Prosperity of Life Review: Pyramid Scheme or Easy Money Opportunity [Honest Review]

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Prosperity of Life Review

You’ve probably ended up on this page because someone has introduced Prosperity of Life to you. 

You’re intelligent enough to value the importance of self-development and you probably know that it has the potential to make a life-changing impact on your own life. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make a life-changing income at the same time? Prosperity of Life claims to be a system that can help you do exactly this.

After you read this Prosperity of Life review (with videos) you will have learned what the program is about from a totally honest and unbiased point of view.

Prosperity of Life Review – The Overview and Rankings

  • Name: Prosperity of Life
  • Owners: Rachel Krider & Shane Krider (20 out of 100)
  • Website URL:
  • Type: Network Marketing: Self Development/ Wealth Creation 
  • Success Stories: (20 out of 100)
  • Price: $153/month + upsells galore (products between $2,285- $16,190… a total of $33,950)
  • Rating: 20 out of 100

Pros and Cons


  • Good quality information about personal development and wealth building. 
  • Great motivation! If you’ve ever attended a live personal development event before then you know the buzz and energy that you can get just by turning up.
  • Potential to make high ticket sales, meaning you put in the same amount of work to get better results.
  • It’s not an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. It will show you how to market online rather than face-to-face or forcing you to recruit family/ friends
  • It has helped people to quit their job and work on their own terms.


  • It is a well-disguised pyramid scheme. You can only make money if you sell their products (most people will only buy these products if they are interested in joining the scheme).
  • The products are WAY too expensive compared to the competition
  • Strange compensation plan (find out more below).
  • You’re restricted to selling their own products… nothing else!
  • The owners are involved in a previous scam.
  • You need to spend a small fortune just to start earning from recruiting (at least $2,438).

What is Prosperity of Life?

Prosperity of Life is a network marketing company that used to be known as Polaris Global.

It was founded by Shane and Rachel Krider. Here is Rachel explaining the program in her words.

As you pay close attention to this page you’ll learn the business is based on different personal development and wealth creation products.

It even provides a “business in a box” model.

Simply put, it’s possible for you to make money by promoting their products. If you were to join their program you will be provided with:

  • Systems (to promote it)
  • Products (you don’t need to create anything)
  • Training (how to sell better)
  • Mentoring (someone to help you on the way)

Let me ask you, is this starting to sound interesting to you?

This begs the question…

So What Products does Prosperity of Life Provide?

There are 2 types of products that Prosperity of Life focuses on:

  1. Digital products
  2. Live events and conferences

Their main product line is called “Master of Destinies”, hence the M1, M2 etc. 

But if you’re like me, you may be shocked when you see the price tag for each product:

Prosperity of Life M1

Product #1 – M1: Master of Destinies  

Includes a 17 Day Personal Prosperity System & recorded content from the first events of Foundation Live, Sovereignty Live and Influence Live.

Cost: $2,285 (price if you join the business) $2,855 (20% more if you don’t)

Commission if you make a sale: $1,828

Prosperity of Life M7

Product #2 – M7 

Recorded content from the next 2 years of Sovereignty Live and Influence Live (total of 4 more events)

Cost: $4,950 or $5,740

Commission if you make a sale: $3,672

Prosperity of Life M7 Fast track

Product #3 – M7 Fast Track

This is a discounted pack that includes M1 & M7.

Cost: $6,250 or $7,820

Commission if you make a sale: $5,000

Prosperity of Life M2

Product #4 – M2 Sovereignty Live 

Participate in a 5-day live event that covers all kinds of wealth creation topics including how money works, how to invest, asset allocation, tax minimisation and more.

Cost: $7,950 or $9,940

Commission if you make a sale: $5,000

Prosperity of Life M5

Product #5 – M3 Influence Live

Advanced personal development & leadership strategies. Learn how you create your own life by the thoughts and beliefs you hold. Find out how to take control of your future.

Cost: $12,950 or $16,190

Commission if you make a sale: $8,000

Yes, the price tags on here are rather juicy. But have you noticed how much you can earn on commission?

Well, let’s dig in here a bit deeper…

How to Get Started With Prosperity of Life

If you’re like me, you probably want to know what process you will need to go through and how much you need to spend to get started with this business… 

So to make this more simple than they make it, I will break this into 4 stages

Stage 1- Interview

First of all, you need to request an interview, because apparently, not everyone is a good fit for this model. 

However, you need to have a sponsor before you can do this i.e. someone who referred the company to you. 

Disclaimer… I do not endorse this program. If you are interested in starting try YouTube to find some Prosperity of Life reviews and you should be able to find a good sponsor after a bit of research.

