to break into. So my niche has sub-niches:

      1. Personal Finance…
      2. Make Money Online…
      3. Blogging…
      4. Affiliate Marketing

      Once your blog grows then you can write extra things that are relevant to you and expand.

      If you need help deciding on your niche then click here.

      Tip #3- Know your “Why”

      What a load of airy-fairy baloney!!

      Said the old Mike about all this junk back in the day…

      Now I cannot tell you enough how important this is!

      If you are thinking of starting a blog or are still new to it and you don’t know why you are doing it stop right now and read these two blogs:

      Why do people create blogs?

      3-steps to finding your personal mission statement.

      Blogging is HARD.

      Blogging requires TIME.

      People that don’t blog do not UNDERSTAND.

      If you don’t have a strong reason as to why you are blogging and if you don’t even know what your personal mission statement is, then you WILL find it IMPOSSIBLE keep blogging when times are tough…

      And if there’s one thing I can guarantee. There will be times when blogging is tough.

      Tip #4- Write in your own style- Let your personality come through

      Erm… I don’t really know how to do this though?!

      How are you supposed to write showing your own personality?

      Sometimes I pretend that I am normal… but it gets boring so I go back to being me

      Let me explain with a short story:

      Last week, I was chilling on a beach in Zanzibar. My wife, Sarah, said to me as she sipped her coconut water, “you look so engrossed in that book!”

      I was reading a book called “Hypnotic Writing“.

      I explained to her, “apparently it’s possible to write and put your readers into a trance state”.

      “How?” She asked.

      “Well, have you ever read a book that you become so engrossed in that you don’t hear anything else? That book put you into a hypnotic state.” Just imagine what you can do with this kind of power!

      I just wrote a section showing you how this is possible… you’re still reading, right?

      Here are some tips for writing in your own style or showing your personality:

      • Write how you talk… write erm, well, yes, so etc./ use your own slang/ add in breaks…
      • Ask questions– just like in normal conversation (either your own questions or what you imagine someone else would ask you)
      • Tell STORIES – people LOVE stories… and remember them much easier!
      • Use Quotes 

      So make sure you don’t write like a robot or a scientific report!

      Are you beginning to see how important these blogging tips for newbies are?

      Tip #5- Use Social Media- But Which Platform?

      Social media is just like marmite… you either love it or you hate it.

      When it comes to blogging, social media is basically free advertising.

      It’s a must!

      You may already have a lot of followers in a specific platform, which is great! You can already start sharing your blogs and interacting with other people’s content to increase your blog traffic.

      However, some social media platforms are better at driving traffic (get visitors to your website) than others.

      The best traffic drivers for blogging are:

      Pinterest = user to content (awesome)

      Facebook = user to user (good)

      Twitter = user to user (good)

      Instagram = user to user (average)

      There are obviously a lot of different types of social media but these are the main ones that I have seen people use effectively for getting more people to look at your website.

      Pinterest stands out from the others because its whole business model is to get users to click on content (your blog!)

      It’s very similar to Google in that sense.

      The other 3 are designed to keep users on their platform (if you use Facebook or Instagram you will know what it’s like to have an hour of your life disappear!)

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      Tip #6- Ignore Your Stats – Yes it’s easier said than done!

      Stats is what heroin is to a heroin addict…

      It feels great when you are using it but you realise you’ve just wasted a load of time and it’s killing you (well stat watching doesn’t actually kill you… but that is true about heroin use… don’t do it kids!)

      When your blog is generating a lot of traffic and you’ve produced a lot of blog posts (75+ as a rough idea) you will use stats to help you see what your readers enjoy and engage with.

      However, stats are pretty much useless when you start blogging. You will hopefully see that your engagement has gone up each week and each month but it is a massive waste of time to sit there gawking at them.

      Your time can be so much better spent. If you’re not sure what you should be doing:

      1. Write blogs,
      2. Promote your blogs,
      3. Engage with blogs- Read other blogs & comment.

      BONUS Tip #7- Make sure your links work

      If you were anything like me as a kid then I bet your parents told you that you were going to Disney World on holiday but instead took you to Bognor Regis (a cold wet caravan park in England)**.

      This is exactly what your audience feels when they click on a link and it takes you here…

      An amazing extension for Google Chrome is “check my links“. It tells you if you have a link that doesn’t work.

      Install it & use it on EVERY post. Also check your older content every now and then to see if there are any out of date links.

      It shows you when you have a link that doesn’t work.

      6 Blogging Tips for Newbies Summary

      There is a lot to learn when you start blogging.

      If anyone tells you blogging is easy to make money from, then they are lying!

      I’m not trying to put anyone off it, but it is important to understand this as a newbie. It’s only fair to have the information up front.

      Obviously, there are MANY benefits to blogging (you may need a boost after my trash talk – read the benefits here). As long as you have a strong “WHY” and do the basics when you start blogging you’ll love it, and you always will.

      Blogging doesn’t have to be hard though…

      Get things set up right from the start and remember you only need to do 3 things:

      1. Write blogs,
      2. Promote your blogs,
      3. Engage with blogs- Read other blogs & comment.

      Keep changing for the better,


      **p.s. this didn’t really happen to me as a child, my parents are not pure evil… it just was a good analogy.

      p.p.s. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.