Stage 2- Startup costs

So if you “progress” after the interview you need to pay for a couple of things:

  1. Registration fee $39.95 per month
  2. Lead manager $29.95 per month
  3. Training portal $33.00 per month
  4. Marketing websites $49.95 per month (Online Business Manager, Lead Vortex Pro and Conference Call System)

Important note- it is very unlikely you will not be “a good fit” for them so don’t get too excited if you “pass the interview”!

You will need to pay an ongoing $153/ month to start the business. 

Stage 3- Purchase the Products You Would Like to Promote

Rachel and Shane make a good point here.

You don’t want to just promote something that you don’t fully understand. After all, who better to promote something than an actual consumer of the product. 

However… have you seen the price of their products?

This means you will have to spend a further:

  • $2,285 (M1)- $29,270 (all the products)

Are you starting to see how this adds up just to “give it a try”?

Stage 4- Earn Commission… But…

There’s one more sting in the tail before you can actually earn anything…

You will not earn any commission from your first 2 sales. 

You have to “pass up” these sales to your sponsor. 

Again, the Krider’s make a valid point that this means anyone you introduce will do the same for you when they make their first sales. This certainly gives you an incentive to make sure they understand how to promote the program and use it well, which encourages good mentorship. People helping people can only be a good thing, right?

However, it’s important to note that you will have to do this to become a qualified director for M1 and M7 separately (resulting in “passing up” 4 sales). 

But if you went down the M7 fast track route you only need to pass up 2 of these courses to be qualified for M1 and M7, plus you save $625!

Now I can almost hear your mind screaming…

Is Prosperity of Life a Scam?

There are two main ways an online course can be a scam:

  1. Take your money and run off into the sunset, never to be heard from again
  2. Provide some information but it doesn’t live up to their promises

It 100% does not fit scam type #1. 

However, it could be argued (and as you’re about to find out has been argued) that it doesn’t live up to their promises. 

Earning $100,000+ per year working 4 hours at home is a dream for most people. 

But as you continue to read this Prosperity of Life review, there are a lot of red flags surrounding this program. 

Just to be fully transparent with you, I have not purchased Prosperity of Life myself and I do not endorse it in any way so I will stop short of calling it an outright scam.

I have researched the website, testimonials, information on the Internet and watched the long (boring) sales videos, to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn more “Ways to Spot an Online Marketing Scam” then click the highlighted text.

Related content:

Prosperity of Life Red Flags

So here are some of the hidden truths about Prosperity of Life that everyone should be aware of before giving it a shot.

Key Terms:

  • Black Hat Methods – Using lies and unethical methods to make someone buy something
  • White Hat Methods – Being honest and genuine to help people make informed decisions about purchases
  • Red Flag – A warning sign

#1 Previous Scams by Owners

This is NOT the first network marketing program Shane Krider has made!

Courthouse News reports that Liberty League, Shane’s previous venture, took more than $5 million in a pyramid scheme.

Some people will argue that it’s possible to change and Shane is making a real difference now. 

But just scan over the first paragraph in the report…

Is this starting to sound familiar to you?

#2 The Crazy High Price of the Events

Self-development is crucial to people that want to make a significant difference. 

Anyone that wants to have their own business or live life on their own terms NEED to continually improve themselves. 

However (how did you know this was coming?)… compare this to other self-development events such as Tony Robbins and Gary V who some people consider are the best in the world. 

Here is how much Gary V’s 2-day event in London in September will cost.

Gary V

Tony Robbin’s business mastery events (a 5 day deep dive into your own business) sell for under $5000 and under $1000 for the 4-day Unleash the Power Within. 

If you want to just watch recorded videos of certain events at home, have you ever heard of YouTube?…

Here’s a fact for you:

It’s hard to sell a product when you know there are better products on the market that cost less. 

#3 The Upfront Costs Just to Start

So we’ve already discovered that you need to go through the 4 phases before you make any money:

  1. Interview
  2. Buy starter pack & marketing tools ($49.95 + $153/month)
  3. Purchase products (between $2,285- $33,950)
  4. Make at least 2 sales to “pass up” to your sponsor

The lowest amount you’d need to spend before you earn anything is $2,438.

This is assuming you make 3 sales in your first month as you will need to spend $153 every month for the marketing tools.

This is never explained to you before you “try it out”… so much for “giving it a try”!

#4 Restricted to What You Can Sell- Sign of a Pyramid Scheme

You can only sell Prosperity of Life products.

There’s no training for you to earn by selling other products.

Let me ask you this… who are the people you’re likely going to be able to sell this to?


Other people that are interested in joining the Prosperity of Life program to make money from home!

Wikipedia‘s definition of a pyramid scheme is…

a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services.”

Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal. Take a guess at who the real winners are in this scheme…
You got it in one! The Kriders (the owners)

Here’s a fact for you from How Stuff Works:

99.88% of people lose money in a “product-based” pyramid scheme.

#5 Pay Your Sponsor (Director) Directly 

Now this one got the alarm bells ding-a-linging!

Prosperity of Life Review

When you make a payment for a course you’ll send it to your director (person who introduced you).

So you don’t make payment directly to the company. Maybe this helps with the commission structure but it certainly seems strange!

The more you read this Prosperity of Life review, the more you wonder if it’s worth your time.

#6 What Other People Are Saying About Prosperity of Life

There are too many negative Prosperity of Life reviews online to share them all. 

So here is one that I think sums it up very well.

Prosperity of Life Review


This isn’t me handpicking a bad review. You can read dozens more on the source above.

#7 Encouraged to Take on Debt to Pay for it

Now, this is one common Prosperity of Life review I found from a few different sources:

Prosperity of Life Review

Encouraging everyday people to take out a $30,000 loan to pay for the whole shebang because they will make it back quickly is BONKERS!

There are 3 big reasons for this:

  1. There is no guarantee they will make it back
  2. It may not be something they are interested in
  3. Everyone’s circumstances are different

Most people will agree that if someone is needing to take out a loan to start, they are likely someone that shouldn’t be starting!

However, think about these 2 people:

  1. A 21-year-old with no job, spouse or kids but has loving parents and can live with them
  2. A 35-year-old with a full-time job, mortgage, 4 kids and thousands of dollars of student debt

The first person can probably take a gamble and the self-development courses may well be something that sparks an entrepreneurial flair and give them focus. 

The second person could be crippled by needing to pay an extra few hundred dollars every month and not have any time to dedicate to making the program work. 

My Final Opinion – Prosperity of Life

That last example sums up my thoughts quite nicely. 

However, if you want my totally honest opinion…

It’s just not worth the money.

There are much better ways to make money and much better products on the market that cost a fraction of the price. At the end of the day, you can’t pay someone else to hold your hand and make something work for you. Gary V explains this much better…

It may be possible to make some commissions from this but the cost to entry is so high for something that you really don’t know if you’ll enjoy at all.

This system is really targeting people that probably can’t afford it.

Just think about it…

  • Successful entrepreneurs- They won’t have the time (or desire) to market Prosperity of Life. 
  • People living pay check to pay check- The people this program is really aimed at. It pulls on their emotions but they are likely to be the people that won’t have the time to see success with the marketing and selling of the products.

The end result is they are demotivated, give up and are a few thousand dollars out of pocket. 

If you have any questions and I mean any questions about Prosperity of Life, please leave them below. If you have used or currently are a member please also add your opinions below.

As you get closer to the end of this page you’ll discover that it’s possible to replace your income with an online affiliate marketing business to suit your dream lifestyle for a fraction of the costs needed for Prosperity of Life. 

An Evergreen Strategy That Brings You The Money

It wasn’t that long ago that I was still trying to figure out how it’s possible for people to make money online.

The main problem for me was that it needed to tick 3 boxes:

  1. I needed to be able to work on it part-time (I was still in a full-time job)
  2. Low cost to start and maintain (my wife didn’t want me throwing money away)
  3. I really didn’t want to have to sell stuff to my friends and family

UPDATE- In September 2018 that I found the system that I still use today to make a passive income stream. In September 2019 I quit my full-time job to dedicate more time to it.

I had no idea where to start with an online business a year before, but this has shown me step-by-step what to do.

The best thing about it is:

  • It’s free to start
  • People that are already interested are brought to you (just think about how you found this review… there was no money or time spent from me promoting this!)
  • There is a community of over 400,000 active members ready to help (plus, you get me as a personal coach to help you on your journey)

When you try out this program you will see why so many people recommend it.

No credit card details required

Prosperity of Life Review: The “MakeTimeOnline” Final Word

The simple fact is…

It will be hard to sell these courses.

Especially now that you have read this Prosperity of Life review and you know there are better courses on the market that doesn’t cost as much. 

It’s a nice idea, but it isn’t completely honest.

Imagine what it would be like if there was a way to make money online to free up your time.

The amazing thing is (and the way you can tell it’s legitimate for yourself) is that it’s completely free to start. Once you try it out for free you can be the judge yourself.

Keep changing for the better,


P.S. Since you’re still here, I’m assuming you’re interested in making money online to free up your time. Click here to read my review of my #1 recommended program.

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    14 Responses to “Prosperity of Life Review: Pyramid Scheme or Easy Money Opportunity [Honest Review]

    • Thanks for pitting this amazing review up for us to read and be informed. I have gone through a lot of pyramid and MLM platforms and I have seen how their programs and registrations are done but with how money exploiting this reviewed platform is, it can never be worth it.  The red flags are pretty much and the fact that the owner if this platform is known for various other platform that hasn’t been successful is alarming. Thanks for this eye opening post once again. 

      • Yep too true Willy,

        You hit the nail on the head there. 

        Previous scams by the owners…

        Not enough value for the money…

        better products on the market (by more inspirational people).

    • Cinderella
      2 weeks ago

      For me this is a scam and I have watched their videos before, someone working with them got in touch with me and I just told her I was not interested.

      But looking at the membership fee and the upsells from this review I know I made the right decision to say know.  I would be very weary of a program that wants me to spend close to $3,500 just at the beginning of a program no matter how good that program is I would think twice.

      Great review and Thank you so much 

      • Great points well made. 

        Good decision on doing your own research first. The courses they provide will have value in them for some people, but due to the compensation plan only working if you promote their own courses, it’s a bit sceptical.

        Having better products and courses on the market will make it hard for people to be truly enthusiastic about their products, therefore not being able to sell them as well as they can.  

    • affiliate_ghost
      2 weeks ago

      Hey Mike :), This is an amazing Review on Prosperity of Life.

      This is a very helpful review as this companies sales pitch looks perfect on the surface but the more i read the more you helped me realised this is just an Scam Pyramid Scheme camouflaged as a way to make money.

      More of these are springing up everywhere and thankful to have someone like you helping sieve out the good from the bad. 


      • Thanks, yeah it is a shame there are companies like this. They look good on the surface but they really are not what they make it seem like. 

    • Another great review. Everything you talked about is just so well-supported and truthful. I love how you didn’t just say it was an outright scam like many other reviewers might have. But 4 hours of work every week is a major red flag. It is meant to attract people working 9-5 jobs into this program. Every successful entrepreneur, or entrepreneur going through the journey right now would know that it often takes more than 8 hours of work everyday to succeed. It’s great that you pointed out these red flags in this review. Too many people fall for it.

      • Hey Kevin,

        Yep great point!

        I do believe that some people can eventually work 4 hours a week in MLM programs like this. BUT…

        It will take years of working longer than you would in a day job to set this up. Working part time on it will reward you with part time results. They do not make that clear at all, which is a big reason why so many people fail to make any money from it. 

    • So many upsells and too many claims here too. Seeing that the owner of this MLM platform also has some other and he has been able to make them successful is enough reason to stay away from it. I have tried out some other MLM programmes too in the past but it doesn’t work out. They give catchy compensation plans to lure people in buy in the end it never pays. This is a good one on prosperity of life.

      • Hey John,

        I don’t doubt that Prosperity of Life does pay people their compensation. The thing that is much harder is actually selling the courses to people.

        Especially if you don’t truly believe in the value for these high prices and you are aware of other courses that are cheaper and arguably better.

    • Michel
      1 week ago

      I thought that the Prosperity of Life looked like quite a good program, but you are right. When I researched and came across this review, I realised that it is actually a glorified pyramid scheme.

      On researching further I discovered that you can get excellent information all about self-development all over the internet for free or for the price of an Ebook.

      I think that this opportunity is for people who want to get rich quick, and not those actually wanting to better themselves.

      The price of these products makes it very difficult to sell.

      Do you think that referring people to buy good books about self-development will be an option as a website idea? In this way, I can perhaps build my own business over time.

      • Hi Michel, 

        Very true, it is sad to see such crazy high prices for events that you can get for a fraction of the cost. 

        Yes, definitely that is a possible idea. 

        In fact, there are quite a few book reviews on this website. You can link to them on Amazon for people to buy them and you would receive a commission for anyone that does. 

        The idea is that you set up your website to be found in Google and then you get people to come to your website every month for free. Therefore you do the work once (write a book review) and get paid for it over and over again. 

        Hence, passive income.

        If that sounds interesting to you check out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s explained much better there. 

        Feel free to ask any other questions too. 

        Take care,


    • MissusB
      1 week ago

      I was complete aghast with the system run by Prosperity of Life. I thought they are some kind of Personality Development Speakers and the big amount of money to become a member is accounted for training to make them a reliable and believable speaker, sadly there’s more into it. I will never gamble thousands of money for something that has no concrete evidence of documents because it’s going to be a big lost in my part at the end. This type of marketing companies who asks for big amount should definitely be investigated first before venturing. If you have a small nagging voice that doubts your decision, listen to that voice. 

      Prosperity of Life has a lot of red flags that is very much identifiable. The worst part would be the pyramid scheme. It’s like sucking your blood dry until nothing more is left for them to get. I hate that their rules about payment is so backwards in a sense that all your earnings will just be thrown away to these vultures. A big thanks to you for uncovering the ugly truth about this company. I hope that their scam will be investigated soon. 

      • Wow yes, I can imagine it really hurts people when they realise why they are actually paying for. I would like to think there are good intentions behind the program, but unfortunately it just isn’t going to do what it says it will.

        There’s no doubt it has helped some people but I imagine there are a lot more left feeling like they’ve been taken advantage of.

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